The Paramedic Who Stalked Me (2023 Lifetime)

The Paramedic Who Stalked Me (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Maeve Quinlan, Andrew Spach, Lexi Minetree

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After a near-fatal accident, a young woman finds herself the target of the EMT who saved her life, and whom she reminds of his high school love who died tragically years ago…and he will do anything to have her back in his life. Stars Lexi Minetree, Andrew Spach, and Maeve Quinlan (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins by showing teens driving a car and giggling. (Like, a lot of giggling!) One of the giggling teens, Chloe, isn’t supposed to be out because she is grounded. Karen, Chloe’s mother, notices her daughter has snuck out of the house pretty early into the night. (Like 8:30 pm.) Karen calls around looking for her daughter.

Chloe snuggles with her boyfriend, Bryce, in the back seat while getting frantic phone calls from her mother. The car speeds through traffic lights while an annoyed Chloe tells her mother she is on her way home. Karen goes into full panic mode when she hears a car crash. The teens are hit by a drunk driver at an intersection.

Paramedics arrive on the scene and survey the accident victims. Scharice and her partner Matt, who is so hot, start working on the injured passengers. The driver of the teen car, Todd, doesn’t make it. It all seems like your typical medical drama until Matt steals an angel necklace off Chloe’s body while she is unconscious. (Now we are in a Lifetime Movie!)   

Karen rushes to the hospital and thanks Hot Paramedic Matt for saving her daughter’s life. Chloe is rolled into the room in a wheelchair and she also thanks Matt and is back up and at em. He shares that he knows loss because he lost someone very close to him once. (More on that later!)

The drunk driver lives, and Karen screams at the cops. (Because that is what Karens do.) She says the system is corrupt because the drunk driver has multiple offenses, and a teenager is dead. Matt overhears the conversation and takes matters into his own hands, killing the drunk driver. (No one will miss him apparently, which. is probably why he was drinking in the first place)

Matt doesn’t just steal a necklace; he steals Chloe’s house key and makes a copy of it while in his underwear. (Why not!) His girlfriend asks him to come to bed, but Matt brushes her off.

Karen is surprised when Matt visits Chloe in the hospital the next day and assumes he is stopping by because he is interested in her. (Karen is recently divorced and back on the prowl, Go Karen!) She asks him if he is single, and Matt says he is married to his work. Karen laughs sadly because she is recently split up from her husband (who had an affair.) 

Chloe finally is cleared to go home, and her mother goes out to get dinner for them. Matt shows up with a little teddy bear gift for Chloe, and wrapped around the neck is her necklace he “found” on the scene of the accident. She is very touched and posts on social media thanking Matt. He see it as a profession of her love for him.

Karen thinks Matt is weird for going out of his way and buying a teen girl a teddybear, but Chloe tells her mother that she is overreacting. She isn’t; Karen almost catches Matt, who broke into their house with the key he copied, in her daughter’s bed fantasizing about the teenager. (Gross and creepy!) Karen finds the backdoor unlocked and has an uneasy feeling but also she is vindicated. 

The High School hires Matt to teach CPR to the students. Matt picks Chloe’s boyfriend to pretend to be his patient for the demo. He terrifies Bryce in front of his classmates with a set of defibrillator panels. Chloe is Matt’s next unwilling volunteer for the CPR demo. He makes her give him CPR, and it creeps Chloe out. She calls her mom to tell her that she is right about Matt. 

Chloe wants more information about Matt and and convinces a neighbor to let her into Matt’s house by pretending to be his girlfriend. (Who the neighbor never has seen.) Chloe finds a serial killer wall with pictures of her on it. Chloe takes pictures and rushes out of the house when her car alarm goes off. (Matt tampers with Bryce’s vape and laces it with Oxy.)

Karen goes straight to Matt and tells him to leave her alone. He laughs it off and is devastatingly handsome. It’s pretty people’s privilege. (Something I know ALL about because I’m so pretty!) 

