Mother’s Deadly Son (2022 Lifetime)


Mother’s Deadly Son (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Ren Ashton, Brittany Underwood, Noah Fearnley and Maurice Hall

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Marianne’s son, Jacob, returns from military school after two years. Her eldest son died under suspicious circumstances while rock climbing at an old local quarry with Jacob. Jacob was the only witness–or so they think. The police suspected that Jacob killed his brother, and that his death was not an accident but a murder. When Jacob returns from military school after being expelled, Marianne’s best friend Tara is attacked by Jacob and hospitalized. Yet even with these terrible things all pointing to her only living son, Marianne cannot abandon him. She is in a desperate fight for the survival of her only son and must fight for his life to prove his innocence. Stars Ren Ashton, Brittany Underwood, Noah Fearnley and Maurice Hall (2022).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts with a sexy couple getting it on inter-cut, with a mother running through a rock quarry screaming for her son Jacob and a teenage boy at the bottom of a cliff. Jacob stands over the body. Jacob is hot.

The mother’s name is Marianne. (Played by René Ashton, who is a forever Lifetime mother.) She is mourning the death of her son, Ayden. (Who was the kid at the bottom of the cliff.) Ayden’s girlfriend, Stephanie, and a teammate named Nathan speculate about what happened and how people gossip about the mysterious death. Jacob stays in his room playing video games because he thinks people blame him for Ayden’s death. (Which they are.)

Brittney underwood (Lifetime Movie legend) had dyed her hair red and is playing Tara. Tara mediates an argument between Marianne and her husband, Daniel. They blame one another for Ayden’s death. 

Tara talks to Jacob about drinking at the funeral. He chugs a beer in her face; Daniel steps in, and the men punch one another. It creates quite a spectacle and doesn’t quell the rumors. Jacob is shipped off to a military school.

Two years later, Jacob is still causing trouble. The school suspends Jacob for cheating and causing a fire. (Shady Pines, Ma!) Marianne picks up her son, but her life has changed. She is divorced and dating a new man named Kyle, who has a young daughter, Camielle. 

Tara visits and brings the wine. Marianne is going to need it because Jacob sneaks out of the house and is apprehended by the police. Detective Sanchez questions Jacob about the day that Ayden died. We see through flashbacks that the brothers were racing to the top of a cliff, and Ayden fell. Marianne interrupts the line of questioning and stops the interrogation. She maintains that Jacob is innocent.

Jacob goes for a run; sadly, wearing a hoodie, he doesn’t make it far before the detective stops him. Jacob accuses the detective of harassment and then runs deep into the woods. 

After the run, Jacob suspiciously throws his clothes into the laundry. Camila’s kitty goes missing, and she screams when she finds the injured cat outside. Kyle and Camila move out of the house because she feels unsafe. Kyle and Marianne break up because they can’t see a way forward.

Things get worse because Daniel agrees to exhume Ayden’s body. Marianne is horrified, but Daniel wants to know what really happened to his son. She slaps him across the face in court later, and it is awesome. Jacob is upset at the news about his brother. It could be because Detective Sanchez finds that Ayden was struck by an object when he died. The police arrest Jacob and search through the garage. 

Marianne gets a call from the vet who has Princess’s ashes. The cause of death is a wild animal attack. While cleaning out the garage, Marianne finds a love note from a “naughty girl” made out to “My Handsome Man.”

Chris Taylor shows up and tries to clear Jacob’s name. He takes responsibility for burning the cheat sheets, and Jacob covers for his friend. Marianne is relieved that her son has some redeeming qualities besides being hot AF. She promises to do everything in her power to save her son. 

Marianne asks about Ayden to see if anyone could have a vendetta against him. She also tells Stephanie that she found her letter. Stephanie isn’t surprised to learn that Ayden was cheating on her. She had suspicious. Marianne shows Jacob the letter, and he doesn’t know who could have written it. 

Tara lets Marianne vent to her with wine. Tara admits that she has been creeped out by Jacob. She saw him at a sexy lingerie store and in the bushes. Tara never mentioned it before because Jacob was out of the picture. Marianne gets pissed off and tells her friend off. 

Jacob looks pretty interested in if Tara thinks he is guilty or not. Marianne tells him what Tara said, and he says she is lying. The conversation upsets him, and he cuts off his ankle monitor bracelet. Jacob is missing. 

Jacob breaks into Tara’s house to find out why she is lying about her! Tara ends up in the hospital, and Marianne rushes to discover the whole story. Tara says that Jacob attacked her and she is horrified.

Marianne arrives home and finds Jacob with a gun. (That he stole from Daniel) He is confused about Tara and doesn’t know what his mother is talking about. Detective Sanchez follows Marianne to her house, and she lies to him about Jacob being in the house. When she goes to tell her son, he is gone. 

Marianne remembers something she had overheard Nathan say about Ayden being better at baseball than him. She rushes over to the house and looks through his bats. Then she puts it together and accuses Stephanie and Nate (Who are siblings!?!) of conspiring on the murder. Stephanie says letters are stupid and insists that no Gen Z person would do that; it is an old person thing to do… an old person like TARA!

Jacob jumps into Tara’s car as she leaves the hospital and holds her at gunpoint. He drags her to the quarry back to the scene of the crime. 

Marianne chases after them and screams for her son. Tara calls for help as Jacob holds the gun in her face. Marianne tells Jacob that it is okay; she knows the truth. 

Tara wrote the letter to Jacob, and Adyen found out about them having an illicit affair. Adyen records the sexual escapades. Tara set Jacob up to look like he killed his brother so she could destroy the phone with the tape on it and staged the attack. Tara wacked Ayden with the bat at the top of the cliff sending him flying over the edge to his death. 

Tara denies everything and tries to save face in front of Marianne. She can’t deny it when Jacob pulls out his brother’s phone. Marianne can’t believe what she is hearing. 

Tara throws sand in Jacob’s eye, and the women fight over the gun. Marianne knocks Tara over the edge, and Tara clings on for dear life. Marianne and Jacob pull her up, and Marianne punches Tara in the face. The phone was fake, just to get Tara to confess to her crimes. 

Jacob and Detective Sanchez hug it out. Jacob thanks the detective and promises to stay out of trouble from now on. Denis shows up and apologizes for not believing his son. 

Everyone (Including Kyle and his daughter) celebrates Jacob’s birthday. They are one happy family, finally. Poor Jacob had to go through all that while being so hot. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Funeral guest, Commander Greg, Detective Sanchez, Chris Taylor, 


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