Danger Lurking Under My Roof (2023 Lifetime)


Danger Lurking Under My Roof (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Kristi Murdock, James Hyde, Noémi VanSlyke

Director: John Murlowski

Writer: Carina Rodney

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Charity begins at home is a sentiment Roxanne Robinson soon comes to regret when her teenage daughter goes missing, and suspicion falls on her new neighbors Ella and Lucy who have been rehomed in the garden of Roxanne’s perfect family home. Stars Kristi Murdock, Noemi Alexis, and James Hyde (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts. 

The move starts in a modest suburb. Roxanne is a designer who LOVES beige and her soon-to-be college student daughter, Macie.

Roxanne’s husband, Mark, works as a lawyer and volunteers for a housing project charity whose mission is to provide homes for people without housing called Tiny House.

We next meet another family who lives with a slumlord and is on the run from an abusive husband. Ella and her daughter Lucy move out and into a home thanks to the Tiny House Project. The house they are supposed to move into falls through, so Mark, with his wife’s approval, invites the family to say with them in a guest house.

Roxanne tells her actual neighbor/BFF, Sasha, that she is excited to give a family a chance to get back on their feet. The mothers and daughters introduce themselves and exchange housewarming gifts. It seems like everything will be fine!

Ella wastes no time making herself at home. She digs up the roses garden in front of the house. Roxanne is disturbed by her behavior but still offers to help Ella find a job. Ella is insulted and thinks the family thinks she cannot act normally. When Ella gets the guidelines for living in Tiny Houses, she is even more offended.

Macie has a secret boyfriend who thinks it is weird that she is living with strangers. Macie makes friends with Lucy when they bond over liking the same band. They plan to go to a concert together. (Later, when Macie asks if she can go to the show, Roxanne tells her daughter no, because they already planned a spa day.)

Roxanne feels terrible about the misunderstanding over the house rules and asks Macie to take Lucy shopping to make up for the awkward interaction. Instead of buying clothes, the girls buy themselves piercings. (This doesn’t go over well with Roxanne either. She worries about it getting infected, haha)

Ella thinks it is intrusive when Roxanne redecorates the house while she is out for a job interview. (Which, TBHH, it is rude to do it without asking. Especially when everything is beige.) Roxanne feels even worse for the faux pas and talks to her supportive husband. Is Mark going to end up being a stand-up guy?! Trying to remember if I’ve ever seen James Hyde play a nice guy!)

Ella complains to Lucy about Roxanne overstepping and putting their lives in danger. Ella shows Lucy Roxanne’s social media and worries the abusive husband will find them. (It makes a lot of sense!) Roxanne thinks it is weird that Ella and Lucy aren’t on social media.

Roxanne throws an elaborate luncheon where the rich neighbors are rude. Sasha talks to a blonde lady who savagely gossips about how Roxanne didn’t even want the Tiny Home guests to move in. Sasha notices that Lucy and Ella overhear the rude conversation and apologizes.

A counselor meets with both families and introduces a spirit stick… I mean a TALKING stick. Ella quickly grabs that stick and tells Roxanne to butt out of their lives and stop posting about them on social media. Mark apologizes on behalf of his wife. Roxanne and Ella take the conversation offline and end up in another argument critiquing one another’s parenting.

Things are getting weird between Lucy and Macie too. Lucy develops a crush on Macie’s troubled teen boyfriend, Ryan, and watches them from afar.

Someone breaks into the house a vandalizes Roxanne’s vision board. Roxanne is sure it is Ella, but Mark defuses her worries by promising to look into the security footage. Then she finds atomic red spray paint in the trash.

Mark takes his daughter for some bonding time while golfing. He asks her daughter about college and her boyfriend and tries to give her advice like he is Mike Brady.

Lucy enters the main house and tries on dresses for fun, but the family catches her. Roxanne finds some jewelry and accuses Lucy of stealing. Mark reluctantly calls the police. It escalates the tensions between the families. Roxanne wants them evicted, but Mark can’t do that because it would make his charity look ineffective.

Macie’s diary goes missing, and she accuses Lucy loudly in the driveway. Lucy denies everything and storms off, leaving Macie alone. Mark’s co-worker John walks up to her cheerfully and chloroforms her.

The following day when Macie is missing, Mark laughs it off and assumes she is with her boyfriend. Like most moms in Lifetime Movies, Roxanne is very concerned about her daughter. She searches Macie’s room and finds strange photos taken from afar of Macie and Ryan.

Lucy meets with Ryan to see if he knows where Macie has gone. He is a jerk and blatantly hits on her. (Hey! If Macie’s missing, who’s to know, right? Lucy is appalled and says she isn’t jealous of Macie.

The police arrive and DON’T look into Macie’s disappearance. (It has been less than 48 hours.) He agrees to talk with Ella and Lucy. Mark tells the cop about Macie’s new boyfriend, Ryan, and he has no more information besides his name and the fact that he is a musician. The cop finds the diary and reads that Macie plans to go to the concert. He tells them to sit tight.

Roxanne cries while reading her daughter’s diary. She is upset that Macie has been keeping so much from her and realizes she doesn’t know her daughter as well as she thought.

I think I missed something, but it appears Lucy is the next to be abducted by John. He brings her to an attic where he has Macie tied to a chair.

Mark is in an off-camera hit-and-run accident. Roxanne thinks it is connected to Macie’s disappearance and a threatening call. Roxanne finds a gun and tells Ella how she is feeling. Ella is worried because Lucy is missing now too. They work together to get their daughter’s back!

Sasha comes over to comfort Roxanne, but then she turns dark and tells Roxanne that she is having an affair with Mark, adding insult to injury. Though it ends up being pointless to the plot. (THIS WAS SO SHOCKING TO ME!!!!)

While driving to find their daughters, Ella tells Roxanne about her ex-husband in jail. She admits to paying a premium price to get into the housing program. They are followed by a goofy looking car that is in no way threatening.

Macie and Lucy try to free themselves, and Lucy thinks that Mark kidnapped her. As they argue, the moms pull up in their car. Ella breaks through a window while Roxanne confronts Mark’s co-worker John. He pistol-whips her in the face and calls Mark a double-dealing pig.

Ella tries to stop John, but he shoots her in the shoulder. Then Roxanne struggles with him over the gun. Both moms get guns and hold John until the police arrive. They confirm that John is a known human trafficker and arrest him.

When Roxanne gets home, Mark tries to explain why he exchanged Lucy for Macie to a human trafficker. He pawned the jewelry, took the bribe for the housing, and had an affair. (so much for James Hyde playing a nice guy!!!)

The mothers and daughters live together and pay their own bills! Macie is studying art. Roxanne welcomes the new neighbors with a box of pizza. The end!

Side Note/Stray Thoughts
Minority Report: Sasha, Cop, 

Overall rating
Number of Kills:  (0 knives)
Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 Glasses of Wine)
Should you watch it? Pour it up! (Give it a shot)

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