While doing online research, Bryce takes a vape break and starts asphyxiating. Chloe calls 911 and is horrified when Matt comes to the scene as a paramedic. Matt pretends to be helpful but delays everything on purpose almost killing Bryce. His partner isn’t having it and saves Bryce. On the ride to the hospital, Matt attempts to kill Bryce with a Defibrillator. Bryce ends up in a coma and suffers memory loss. 

Karen tells Matt’s partner, Scharice, that Matt is stalking her and her daughter. She asks the partner to keep Matt away from her family. Scharice confronts Matt, and he turns on the charm, explaining away her concerns with his handsome ass face. They continue to work together until Matt intentionally gets lost en route to a scene. Matt stabs his partner while wearing a trash bag and gloves in a remote area. He stages it as a robbery and beats himself up to look like they were jumped. (Could it be the perfect crime?)

Chloe and Karen compare notes. Chloe learned that Matt is from Macon, GA, and his high school prom date died in a car crash. Chloe wants to go to the town and talk to the girl’s family. Karen reluctantly agrees. 

Before she leaves town, Chloe checks on Bryce and catches Matt smothering him with a pillow. Chloe tells Matt that he isn’t good at saving people. Then she kicks him out of the room.

Matt goes home and talks to his girlfriend, who turns out to be his dead high school prom date’s ghost. He has lost it, and so has this movie!!!!

Next, Matt Lures Karen to a house showing (She is a real estate agent, apparently.) He chases Karen through the woods and tries to stab her with a syringe; she fights him off but falls over a cliff; HARD! Matt takes Karen’s phone and tells Chloe to meet at the house.

At the house, Matt tells Karens that he is in love with her while he stabs her with his syringe. Matt throws her in his car and heads off. 

Karen is banged up but survives. She rushes to save her daughter and pieces it together that Matt is recreating his missed prom experience. Karen heads to the high school, and hopefully, she calls the cops on the way. 

Chloe tries to escape, but when she realizes that the gym doors are chained from the outside, she slow dances with Matt to give him his fantasy. Matt tells her that Chloe is his chance to rewrite his story because he saved her since he couldn’t save his girlfriend. (Who had the exact same necklace) He tells her they will fall in love in time because love makes you do crazy things. 

Chloe decides to go along with it and tells Matt that she understands where he is coming from and lures him in for a kiss, so she can bash his head, grab the keys, and try to escape. In the school hallways, Chloe finds her mother, and they embrace. 

Matt chases after them with his old pal, the syringe. Matt stabs Karen, and she passes out, leaving. Chloe is on her own again. She runs to the ambulance, grabs the defibrillator, and fries his brain.  

Bryce wakes up from his coma and is all like, “What happened!?” Chloe tells him it is okay but leaves out the part about ruthlessly giving Matt electroshock therapy. Speaking of therapy, Matt is in a mental institution fixating on a nurse.

Side Note

Honestly, this movie gave me the ICK, Andrew Spach is, of course, handsome and talented as an actor. (He could stalk ME any day!) However, the older man fixating on a teenager thing is not great and creeped me out. 

Minority Report: Scharice, Lexi

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Overall rating 

Number of Kills: 

 🔪🔪🔪 (3 knives)

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    1. “The drunk driver lives, and Karen screams at the cops. (Because that is what Karens do.)”

      No. That is not what “Karen’s” do. That’s what worried moms do, that’s what bitchy moms do, that’s what frustrated mom’s do. See all those words you could use instead of a proper name which actually causes harm to children and teenagers and women named Karen? Appreciate it if you could please stop using the name that way.

  1. Unfortunately due to the ICK, man stalking teen factor, I couln’t even finish. But had fun reading recap and comments

  2. “Matt stabs his partner” THAT’S happened… UK’s Channel 5 likes to run Lifetime movies at 2pm. And sometimes they’re censored… (UK Lifetime shut down a few years ago!)

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