Family in Hiding (2006 Lifetime)

Lifetime takes on Witness Protection

Family in Hiding (2006 Lifetime)

Cast: Brenda StrongElyse LevesqueHrothgar Mathews

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After seeing a murder, a single mother and her two children enter the Witness Protection Program. They soon realize that one of the people out to kill them has infiltrated the office that arranged their new identities and knows their new names and whereabouts.



Carol works at a bank and is raising two teenagers, Matt and Alicia, but really has a LOT of work. She misses her son’s basketball game and doesn’t like her daughter’s boyfriend. Things are tense at home.

Things don’t get better at work when she witnesses the drug cartel murder the DA. Carol manages to get away but is identified by the drug cartel by her car license plate. She tells everything to the police to put her in witness protection. Poor Carol, if her kinds hated her before, they are REALLY going to hate her now.

They all get new names, Alicia is very picky about her new fake name, but event picks Jennifer. Matt picks “Bob”, haha. They are relocated to Seattle, and Carol has to wear a black wig wherever she goes. (You’d think the FBI could get her a better-looking wig. It is awful)

As you would expect, Alicia calls her boyfriend collect. She tells him the number for the payphone, like an idiot. The cartel listens in and now knows where the family is staying. They find the teens at the mall and chase them. The teens jump into their mom’s car, and a “high speed” car chase happens, and the police are annoyed that they have to relocate the family.

They move into a new apartment and change their names again. This time they make more effort to keep things quiet until Matt secretly joins the basketball team. Carol has trouble paying for anything on the government stipend. She tries to get a job, but can’t falsify a resume.

Matt makes the front page of the local paper after a fantastic performance in a game. He is very popular in school. Carol sees the article and rushes to school to get Matt and Alicia. A member of the cartel chases them around the school with a gun and shoots at them.

Carol takes her kids to a shady motel and calls the FBI. She tells them that she is going rouge and will deal with the cartel herself. Instead of going on the run, Carol throws a sad birthday party for Alicia. She is eighteen!

Nahanee, the man who has been after the family, is apprehended. All Carol has to do is testify in court that he is the man who shot Kanagawa. 

The cartel kidnaps Alicia. The FBI realizes that there is a mole in the organization and beat him up in order to find out where the teenager is. Carol screams at them, “FIND HER DAUGHTER!” They save Alicia from a warehouse.

Carol testifies against the trail and is reunited with her daughter. She demands that the FBI relocate them to Hawaii next and get a room for Brian too, since he is in witness protection and will come along.  

Side Note

Minority Report: DA, Cartel Members, Cops,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2006 Lifetime

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