Double Daddy (2015 Lifetime)

Double Daddy (2015 Lifetime)

Cast:  Mollee GrayBrittany CurranCameron PalatasRené Ashton

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A teen’s life turns upside down when her boyfriend impregnates both her and a new school student.


The movie begins with teen boy Conor chugging beer from a beer bong while a red lady ransacks his bedroom. His girlfriend Amanda calls to check on him, her name is Amanda, and she is away for the summer. The lady in red doesn’t care about his girlfriend and roofies/rapes him. He can barely remember the night. Yikes.

The lady in red is named Heather; she is a new student at the school. With Amanda back in town, it makes things a little awkward for Connor. Amanda and her BFF Mya watch Connor playing soccer shirtless and talk about her period being late. Amanda isn’t the only one who’s period is late. Heather is pregnant and takes selfies with the test to send to Connor. She tells him that she is keeping the baby and posts about it on social media. 

Amanda is horrified when she sees the posts on social media. She takes her own pregnancy test and learns she too is pregnant. Amanda breaks up with Connor, and her parents find out about the pregnancy. They want her to keep the baby and will help her raise their grandbaby. Amanda and her parents tell Connor’s parents. He comes down after taking a sexy shower and is surprised at the family meeting. They also tell his parents about Heather. Connor’s parents freak out and call Heather and Amanda sluts, basically. 

The two women argue in the hallway at school, and Amanda pushes Heather so hard she is admitted to the hospital. Heather wants Connor to protect his baby and keep Amanda away from her. Connor’s mother asks Heather to take a paternity test. 

When Connor spends too much time with Amanda, Heather gets jealous and makes herself sick for his attention. She shows him her room, and she is living in squaller. Her father is abusive, and it is not a good environment to bring a child into. 

A baby shower happens for Amanda that kind of glorifies teen pregnancy. No baby shower for Heather. Connor’s mother is paying off the family for Heather to stay away from the family. She has the father sign legal documents to make it official. Heather has been outplayed. One thing Connor’s mother didn’t think of is Heather’s father taking the money and running. He leaves Heather alone, and she moves in with Connor. Heather plays homemaker, but Connor isn’t into it. Trent, Heather’s ex, sees the money she has lucked into and wants his piece of the pie. She murders him and disposes of the body. Then she stalks Connor and Amanda at Lamaze class.

Amanda wants to give the baby to her sister, Kelly, who has been having trouble getting pregnant. Connor is conflicted about the idea but wants to support Amanda. They kiss in the car while Heather watches and screams repeatedly. Then she almost runs Amanda over. Then Amanda assaults Connor’s mother and tells her not to keep her away from her baby daddy. (She also throws a bowl of fruit on the floor, which smashes in slow motion.) Connor kicks Heather out and tells her that he loves Amanda. 

On a school field trip in the woods, Amanda gets lost and is confronted by Heather. The two pregnant women argue, and Heather pulls a knife on Amanda. They struggle and go flying off a cliff. Heather goes into labor, and Amanda stays to help deliver the baby. WOW! WHAT?!?!

Amanda has her baby too. She gives her daughter to her sister Kelly to raise. Heather is facing criminal charges and could serve life in prison. She takes selfies in her prison jumper? I don’t know what happens to her baby, oh well! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Mya, Teacher, Nurse, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime


  1. Mollee Gray and Brittany Curran are BFFs in real life. No wonder they played the antagonistic roles to perfection.

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