Pocket Dial Murder (2023 Lifetime)


Pocket Dial Murder (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Kirsten Comerford, Steve Byers, Erica Anderson

Director: Roxanne Boisvert

Writer: Roxanne Boisvert, Audrey Moore

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Stacey receives a pocket dial from her husband, Jeff, where she hears the sudden death of a woman on the other end. When Jeff comes home and says he lost his phone she doesn’t know what to think. Could Stacey be married to a murderer? Stars Kirsten Comerford, Steve Byers, and Erica Anderson (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts. 

Stacey sets up for dinner with “Her Love,” and then she gets a butt/pocket dial from Jeff, her love. A woman screams on the other line, and then a gunshot. Stacey freaks out and calls her sister, Joelle. She runs around the house locking doors and windows. Stacey asks her sister to call 911 and turns off her phone because Jeff’s phone has her location. The killer woman could be after her! 

Detectives show up at the house and ask a few questions. Then Jeff comes home and claims her lost his phone. 

Joelle gets a worried text from her husband Alek (Who works with Jeff), and I think this movie will be obsessed with phones! 

In bed, later that night. Stacey admits that she thought the woman on the phone of a co-worker named Ellen. Jeff cheated on Stacey in the past with a woman named Catherine. Jeff claims he is innocent and promises to look at the security cameras at work.

A woman named Meredith researches Jeff online, then follows Stacey around town and creeps her out. 

In the office, Ellen is alive! She isn’t a fan of the new intern Sean, who is Alek’s nephew. Ellen tries to get Jeff to go out for a drink with her, but he brushes her off. 

The detectives track the call made on Jeff’s phone and find it on a DEAD BODY! He looks suspicious, and Stacey is determined to clear her husband’s name. She hires a lawyer named Mike.

Stacey starts to have her doubts when she sees a photo of Juliette, the murdered woman, at a work function kissing Jeff. When she confronts Jeff, he apologizes for keeping it from her and didn’t want to bring it up because it would make him look guilty. Jeff says Juliette was just a client. 

Meredith calls Stacey and tells her that she was Juliette’s best friend. Stacey sets up a meeting with Meredith, and Jeff notices the texts come into her phone. Later at the meeting, Meredith is on the floor, strangled. She gasps out a name before she dies, “Roberto Romana.” (It’s a pizza place by Juliette’s house. 

Jeff doesn’t have an alibi for Meredith’s death either, and Stacey has a hard time believing anything he says at this point. Rattled and unnerved, she sleeps in the guest bedroom. 

Stacey goes to the pizza place and talks to a waitress who remembers Juliette as a frequent diner. The waitress said Juliette would always come with her boyfriend, who wore a hat. 

Stacey and Joelle’s mom shows up and brings all the DRAMA! First, the mother yells at her daughters. Then she has a heart attack from freaking out. 

At work, Jeff talks to Ellen and learns that Juliette was in a bad deal with the company. Ellen tried to cover up by giving Juliette hush money, and then the woman died. (This whole murder mystery is too involved.) Jeff wants to get the emails for proof and asks Alek to have his nephew hack into her emails. Sean does it secretly without involving his uncle at Jeff’s request. 

Joelle is worried about her sister and snoops through Jeff’s office. She finds a gun and a phone and calls the police. Joelle insists Stacey stay at her place for safety. Stacey refuses and stays home to confront Jeff in another “teary” fight. (Like her mascara runs down her face.) Alek interrupts and checks on Stacey before falling asleep in her robe. Jeff returns and almost smothers Stacey with a pillow. 

Stacey wakes up, and I’m like, is this a dream? Jeff says he was having an affair with Juliette, and he killed her to keep her from telling everyone. Stacey promises not to tell and says she loves him. Then she runs away. IT IS ALL A DREAM. When Stacey wakes up, she sees Jeff standing over the bed and calls the police. The detectives arrive and take Jeff away in handcuffs.

Stacey meets with the lawyer, and he shows her a glove that was used in the murder. It is made of polyester… a fabric that Jeff is allergic to, so he couldn’t be the killer! She gives Mike the number for Jeff’s dermatologist. (Haha, WTF?!)

The mother is released from the hospital and starts to lecture her daughters but stops herself before going into cardiac arrest. She agrees to testify on Jeff’s behalf at the initial hearing while Stacey does more investigation. 

Stacey finds out that Ellen was seen arguing with Juliette in the pizza restaurant. She calls Joelle to fill her in, and every time she does… Alek is standing close by, listening in. (He is in on whatever went down.)

Joelle packs a bag and stays over with her sister while things with Jeff are getting figured out. Jeff gets out on bail and stays with their mother on house arrest. He calls them and says that his wife is a “freaking genius.”

In the office parking garage, Stacey gets a call from Sean. She is at the office to find the emails he was hacking from Ellen’s computer and hopes to clear her husband once and for all. Ellen confronts Stacey and says she intends to let Jeff go to jail.

Sean continues to call Stacey and Alek repeatedly. 

Joelle and Alek are prepping for a date night, and Alek is running late. Joelle starts up the car and waits for her husband, but the stereo connects to the Bluetooth, and she overhears Alek on the phone with Sean. Alek was the one having an affair, and he killed Juliette. 

Alek runs downstairs and bangs on the car; he forces Joelle out of the car and drags her inside. Sean shows up and tries to stop Alek after realizing his uncle had played him to set up Jeff. (We see through a flashback.) Sean tackles Alek, and they fight over the gun. It goes off and shoots Sean in the shoulder. 

Stacey pulls up, grabs the gun, and holds Alek until the police arrive. 

The sisters host a brunch to celebrate Joelle ditching Alek and getting into Doctors Without Boarder and Jeff and Stacey’s anniversary. The end!

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

This movie had the DRAMA, but it was super dull. 

Minority Report: Meredith, Ellen, Sean, Mike, News Anchor, Selena, Peter 

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Overall rating 

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪 (2 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 

🍷🍷 (2 Glasses of Wine)

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  1. I have never seen so many scarves on people in my entire life and I’m from New York City.

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