Too Young to Be a Dad (2002 Lifetime)

Too Young to Be a Dad (2002 Lifetime)

Cast: Kathy BakerPaul DanoKatie Stuart 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When 15-year-old Matt Freeman gets 15-year-old Francesca pregnant, their parents decide to put the unborn baby up for adoption. Matt agrees to the decision but later begins to rethink it. This movie shows the father’s point of view.


Matt Freeman is “the good son” he is on the honor roll and a model student. His sister Alex is dating a boy named Zach and is seen as the rebellious teen. Matt’s parents trust him so much they let him have girls in his room for study sessions. 

Francesca has other things on her mind other than studying. She draws hearts in her notebook and talks about “doing it.” They end up making out all the time, and their friend Blair gets jealous. When Francesca’s parents are out of town, she invites Matt over to have sex. She tells Matt that she might be pregnant, and they buy a pregnancy test. It confirms she is pregnant, and she tries to hide it with lots of layers while figuring out what to do. (Oh, that old trick?) 

Susan Freeman is so focused on her daughter that she doesn’t notice Matt acting differently. He mopes around the house in an oversized sweatshirt for attention. Matt tells Susan and asks if he should marry Francesca. She says no because her baby is having a baby. Susan meets with Francesca’s livid parents. They decide to put the baby up for adoption. 

Francesca is sent to a special school for pregnant girls. Matt doesn’t see her anymore because her father wants to keep them apart. Matt talks with his guidance counselor and decides to join her in the less prestigious school to support his baby mama. He also gets a job at a pizza joint to help pay for things the baby will need. The kid is trying to step up the best he can. It is sweet. His mother is angry that he ruined his life and nitpicks every choice he makes. 

The young couple has to take parenting classes and receives a robot baby. His parents come around and support their son. 

The families discuss the terms of the adoption, and it will be like they never existed at all. Matt and Francesca sign the documents, but Matt has a hard time coming to terms with giving his baby up. 

Susan talks with her husband about keeping the baby, but he tells her not to make things more complicated. She joins him at the hospital when Francesca is in labor. Francesca’s father tells them that the adoption is closed, and Matt cannot know where the baby is going or see Francesca. 

Matt storms past Francesca’s father and runs to the nursery to see his baby. He holds her as Susan watches on crying. He names her Genevive, and the family decide to adopt the baby. Some people aren’t so lucky to have a supportive family-like Matt. I kind of feel like this movie glorifies teen pregnancy for teen dads.

Side Note

Minority Report: Mrs. Bennett, Blair

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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