Dead on Campus (2014 Lifetime)

There girls are actually dead. It’s like Death Becomes Her, but on Lifetime!

Dead on Campus (2014 Lifetime)

Cast: Katelyn TarverTamara DuarteNicki Aycox

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Starring Katelyn Tarver, Nicki Aycox, and Tamara Duarte. After the apparent suicide of a nerdy, introverted college student, his older sister discovers a connection between his death and a popular sorority house.


It is the last party of the summer before college. A girl named Natalie (who doesn’t drink) is looking all over for Billy. He is busy making out with a random girl “on accident.” She comes home to find her dad with another woman too. (Her mother recently died.) Natalie must have some trust issues. 

Natalie gets into a college sorority as a legacy. Her roommate is Sofia boy crazy and is also a legacy for the same sorority. At the rush event, which is a bit stuffy, the girls meet the rush chair Leanna and the president Alexa Cooper. 

Natalie gets invited to come back for a second night. She walks by a ton of stereotypical hazing ritual. You know, circling “problem areas” on girls in bikinis, walking like a dog, and drinking in excess. Natalie is requested to seduce a nerdy econ student named Sumner. She asks him out for coffee and gets his number. He bashfully gives it to her.   

They go on a date, and Natalie actually bonds with him. They get along and have a lot in common. She kind of likes him. Alexa follows them on their coffee date and demands that she sleep with him and SEDUCE HIM. 

The second date goes well. Sumner and Natalie have a nice night until Leanna shows up with drug-laced brownies. He freaks out and sees everything with a blue filter. The sorority girls all laugh at him and do his makeup. It is a stupid prank. They plan to make it go viral. Natalie and Sofia make it as a Delta Si Betas. Sofia and Natalie are disturbed but happy to be in the group.

Sumner rushes off and gets into his car. He drives home and gets into a fatal car crash. A song is played while the camera pans over his dead body. The artist is unknown, but the lyrics are as follows:

“I’m Just a girl pretending to be nice. So Dangerous inside.” (Listen Here

The sorority covers up the video and drugs. Sisters protect one another and promise not to tell anyone what really happened. To make Natalie and Sofia feel more obligated to commit to the sisterhood, they move the girls into the sorority house.

Sumner’s sister, Danielle, works in the Admissions department and learns about her brother’s death. She cries in her hunky husband’s arms. Garrett comforts his wife at the funeral while Natalie looks on. When Danielle calls Natalie because she suspects they were on a date based on Sumner’s cell phone history, Natalie denies everything. 

Danielle has terrible hair, but that doesn’t stop her from tacking Natalie down and questioning her more. When Danielle learns that Alexa and Natalie are in the same sorority, she knows she is responsible. Danielle passes up Alexa for a summer internship, a LAME reason to kill her brother. When Danielle confronts Alexa on campus, she is put on probation. 

Natalie is arrested when campus police find drugs in her bag planted by her sisters. Her bail is set for $50,000, and the sorority bails her out. 

Natalie and Danielle team up and realize that Alexa must have a lot of incriminating videos. Lucky for them, Alexa is having her annual birthday bash. They get the house’s floor plans and plan to plant Natalie’s high school friend, Nikki, as a caterer.  

At the party, Nikki snoops through Alexa’s things but doesn’t find anything. Natalie looks through a jewelry box and is caught by Alexa. Nikki films the conversation as Alexa goes off on everyone she has ever known. It is irony at its finest. The video is played in the middle of the party on a projector. The sorority girls turn on Alexa and eat her alive. Just kidding, Alexa is arrested.

Danielle and Natalie are a family now? They cheers over a turkey.

Side Note

Minority Report: Sofia, catering boss,

Katelyn Tarver‘s music is good? 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2014 Lifetime

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  1. What is the last song played at the end of the movie ‘Dead on Campus’ the Lifetime movie? If you could find it, I’d appreciate it!

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