Fatal Family Reunion (2022 Lifetime)


Fatal Family Reunion (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Alexandra Augustine, Brett Geddes, Bradley Hamilton

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Following news of her stepmother’s death, Sloane returns to her family manor for the first time since she left years ago. She is greeted by her brother, David, their housekeeper, Wendy, and her selfish stepsiblings, Blake and Lexi. When the family’s will reveals that Lexi is the majority inheritor, Blake is outraged, and mysterious deaths begin to occur. Determined to figure out what is happening to her family, Sloane uncovers a dark secret that could mean the end of her family as she knows it. Starring Alexandra Augustine, Brett Geddes, and Stephanie Herrera (2022).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

We start off in the woods, like most Lifetime movies. Maybe we should stay out of the woods, y’all!!! Avery and an older woman feed birds in the garden and dies. 

Sloane and her brother, David, talk on the phone. She is in Austria recording a piano album, and he asks her to see the family before his wife, Ellie, gives birth. Then Ellie screams because she finds Avery’s body. The stress causes Ellie to have a miscarriage. 

Sloane heads home after her boyfriend, Malik, tells her the news about her stepmother. Wendy, the housekeeper, welcomes Sloane home and shows her to her room. Sloane is surprised that nothing has really changed except her room. She is moved to the attic. 

Lexi, Avery’s daughter, wears a high pony and is obsessed with social media. She takes a selfie for Klout since Sloane is famous. When Sloane tells her stepsister that it is tacky to post a pic like that, Lexi freaks out and says Avery is privileged. 

Someone locks Sloane in the attic, it locks from the outside, and she starts hyperventilating. It is her gay stepbrother Blake playing a prank on her. The family dynamic is not great!

David and Sloane set up a family dinner to discuss the will and their parent’s estate. David and Lexi bicker. Sloane leaves the table to freshen up and bumps into Wendy in the bathroom. Wendy gives some advice and tells Sloane to stay away from Lexi and Blake. Lexi is in the stall and overhears the whole conversation. 

The will leaves 50% to the youngest heir, which is Lexi. She is boosted! Blake is jealous because he will take over the family business and feels entitled to more money. Blake threatens to fight the will and storms off. Sloane runs after him and is almost run over by Blake, leaving the parking lot. 

In the middle of the night, Sloane grabs Lexi’s jacket and goes out to the garden to look at the place where Avery died. She calls Malik to tell him that something is off, and everyone seems too concerned with the money and less about grieving someone’s death. When she hangs up with Malik, someone almost rushes her with a statue from above. At first, she thinks it is Blake, but he isn’t home. Lexi tells Sloane to keep it down because she is filming a fitness inspo video. 

Before going to bed, Sloane pushes a heavy chest in front of the attic door. That doesn’t stop Blake from haunting her dreams. Sloane is really stressed out! She has been nauseous the whole trip. (Oh she is sooo pregnant!) 

When Slone shows David the broken statue the next day, he tells her that it is just an old house and asks his sister to drop it. Then they go to read the will. Lexi doesn’t show up to the reading of the will. All the siblings go upstairs and find her dead on the floor of an apparent OD. 

Again, everyone argues over the money and isn’t even concerned about another death. When David shows Blake the part in the will that says none of them will be getting money, it is all going to go to the grandchildren, Blake steals Lexi’s phone and storms off, and David follows him.

A storm rolls in, knocking out the power and leaving Wendy and Sloane alone in the dark. There is a knocking at the door; it is David, who got into a car wreck with a tree. He is banged up. Wendy makes them soup, and while they eat, David tells Sloane that his wife has left him. Sloane is shocked but still not feeling well and passes on the soup. David is insistent that she eats, so she pretends to eat it and throws it out a window when he isn’t looking. 

Outside, someone hooks up air vents to the windows and pumps in CO2. Sloane wakes up feeling off and tries to escape, but the door is locked again. She collapses on the ground but gets a second wind and smashes out a window, and climbs out to fresh air. 

David is out outside, and a confused Sloane asks him what is going on. He tells her he left to give Wendy a ride, and when he came back and found Blake’s car. They run into the woods and find Blake’s body.

The police investigate and see that Blake hooked up the generator to the house to try and kill them. He was drunk and slipped and hit his head on a rock. They speculate that Blake could be responsible for all the deaths.

While police continue to investigate, David and Sloane stay at Wendy’s cottage. Malik is there, and he is upset they didn’t tell him how out of control things have gotten. Malik encourages Sloane to tell David the truth. 

Sloane tells David that their father was having an affair with Avery when their mother was sick. Wendy overhears the conversation and confirms that it is true. David feels betrayed that his sister kept this secret from him. 

Later Sloane tells Malik that she is pregnant! They are very excited until Sloane finds Lexi’s phone and needs to see what is on it. Malik offers to go into the house and get the charger and Sloane’s phone. She waits outside for “safety.” 

While Sloane waits, she watches a video on Lexi’s phone of her thinking she is injecting Botox, but it is fentanyl. Then Wendy stands over the body. She rushes inside, but it is too late. 

Wendy attacks Malik with a croquet mallet and knocks him unconscious. David grabs his sister and chloroforms her. Then Wendy and David make out as Sloane slowly passes out. 

Sloane wakes up and finds her and Malik strapped in a car. David smacks her awake and blames her for abandoning him. She tells him he doesn’t have to do this, and he says he WANTS to do it. 

Sloane runs out of the car and back into the house to the attic. She tries to tell them she is pregnant, but they don’t care. Sloane realizes that Wendy is the woman she saw her father having an affair with and tells David. 

Wendy and Sloane struggle, and Wendy goes over the railing. Sloane tries to grab her, but Wendy lets go and fall to her death. David has nothing left to live for and jumps off the roof too. Sloane is legit terrified. 

Two years later, Malik and Slone are raising their daughter in the house! WHAT! They have turned it into a music school. 

Side Note

David’s glasses can’t hide that killer booty! Damn! 

Minority Report: Malik, Wendy,


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