The House Sitter (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: Kate AshfieldAshley DulaneyShelby Young 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A housesitter stays with a family until she gets her next housekeeping job. The family soon discovers that the woman is not as innocent and sane as she appears.


Uptight, Lacey is bringing her hippy boyfriend Billy home for a visit. Her mother has been renting out her room to travelers, and Lacey is taking it VERY personally. Her parents aren’t even home when she arrives, and the house has been cleaned of any photos of Lacey. She has been erased from her own home. Things take a turn when the couple finds a bloody phone in the house. Her parents have been murdered. 

Cut to a house in the woods, Rebbeca is house-sitting for a posh woman named Sara Lawrence (Not that one.) Sara and her husband Kyle are worried about their daughter Amy, who is withdrawn and sullen. The family decides to cut their vacation short. Rebecca is taken by surprise because she has been cutting their faces out of family photos.

Rebecca welcomes the family home and asks too many questions about a daughter in the photos. Sara tells her that the daughter in the photos passed away. This explains Amy’s attitude. Rebecca acts as if she is stranded because the family has come home early, so Sarah invites the house sitter to stay for a few days. Kyle isn’t thrilled about his wife’s decision.

We learn through flashbacks that Lauren and Amy were ice-staking when Lauren fell through the ice. Amy blames herself. Having Rebecca around isn’t helping. She makes herself at home in Lauren’s old room, styes her hair the same way, and wears her clothes. 

While out shopping a woman thinks Rebecca is someone named Claire. Rebecca laughs it off, but Amy is starting to become suspicious. Amy bonds with her dad over their mistrust of the new house guest. Sara, on the other hand, is practically substituting Rebecca for Lauren. 

Rebecca returns to the shop and VERY CASUALLY murders her. Then she roofies Amy and tells Sarah that her daughter is abusing sleeping pills and booze. Sara grounds Amy and is closer than ever to Rebecca. 

Flirting with Kyle was inevitable; I just didn’t expect it to be while chopping wood and have undertones of “daddy issues.” Rebecca cooks a family meal. Only, everyone leaves her home alone. She goes through Amy’s things and dresses up like her after going through her things. Then she seduces Amy’s boyfriend and takes pictures of them having sex. 

Amy meets with the son of a family Rebecca stayed with as Claire. His parents loved Claire, and he also felt like he was being replaced. His family died in a house fire, and he is sure Claire started the fire. 

Sara finds the sexy photos to get Amy even more in trouble. Amy defends herself and lays everything she has learned about Rebecca/Claire. Sara sides with Rebecca AGAIN. Amy runs away and her parents go looking for her.

Rebecca waits at the house with a bat and takes Amy out when she comes back home. Amy wakes up in the basement and is horrified to see Travis down there too. 

Rebecca explains that she has replaced Amy and knocks her out again when the parents get home. Sara and Kyle think Rebecca is acting strangely and want to call the police. They try to reason with her carefully, but she stabs Kyle in the stomach. Rebecca pulls a gun on them and forces them to have a family dinner.

Amy comes too and crawls out of the basement. While Rebecca gest dessert (poison apple pie), Amy calls 911 and grabs the gun. Amy interprets the meal and distracts Rebecca long enough for Sara to sneak up behind her and knock her unconscious. 

Kyle, Sara, and Amy are back at their vacation home and seem to be getting along a lot better! They are going to go for a hike. The end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Scott

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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