Christmas at Castle Hart (2021 Hallmark)

Christmas at Castle Hart (2021 Hallmark)

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Cast: Lacey Chabert, Stuart Townsend,

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Brooke Bennett goes to Ireland for Christmas to search for her Irish roots. While there, she meets charming Aiden Hart, Earl of Glaslough. Mistaken for an elite event planner, she’s hired to host his castle’s epic Christmas party.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Recently divorced, Brooke, a catering waiter for events and deals with an irate boss named Paige around the holidays. Margot also works for the company and talks bad about the boss, who overhears and fires them both.

The sisters are jobless for the holidays and decide to go to Ireland for Christmas! Thankfully they don’t river dance first thing when they get there. 

Aiden Hart has been away from his castle for five years. He is the Earl of Glasba (or something.) Aiden goes to a local pub and sees the sisters looking for their family tree. Brooke tells him that she thinks the local castle and royal family are out of touch. He invites them to a private tour of the castle and tells them his name.

At the castle, Brooke and Margot go off the tour route to look for a bathroom. They overhear Siobhan, Aiden’s assistant, saying the event planner quit. Siobhan asks Margot to plan the Christmas Gala. Margot agrees on the spot and claims Brooke is Paige. She fills Brooke in later. Brooke is horrified and tells her sister it is unethical. Margot eventually convinces her by telling Brooke they will MOVE INTO THE CASTLE!!!!!

When the sisters see their room, they excitedly jump on the bed and are caught by Aiden. He helps them get around Ireland for the Event planning details. Which is tricky because she is operating under the fake identity of Paige Monahan. She is well known in Ireland for some reason. 

At the town Christmas tree lighting, Aiden gets into a snowball fight with a bully. (Which was strange!) The Christmas tree, however, is beautiful! 

While Brooke rides horses on the scenic countryside of Ireland with Aiden, Margot drinks Irish Eggnog with the Duchess of Abercorn and traces her family tree. 

Speaking of trees, Aiden and Brooke pick out a Christmas tree for the castle and visit a local pub for some Irish Dancing and beers.

Brooke’s cover is blown when the local caterer overhears someone in the castle calling Brooke Paige. She quits on the spot. Brooke vents to Margot and wants to tell everyone the truth. She almost tells Aiden, but he cuts her off before she can finish her sentence. (Which is RUDE!) 

Aidan thinks Brooke is perfect, and they flirt while baking. He tells Brooke that he wants to stay in Ireland to get to know Brooke better, only he doesn’t know the real her. Or, her name, at least. Aiden gifts her beautiful dresses, and Brooke cries because he has been so nice to her, but she can’t. 

A reporter wants to cover the story and call Paige directly to interview her about the event at the castle. Paige knows that Brooke and Margot impersonating her. 

It is the night of the Christmas Gala, and Brooke looks beautiful. It is a huge success and even includes Irish dancers!!! The local shop owners and artists all are thrilled to be included. Even the Dutchess gets on the dance floor. Just as Brooke is about to tell Aiden, Paige shows up and blows her cover. Aiden storms off upset, but The Dutchess tells Paige off! She doesn’t care if Brooke and Margot aren’t professional event planners; they are good people. 

Later, Brooke apologizes to Aiden. He kisses her and tells her he has waited his whole life to meet someone like her.

The Dutchess brings Margot and Brooke to their uncles home and he introduces them to their Irish family. The local bar owner is their Aunt, which works out well for them! Love a nice family reunion!

Side Note

Minority Report: Paige

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Overall rating

Christmas Feels

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