The Good Mistress (2014 Lifetime)

The Good Mistress (2014 Lifetime)

Cast:   Annie Heise, Antonio Cupo, Kendra Anderson

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman’s one-night stand turns out to be her friend’s husband and a local political candidate.


The movie begins with a blonde woman in a terrible outfit running through the woods. She hysterical until she is knocked out with a rock and choked to death. She is not only a fashion victim, now she is a victim of murder. 

Cut to a woman named Sandy, her car is stalled on the side of the road on her way to the job interview. A hot cop stops and helps her start her car. Then he starts questioning her and looks at her ID for a long time. It is suspicious and an abuse of his power. 

Sandy gets the job and moves into town, thanks to her friend/old babysitter Karen. Karen’s husband David is a politician and he must be ugly AF. (We’re assuming because he is wearing a mask in the picture.) David is out of town, so Karen plans dinner dates with Sandy.

At the grocery store, Sandy loses her cart in the parking lot and is saved by a charming man named, Sam. Sam invites Sandy out for coffee and gives her his number. When she tells Karen about the handsome stranger, Karen is cautious. She worried that Sandy is taking on too much. The new job, new house, and now a new relationship? Sandy is an alcoholic and Karen is worried that she will relapse

Sandy blows of dinner plans with Sandy to meet Sam at a bar. It doesn’t go well for Sandy who is hit on by creeps while she waits for Sam. When she shows up she is about to leave, but he takes her for a walk to calm down. Sandy reveals that she was out partying with her friends and hit a kid on a bike while drunk driving. She lost everything and has been in rehab/out on probation. That is all foreplay, I guess because they have sex. The next morning, Sam makes Sandy breakfast and gets her coffee. Sam is the perfect guy… oh but he is not.

Sandy recaps the night to Karen and is horrified when her husband David shows up… David is SAM. David is horrified to see Sandy there too. They try to make small talk, but Sandy leaves abruptly. Karen has no idea what is going on. David stops by Sandy’s house and apologizes. He tells her that he has feelings for her and then asks Sandy to keep his secret. He blackmails her and physically assaults her into not telling his wife.

When a woman turns up missing in town, Sandy talks with the mother and realizes that David is responsible for the disappearance and most likely murder. (Due to a note that is the exact wording that David sent to her.) Then Sandy goes into a random story about her parents dying in a car crash while she was on the phone with them. YIKES! She continues to ask questions and heads back to the bar. The barflies tell her to drop it because it will end badly.

The hot cop is back and almost runs over Sandy in the grocery store. Sandy almost tells her about her suspicion but thinks better of it. On her way home from work, Sandy breaks go out and the hot cop shows up at the accident. Sandy tells hot cop about David. The evidence doesn’t add up for hot cop and he calls her an amateur detective. The hot cop is so hot cold. Then he finds one of the barflies dead and realizes that Sandy is telling the truth. (A lady cop cover for David.) 

Sandy invites David over for some wine. She tells him that she has changed her mind and wants to be a GOOD MISTRESS. In reality, she is trying not to die like everyone else. They make out and Sandy swaps wine glasses and escapes out a ladder with David’s DNA and fingerprints. Sandy is EXTRA. David chases her and she pepper sprays him to get away.

David knows his days are numbered and convinces Karen to take a romantic getaway with him abruptly. She loves spontaneity and her hot husband, so she is down for the trip. Sandy tracks them down at the family cabin and hears the couple fighting while lurking outside the cabin. She sees David grab an ax and head inside. To save her friend she throws a log through the window, causing David to come out with his shotgun. Sand takes him out with a log.

Karen doesn’t believe Sandy’s story because she knew about her cheating husband. Karen killed the woman from the beginning of the movie because she was sleeping with David. Karen posed as a photographer to lure the woman into the woods. Karen killed the barfly as well to save her husband’s reputation. She chases after Sandy with a knife and tries to kill her for a second time. (She tampered with the breaks in Sandy’s car.) 

David comes to and argues with Karen, giving Sandy enough time to shoot Karen with a shotgun. Hot cop shows up and stands around like an idiot. 

Sandy’s record is expunged and she is given a fresh start. She dumps a bottle of vodka down the drain as SYMBOLISM and then goes on a pizza date with the hot cop. CUTE!

Side Note

Minority Report: None

If you ever wonder when a Lifetime movie was filmed, look at the kitchen. This kitchen was super dated here!!!!

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2014 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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