Sister with a Secret (2022 Lifetime)


Sister with a Secret (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Mark Famiglietti, Grace Narducci, Taylor Foster & Kelly Sullivan

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After a teenage girl goes missing, her family must figure out her secrets in order to find out the kidnapper’s identity and motive. As more evidence is revealed and a police investigation commences, the truth repeatedly distorts, leading to a shocking reveal. Kelly Sullivan, Mark Famiglietti, Grace Narducci, Taylor Foster star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with two women locked in a house screaming for help. Could they be sisters? Let’s find out! 

One week earlier, in San Francisco, Janet, a hot divorced mother, is raising her two teen daughters, Jessica (a brunette) and Tara (a redhead). They are very into social media and highly sassy. Tom. Janet’s hot ex-husband is in the picture still.

Tara is actively dating and meets an older guy named Ryan. He is 25 and seems like a good guy. Until he mentions tracking her on an app called Find Your Friends. Tara turns off the app. It doesn’t matter because there is a camera in a Teddy bear, AND someone places a tracker on her car. 

Back at home, Tara’s sister and mother pack up her things for college. When Tara comes home, she talks about their dead dad. Then she eats peanut butter and pickle sandwich. (WHY?!?!?!)

Tara goes to a cafe to talk things through with Ryan. She tells her barista friend, Alex, that he needs to get in a relationship, and Ryan gets jealous. He shares that he hacked into a community college near her university. Tara tells Ryan they are over, and he gets outraged and possessive. 

On a jog Tara is attacked and almost kidnapped. When the police come to question her, Tara doesn’t tell them about Ryan. Even though he obsessively calls.

Alex invites Tara to a last min party because he is in love with her. He is leaving for college and only has the night left to profess his love. Tara blows off her stepdad, Tom, for the party.

At the party, Tara doesn’t relax. (She doesn’t even take off her purse.) Alex shares his concerns about Ryan and calls Tara “his girl.” 

Ryan texts Tara that he hopes she is “having fun at the party with Alex.” She is spooked and feels like someone is watching her. Tara rushed off and tells her friend Sharon to let Alex know. Then she is chloroformed in the driveway and abducted. 

The next morning, Jessica becomes concerned when he sister doesn’t appear to have come home. The teen tells her mom about Tara not being home. Janet tries to call her daughter, but the phone goes right to voicemail. Tom tells them that Tara didn’t go to dinner with him. None of them knows about the party, and all three run around and search her room. Then they go to the police but have to wait 36 hours. 

Tara wakes up in a locked basement, chained to a bed. She bangs on the door and screams for help. On the dresser are the things that Tara was packing for college and a note that reads, “Make Yourself at Home.” There is even a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

BFF Sharon and sister Jessica decided to take matters into their own hands after the cops brushed off a home intrusion incident. They break into Tara’s dating app and find Ryan’s account. Just as they are about to message him, his account is deleted. Jessica posts a video on TikTok to ask for help, and it goes viral. 

Tom and Janet get into an exposition fight, where we learn that he had a daughter named Mackenzie who died in a drunk driving accident. 

Jessica doesn’t need help because her sleuthing skills are on point. The girl finds the nanny cam in a teddy bear. When she sees someone lurking, she runs out to take them out with a shovel. It turns out to be Ryan, who also claims to be looking for Tara before driving away with the camera. 

The family and Sharon make missing person flyers. They think it is strange that Alex hasn’t shared the viral post or called to check in about Tara. When they can’t get a hold of Alex, Sharon calls the airline and learns that he never got on the plane to college in Chicago. Alex is now a missing person too. 

Janet finds a diary in Tara’s room that talks about feeling uncomfortable. The diary doesn’t mention WHO is making her feel icky, but it has been going on for months. Tom and Janet argue over turning the evidence in to the police. Tom wins the fight and takes the diary to the police. (ALLEGEDLY)

Ryan does some hacker stuff, which is basically just banging on his keyboard loudly. He hacks into the camera and sees video footage. He copies the files to a hard drive. Before he can show anyone the footage, someone strangles him from the backseat of his car. 

Tara’s car is found at a national park three hours away. Ryan’s body is in the trunk. 

While Janet looks at Tara’s computer, she is bashed in the back of the head with a stapler. Then she wakes up bound to a chair and gagged. Tom is there and admits to kidnapping Tara and killing Alex when he came upon the abduction in progress. He also admits to killing Ryan because he had the footage. 

Janet cries and tries to escape, and so does Tara. Tom ignores their cries for help and pours some OJ with Anti-freeze, and makes a pickle and peanut butter sandwich. Tom frames it as keeping Tara safe from the danger of college. 

Jessica pieces everything together after seeing the camera footage saved to Tara’s computer. She dials 911 while rushing over to Tom’s house. Jessica sneaks into the house and frees her mother. 

Tom hears them and comes upstairs. Jessica hides with Andy’s body quietly as Tom takes Janet downstairs to eat the poison with her daughter. Jessica follows them with a shovel. 

Tara almost drinks the poison that was intended for Janet. He rushes to stop Tara from drinking. The mother and daughters fight Tom together and stop him from pursuing his delusional plan. 

Tara and Sharon head off to college for real this time. The mother and daughters take a selfie before leaving. Jessica gives her sister a diary for her next chapter. 

Side Note

Also known as My Missing Sister

I’m not saying Lifetime movies have to be shocking and twisty, but this one was super obvious, and the motive was off. 

Minority Report: A Detective, Sharon, 


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