She is Not Your Daughter (2022 Lifetime)


She Is Not Your Daughter (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Alicia Leigh Willis, Jon Briddell, Emily Topper

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Kathy’s family is threatened, she discovers that her husband has kept a chilling secret from her for years: her teenage daughter is not really her own flesh and blood, and the past is now coming back to haunt them all in a deadly way. Alicia Leigh Willis, Emily Topper, and Jon Bridell star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The move begins with a home intrusion, and the intruder has nice shoes! They watch a blonde girl sleep, and I assume that she is the daughter the title refers to. Her name is May, and she will head off to Atlanta college. Her parents, Dr. Bob and Liza, are overprotective and sentimental AF.

Dr. Bob gets an old-school ransom note (You know, with the letters cut out from magazines.) That reads, “SHE IS NOT YOUR DAUGHTER!” He decides to keep the note from his wife and starts to investigate himself. He tries to track down the nurse who delivered his baby. Since he is a doctor, he apparently has access to a lot of information! 

Liza’s wife intuition kicks in when her husband isn’t at work when she visits, and he comes home later… with flowers. Dr. Bob apologizes to his wife for worrying her, and she quickly forgives him.

Br. Bob sets up a meeting and meets Jill (the woman who has been sending the messages.) in a coffee shop. Jill tries to extort $500,000 from Dr. Bob, or she will tell his family the truth. When he refuses, Jill rushes off and gets a message from someone to see if Dr. Bob showed up at the meeting. Jill isn’t working alone. 

Jill’s partner is her convict sister, Faye. Faye feels that Dr. Bob didn’t pay Jill enough to keep quiet, and they are simply getting the money they deserve for their pain and suffering.  

Dr. Bob tries to liquidate some accounts and realizes that he needs to tell Liza the truth. While she was giving birth, Liza went into a coma, and they lost the baby. He convinced Jill to give him her baby and never told Liza about the swap. Liza, understandably, doesn’t take it well. She kicks Dr. Bob out of the house and then cries in front of a mirror. (Has anyone tried this? Is it cathartic or something?)

After sleeping on it, Dr. Bob and Lisa decide to tell May the truth. They don’t get to talk to her because she drives off with her boyfriend, Steven. Faith stalks them in her car and plans to get the money by kidnapping May instead. 

During a photoshoot in the woods, Jill stops her sister from pulling a gun on May, and the sisters fight. Jill hits her head on a rock and dies. May and Steven hear the tussle but continue with their photo shoot anyway. 

Dr. Bob and Liza continue arguing about the danger he has put their family in. May overhears the conversation and demands to know what is going on. May doesn’t believe what she has heard and runs off hysterically. Liza chases after her daughter and shares that she didn’t know what the hell was going on either. 

Since May is a teenager, she runs away from home. (Like packs a suitcase!!!) May runs out of gas on the way to Steven’s house. Faith strikes up a conversation at the gas station before pulling out a gun and forcing her into her car. Faith calls the parents to initiate the ransom.

May wakes up to find herself tied up in Faith’s house. It doesn’t seem too bad because there are snacks! Faith fills May in on WHY all this is happening and tells her to be thankful she knows the truth.

The police find May’s car at the gas station and stop by the parent’s house to ask some questions. Liza lies to the officer, and Dr. Bob comes up with a cover story to get the cops off their backs. 

Dr. Bob goes to his younger, hotter cousin named Paul. Paul is a computer guy who talks about tracking phones and triangulating cell towers. He offers to do it all for free because, you know, they are family. Hot Paul also gives Liza a gun for her protection. Liza is fearless and ready to get back her Not Daughter.

They track the phone only to find another ransom note that reads. “You didn’t think it would be that EZ, did you?” Hot Paul tells them that the phone signal was redirected somehow, and they are dealing with a tech mastermind who has outsmarted them.  

Liza and Dr. Bob ask for more time to get the money, and Faith denies them any flexibility. Faith tells them she killed her sister and isn’t afraid to kill May.

While Faith is out shopping, May uses a fork to try and pry her way out of an old doggy door cover. May escapes and makes a run for it into the woods. May finds a cowboy and begs him to call the police. The cowboy stops to ask May her life story. Big mistake because Faith shoots him dead. 

May wakes up in a shed, zip-tied to the wall. No snacks this time. Faith tells May that no one is coming for her, and her running off caused the neighbor to be murdered. 

Jill isn’t dead after all! She wakes up in the hospital and asks to speak with Liza. Jill tells her not to pay her sister because the demands for money will never stop. The only way to stop Faith is to fight her… to the death!

 Dr. Bob sneaks into the shed and frees his NOT daughter while Liza stands guard with her gun. Faith shoots Dr. Bob before he can run off and demands the money. Liza shoots Faith, and when she doesn’t go down, Liza kills her.

The family is reunited. (Like, including Jill?!?!) Jill is welcomed into the family. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Steve, Mary, Rose, Carla,

Why are the cellphones so old in this movie?!?!? 

I hadn’t seen Diron Jones in a Lifetime movie before and thought he was pretty good in the boyfriend role here. 


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