You’re Not Supposed to Be Here (2023 Lifetime)


You’re Not Supposed to Be Here (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Heather Matarazzo, Chrishell Stause, Diora Baird

Director: Nicole L. Thompson

Writer: Lauren Caster, Erica Lane

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When pregnant lesbian couple Zoe (Chrishell Stause) and Kennedy (Diora Baird) struggle with the stress of work and family life, Kennedy’s boss offers them a cabin getaway in the woods. When they arrive at the beautiful cabin located in a remote mountain town, the locals aren’t all overly welcoming. Zoe feels uncomfortable with the looks and stares of the townsfolk, and questions if their unwanted attention has to do with them as a same-sex couple, while Kennedy tries to reassure her it’s her pregnancy hormones getting the best of her. Just as the two let their guards down, their nightmare begins. They realize they are completely unprepared for what is in store, and that the townspeople want something the two have.

Recap/Wine Thoughts.

Zoe is very pregnant and watches a scary movie while eating popcorn. She starts to feel unwell and calls her wife for help. Kennedy ignores the call because she is in the middle of a presentation. Her phone goes off, and she realizes it is an emergency. Zoe is suffering from panic attacks because the couple has gone through miscarriages in the past. 

Kennedy’s boss, Robert, offers up his remote cabin for the couple to take a break for a relaxing weekend to help keep Zoe calm. Kennedy takes him up on the offer after talking to Zoe about her stress. 

Brian Krakow!?!?

Zoe talks to her BFF, Adam, about the stress she is feeling and how Kennedy thinks she is being dramatic. Zoe wonders if the passion in the relationship is on the rocks or if the spark is gone. Adam is also the sperm donor. He has trouble finding love and vents about his dating life in Hinge Hell.

Kennedy and Zoe head out for the weekend at the cabin. They hit the road, and Kennedy is having trouble unplugging from work. They stop at a gas station, and the clerk is suspicious of the outsiders coming into town and doesn’t like hippies. Zoe feels uncomfortable with the interaction, and Kennedy is too obsessed with work to notice anything is wrong. 

Romantic or Working Road Trip?

In the town of Wildwood, it seems pretty isolated. The cabin has fantastic views and looks very tranquil. Kennedy is more concerned about the WiFi. 

When your more into your phone than the view

While unpacking, Zoe realizes that she has forgotten her prenatal, and they head down to the pharmacy. As they enter holding hands, everyone stares at them and is generally unhelpful. A woman named Carla (Played by Heather Matarazzo) in the store screams at them, “YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE,” before the town sheriff drags her away. He apologizes to the women and says that Carla doesn’t reflect the town’s views on LGBTQ+ folks. Zoe asks Kennedy to go home because the town is bigoted. Kennedy tells Zoe that Robert has a security system at his cabin, and they’ve dealt with discrimination before; it isn’t a big deal or something they haven’t handled in the past. 

They did NOT fit in at this drug store

While enjoying a campfire, Zoe and Kennedy hear rustling in the bushes, frightening them. It is a group of hippies in full cult attire. Penny is the town midwife and offers to show them around town and gives them some herbal supplements to help the baby. Zoe is weirded out, but Kennedy finds them charming. (So much for sticking to themselves.) 

Back in LA, Adam is on a date with a hunk, and he gets a call from Zoe. She tells him about the strange interaction and invites him to visit the cabin. She would feel a lot better if he was around, and he decides to come up. 

Zoe and Kennedy join Penny for some yoga in the woods. They get some strange looks and rude under the breath comments from some attendees. Penny grills Kennedy about parenting and seems to think she isn’t up for the task of motherhood. 

Talking during yoga is frowned upon!

Kennedy leaves the cabin to do work. When she finds out that Adam is at the cabin, she rudely tells him to go. Adam and Zoe find a necklace with initials, and they speculate if Robert has a mistress. Penny stops by and invites them to tour and check out the spa. They agree to go to the orange grove, which seems like a commune. Penny gives Zoe leaves to eat from the garden. Then they go to the spa.

Kennedy works at a cafe, and the barista brings over a coffee to go that says, “LEAVE.” She also gets taken off a big account by someone in her company; could it have been Roger? Kennedy tries to leave the cafe but runs into car trouble. She asks the sheriff for help, and he offers her a ride. (When she grabs her bag, he slips something into her coffee.) Kennedy realizes something is wrong but she passes out before she can do anything.

When the barista spells your name wrong

Back at the spa, Adam strips down to go into the sauna and looks good! Zoe does a facial and relaxes. Everything seems normal until Adam is locked in the sauna, and he screams for help. He doesn’t want to die naked. (haha, such a random line.) Adam eventually gets out of the sauna and is locked in the room. 

I was wondering how we would get a shirtless hunk in this movie! They didn’t disappoint!

Zoe isn’t having a relaxing time either because her water breaks. Zoe wants to go to the hospital but is restrained. The cult women all gather around and want to deliver the baby. Penny admits to inducing the labor, and Zoe is forced to have the baby. Penny takes the baby away, and Zoe is left alone.

Terrifying! It’s giving Rosemary’s Baby

Kennedy wakes up in an empty, locked room. She screams for help and bangs on the door. Eventually, she hears Adam yelling for help too. Kennedy realizes that the sheriff and townfolk are kidnapping them for being gay. 

Adam climbs into the air ducts and busts Kennedy out. They find Roger is the leader of this weird cult and is the mastermind of kidnapping the baby for some “family” ritual. They plan to raise the baby as a group and reject the modern world. The whole town is infertile due to the water poisoning from a local power plant. They steal babies to keep the town’s population going.


Kennedy and Adam find Zoe and free her. While the cult members search for Kennedy and Adam, the three out-of-towners grab some weapons and steal the baby back. Zoe is emotional and happy to be reunited with her daughter. They run outside and see the woman from the department store, Carla. She was trapped in a shed to keep from warning them about what was happening. Carla is one of the stolen children and offers to help them escape the cult.

Glad Carla turned out to be a good guy

They end up in a creepy cave where they find the bodies of the parents and witchcraft. The cult goes back 50 years, and the necklace belonged to one of those people killed. Penny and George wait outside for them to stop their escape. 

The sheriff pulls his gun on them and demands to have the baby. They overpower him, and he hits his head on a rock. Zoe grabs his gun, and they run for it. Penny tries to stop them from driving off, but Zoe runs her over with a car. Robert chases after them and leaves his sister to die. (Oh wait, did he run her over too? Shit! That’s dark!) 

The car stalls out, and Robert cuts them out. Kennedy steps out of the car and accuses Robert of leading them to the cult. Zoe jumps out of the car, too, and shoots at Robert when he calls her “too emotional.” 

I’m glad Zoe stood up for herself!

The local gas station attendant rescues them and says she doesn’t like hippies. In the backseat, the parents name the baby and are thankful to have the opportunity to raise their baby.  

The end!

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

Devon Gummersall, appearing here as Kennedy’s boss, was a THROWBACK! I know he has been working, but it was nice to see him on Lifetime.

This was a good article about writer, Lauren Caster’s experience writing this film and serving as a producer as part of Lifetime’s initiative to get women behind the camera.

Overall rating

 Numbers of Kills: 🔪🔪🔪 (3 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 Glasses of Wine)

Should you watch it?

Pour it up! (Give it a shot)

Put a Cork in It (Skip It)

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  1. One of the worst Lifetime movies in a long time. Surprised you enjoyed it so much. Acting wasn’t remotely believable, plot jumped all over and made no sense. Desperation to make a queer film overrode any dedication to decent filmmaking or story telling. Hard pass on this one.

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