Driven to Murder (2022 Lifetime)

Driven to Murder (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Adam Blake, Jessica Buda, Lucía Guerrero, Chase Mullins

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

An innocent call for a ride home lands a young woman in the back seat of a killer’s car. Adam Blake, Lucia Guerrero, Michael Shaffrey, Chase Mullins, Benjamin Flohr, and Jessica Buda star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

 The movie begins with a hunky rideshare driver en route with a passenger doing a crossword puzzle and fondling a plastic bag. The drop-off point is an abandoned warehouse. The rideshare hunk looks back to see the passenger has fallen asleep or is just pretending because he throws that plastic bag over the rideshare hunk’s head and assumes his identity. 

Elsewhere, friends Sarah and Kelly come home after a night out. Sarah drops off her drunk friend and gets a rideshare from the killer. (Who isn’t NOT a hunk either, btw.) He looks up her social media while they drive and chit-chat. 

The driver/killer stops to get gas, and Sarah texts her boyfriend to tell him she is almost home. When the driver doesn’t come back, Sarah wonders about getting more frantic when she can’t find him. The driver finds her and claims he went to the ATM to cover the gas money because the card reader was broken.

Back in the car, the driver/killer and Sarah talk about preparing for the worst and her having pepper spray that is expired. While the driver shows her the expiration date, he intentionally hits a homeless person. Sarah is horrified!

The driver wants to leave the man and essentially tells Sarah that she was distracting him and is now an accessory to murder. They leave the body and go to a car wash.

Sarah calls her boyfriend and asks him to pick her up downtown. She has no idea where exactly she is, has a change of heart midcall, and tells him she is fine, while sounding TOTALLY NOT fine. 

Sarah gets another rideshare and leaves the Driver/Killer behind, or so she thinks. Her phone pings with video messages of someone watching her every move. Then a car slams into the back of her new rideshare and runs them off the road and into a tree at full speed, killing the driver and knocking out Sarah cold.

Sarah wakes up in the backseat of the Driver/Killer’s car, disoriented. She is held at gunpoint and forced to give passengers rides on the app. 

They pick up a young buck named Noah. He is VERY confused as to what is going on, and Sarah drives terribly to try and get him out of the car. Noah decides to walk, but before he goes, the Driver/Killer gives him a water bottle and poisons him. 

Sarah is forced to bury the body. When she gets back into the car, she hits on the star button and tries to call for help, but the Driver/Killer overpowers her and ties her up in the backseat. He takes her back to her friend Kelly’s house.

The Driver/Killer breaks into Kelly’s house with a knife. Before he can kill Kelly, Sarah tries to blare the car horn to warn her friend. (But her shoes keep falling off?????) Kelly doesn’t make it and is stabbed to death. 

Sarah is devastated by a night full of murder and is bruised and battered. The Driver/Killer takes her to a diner and eats a steak while telling her to text Matt to reassure him that she got home okay. The waitress notices that something is off and calls the police. 

A police officer comes to the diner and calls in the plates. He questions the couple, and Sarah is silent. The Driver/Killer does the talking. Things start escalating, and the Driver Killer shoots the cop and waitress. During the commotion, Sarah slips away and runs into the middle of the night. 


The diver/Killer finds Sarah washed up on the shore and puts her back into his car. He can hear police sirens in the distance but isn’t concerned. More police show up at the diner, and the manhunt is on for Driver/Killer. 

If things weren’t already off the rails, the Driver/Killer pulls the hot driver’s body out of the trunk and stages that he was the killer the whole time. Then he puts a crowbar on the gas peddle to send the Hot Driver and Sarah (who is locked in the trunk into a blase of glory accident with a police blockade. 

Sarah survives the car crash (that she had no business surviving) and assumes that the man driving was her Driver/Killer. Matt shows up on the scene, and he holds her in his arms.

OH, WOW, there are 30 mins left. Wow this is long. 

Matt takes Sarah home to rest. Wind chimes start going, and Sarah becomes unnerved. She makes Matt check on them, and he finds Kelly’s bracelet. It is a sign from Driver/Killer. Matt tries to reassure her, but he doesn’t realize the danger they are in. He is shot with a shotgun, and the Driver/Killer is back! 

Sarah runs to the basement to hide and grabs a baseball bat. The Driver/Killer follows her, and they play cat and mouse some more. She lights the kitchen on fire before running upstairs. He follows her upstairs and then throws herself back, knocking him over. 

At the bottom of the stairs, she strangles him to death while sobbing. Like, show some agency girl! This man just killed EVERYONE you love and then some. Sarah escapes through the house by shattering a sliding glass door.

Sarah hosts an abuse victim support group. Someone watches her get into her car after it ends. Dun, Dun, Dun!

Side Note

Minority Report: Driver #2 

The fire budget for this movie was legit. 

Lifetime movie WITH ACCENTS! All joking aside, the break from the formula was appreciated but ultimately too gore-filled. 

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*** I’ve updated the rating system moving forward. Knives represent # of kills. Wine is over enjoyment (NOT a value judgment) on a 1-5 scale.

 I will use the following tags for those who want to know whether to watch or skip: Pour it Up (Would Recommend) or Put A Cork In It (Would Not Recommend). 

Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (7 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine.)

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  1. I didn’t like how the movie ended. They never showed the person watching her get in her car. I didn’t understand his motive for going on a killing spree.

  2. This all happened in one night? I didn’t once see day break. The motive or the who what and why’s of everything wasn’t clarified either.

  3. The person watching her at the end was so freaking predictable! The movie was pretty good and I’m surprised that it was as gory as it was even for Lifetime. what cracks me up is when the bad guy does all of this horrible killing of people and at the end when the person has a chance to destroy this person, it’s always some weak killing of the bad guy. Falling down the stairs and then getting choked out? That is assuming that he did die because then who was watching at the end? I would’ve found the shotgun, blasted a hole in his chest and then rolled him into the fire and watched him burn and then left the house! so are we going to see a sequel out of this? That’s why I hate the way they end these movies. A lot of times they make it seem like there will be a sequel but then they never make one.

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