In Love With My Partner’s Wife (2022 Lifetime)

I’d be in love with him, amirite?

In Love With My Partner’s Wife (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Gina Vitori, Andrew Spach, Jonathan Stoddard

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When detective Paul Ford discovers his partner, Frank, is abusing his wife Eve, Paul steps in to rescue her, but a vengeful Frank frames him for murder.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Eve Miller makes a beautiful breakfast for her beautiful husband, Frank. Eve takes care of everything for his husband, gifts for his father’s birthday, words of encouragement, and packed lunches. Frank says he doesn’t deserve it and totally takes his wife for granted. 

Paul is Frank’s co-detective on the police force, and he is still single after a divorce three years ago. He appreciates Eve (sexually) in her fantasy.

 Some boring police sting thing happens, but you basically need to know that Frank is a crooked cop who is a murderer for hire. Paul is none the wiser but has a bad feeling. Frank invites Paul over for an elaborate dinner, which Eve will be making.

After dinner, Paul and Eve clean up while Frank takes a call by the pool. Eve asks Paul why he hasn’t been dating since the divorce. He deflects the questions by completing Eve’s artwork (Which is terrible… like a panda panting.) Frank agrees with me and tells Eve her art is cheap looking, and she sucks. (It is MEAN! I would never tell Eve to her face that I hated her painting.)

Frank doubles down on his jerk attitude by criticizing how Eve cleaned the refrigerator. (He is giving me Mommie Dearest vibes for sure.) Then he beats his wife and blames her for making him do it. He apologizes and offers Eve a glass panda figurine to compensate for his actions. She puts the panda with her assortment of trinkets he has given her and decides that she has had enough.

Eve packs a bag and rushes out the door but stops because Frank texts her that he loves her and that she is his family. Eve stops in her tracks because she feels trapped in the relationship. 

The following day, Paul stops by unannounced at Frank and Eve’s house. He notices cuts and bruises on Eve and is concerned. Eve lies and tells him it was a one-time thing, and she has it under control. Paul isn’t buying it. Before he leaves, he tells Eve that he genuinely cares for her. He also tells Frank to knock it off, which isn’t the smartest.

Since this is a TV movie, Eve’s mother is dead. She visits the grave and talks to mom’s grave. Eve wishes that she could get some motherly advice on what to do.

At a work function., Frank drinks a lot and is obsessed with keeping up appearances/impressing the captain. Paul is close by to keep an eye on Eve. They end up dancing together, which makes Frank jealous. The men fight in the parking lot, and Paul takes Eve to spend the night with him.

Frank calls Eve incessantly and attempts to bully his wife into coming home. Paul tells Eve that he will help her get an order of protection and gives her a safe place to stay. His bed!!!! (Paul sleeps on the couch like a gentleman.) 

Frank goes to his Captian and accuses Paul of being the dirty cop. He frames it as Paul being a loose cannon who attacked HIM in the parking lot. The captain calls Paul for questioning, but when he refuses, she puts out a warrant for his arrest. 

Eve and Paul go on the run, but to raise the stakes, Eve is out of lifesaving medication, and the only extra pills she has are located at her house. They sneak in from the back entrance, and Eve rushes to pack a few essentials. Meanwhile, Paul finds a stack of cash and an unregistered gun. 

Frank catches them in the house and has already dumped the pills. When they get away, Frank screams and punches a picture.

Eve and Paul check into a motel and call a co-worker named Andrea to drop off a wire so they can catch Frank confessing to his crimes on tape. Then they have sexy time.

Frank is aware of the wire because he is working with Andrea. She takes photos of them during the meeting. Frank holds the medication hostage until he gets the murder weapon back. Some excellent dialogue here explains how women (and men) can become caught up in an abusive relationship. 

Frank drags Eve to a train platform, and pistol whips her in front of a crowd. Eve backhands him, which catches him off guard. 

Paul comes to rescue Eve, but he doesn’t stop Frank. Paul has been surveilling the whole situation and was briefly detained with a hit man or something even when backup shows up. Frank manages to get on the train and get away. It turns out Andrea isn’t a bad guy and has been tracking Frank’s dealings. 

Eve and Paul go on with their lives until Eve finds a panda figurine in her paints and one in her coffee cup! Eve isn’t having it and tells Frank to go to hell and kicks him in the balls. Then she pulls a gun on him. Franks’s power over her is strong, and he coaxes the weapon from her hands.

Frank tells Eve that he is framing Paul for everything and will make himself look like the hero. The drug dealers interrupt because Eve called them to make a deal. Frank tried to kill them all, but Eve removed the bullets from the gun.

Eve shoots Frank and is a great shot. She kills him and cries while Paul holds her. They are free to live their lives for real this time. Eve plans to make all the terrible paintings she wants. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Captian, Andrea 

Lifetime KWEEN Lindsay Hartley directed this movie. I love the risks she takes as a filmmaker—some artful uses of slow-mo here, which takes this film a notch above the rest. 

This is a silly thing to note, but I appreciated how they kept saying the Character names. So helpful as a viewer. 

Jonathan Stoddard is my fav Lifetime hunk of this era, even if he plays the bad guy.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or visit

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

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  1. I really enjoyed this movie. I agree that Lindsay Hartley is a great director for Lifetime movies; and I also thought that the script and acting (overall) were stronger than your typical Lifetime movie.

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