Fatal Flip (2015 Lifetime)

Fatal Flip (2015 Lifetime)

Stars:   Mike FaiolaDominique SwainMichael StegerTatyana Ali 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A couple buys a rundown house to flip it for a profit, but they get more than they bargained for when they hire a handsome contractor with a hidden, dark past.


A mand is putting up some wallpaper while ominous music plays, he is sexy AF. So I’m not too concerned. Oh, wait. Someone is tied up behind the wall and left to die. Okay, I’m a little concerned. 

The not engaged couple, Jeff and Alex (played by one of my favs Dominique Swain), move into an antique colonial. They are planning on flipping the property and selling it for profit in 45 days. (The day count is said at least 45 times.) The relator, Beth, is skeptical of their ambiguous undertaking. 

While at the hardware store bickering, Jeff and Alex are spotted by the sexy AF contractor. His name is Nate and event though he is a confirmed murderer, I’m into it. Nate approaches Jeff and offers him some advice. He comes over to the place and wins Jeff over instantaneously. Jeff offers Nate to move into the house and help them flip it for free room and board.

Nate wastes no time walking around with his shirt unbuttoned and being dead sexy. Alex and her friend Roslyn (TATYANA ALI!!!!) think her is a dreamboat as well. They talk about how hot Nate is, and then Alex admits that she isn’t sure about marrying Jeff. 

Beth, the relator, returns to take photos of the progress and insists on taking pictures of Nate. He asks her to stop, and she doesn’t, so he kills her with a saw or something. Then the calmly washes the blood off his hands. 

Nate becomes obsessed with Alex and rigs the ladder to break while Jeff is on it. His murder plan goes awry, and Jeff survives the fall breaking his leg. Alex takes care of him while he is on bed rest. So does Nate. He watches Jeff while he sleeps creepily. Then Nate uses the alone time with Alex to wine and diner her. He also watches her undress in through a window.

Alex starts to get creeped out and tells Roslyn about it. Ros tells her that if he were ugly, she would have kicked him out long ago. Then she decides to flirt with Nate if Alex is going to pass on him. Alex isn’t wrong, and Nate invades her personal space, like, all the time.  

Roslyn and Alex start fighting over Nate, and I thought their relationship was more durable than this. To let a man get between them is just tragic. Roslyn rushes to Nate and has sexy time to make herself feel better. She REALLY makes out with him, and I’ve never been more jealous of Tatyana Ali. The next morning she wakes up and sees a shirtless just showered Nate. She finds a paper with the name Matt Waterman on it and notes the name. He is cold to her and won’t even kiss her goodbye. RUDE.

Jeff is out of bed rest and not excited about the renovations Nate and Alex made. He picks a fight with Alex and says Nate just wants to get into her panties. RUDE AGAIN!

Tatyana Ali does her research and finds out Matt is Nate, and he was married to a woman named Monica. (The woman in the wall.) Instead of telling Alex or calling the police, Tatyana Ali goes to Nate to confront him and ends up the next woman in the wall. (RIP! So messed up.)

The house renovations continue. At this point, they are just staining a lot of wood. Nate makes his move and hits on Alex. She shuts it down hardcore and fires his ass. Before he goes, he installs a beautiful master bath and bathtub that Alex can’t resist. Nate watches her undress and get into the tub. Then he opens the door and tells her that she loos beautiful. She screams at him to get out. Jeff comes home and sees the commotion and kicks Nate out for good; he even gets back the key.

In the middle of the night, the power to the house goes out. Alex heads down to the circuit breaker to turns the lights back on. While she is downstairs, Nate knocks out Jeff and then sneaks up behind her. She knees him in the balls and runs for her life. 

Alex is a badass and fights for her life. She knows the house’s ins and outs and uses them to her advantage of hiding in closets and spaces between walls. Alex grabs a nail gun and shoots him. Nate gets on top of her and almost kills her, but Jeff frees himself and hits Nate with a sledgehammer. This allows Alex the chance to grab some plastic wrap and suffocate Nate.

The police are called, but Nate has escaped and is out there in the world waiting to be sexy and fix someone else’s house. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Jeff, Roslyn, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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