Killer Crush (2015 Lifetime)

Killer Crush (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: Daveigh ChaseRick RobertsSydney Penny

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Paige York is a medical student. She’s also a very disturbed young woman, reeling from her father’s suicide, and living with her sister in a very dysfunctional relationship. All this is about to change when Doctor Lucas Emery becomes her new teacher – Sexy, smart, charismatic; this is the man of her dreams, the one she’s been waiting for – Soon she’ll be hired to help with Lucas’ sick wife – until she implements her plan to become the new Mrs. Emery. Lucas’ and everyone else’s lives will spiral out of control as Paige becomes ever more delusional.


Paige and her sister Tayler live in a trailer park and throw a pathetic birthday party for their father, who runs Ponzi schemes. (Whatever that means.) He hits his daughters up for a few grand. Tayler and Paige deny his request, and he kills himself with a rifle, which is intense. A sad funeral happens. The girl’s drug-addicted mother shows up and hides behind a tree.

Paige is a medical student and has a silver fox teacher named Dr. Lucas Emery. He is busy raising his daughter Amy, helping his wife, Gabby, who struggles with MS. Dr. Lucas looks into getting a student aid to help him manage his overwhelming life. Paige applies for the job and will be a home nurse for Gabby. 

Tayler works at a bar and is going down the slippery slope with their family past. Paige also serves up the drinks to Gabby. They drink margaritas on her first day. Paige is quick to start mixing pills into Gabby’s drinks and taking over at the household’s matriarch. She cooks, cleans, and even has a birthday dinner with Dr. Lucas. 

In medical school, Paige is enamored with Dr. Lucas and less so with what he is teaching. Well, except for the fact that potassium Chloride stops the heart.

In the middle of the night, Paige sneaks into the family home and puts the toxin in Gabby’s IV. Dr. Luke notices his wife hasn’t woken up the next morning and finds she died in her sleep. (Wow, didn’t think this movie was going to go there.) He calls 911, stunned. 

Gabby’s funeral happens, and Paige attends. She offers to continue with the family to help Dr. Luke. She raises Amy and pretty much spends all her time with Dr. Luke, and tells him his wife would want him to be happy. I’m not sure how he doesn’t see she is manipulating him. Paige is frustrated when Dr. Luke won’t kiss her and she sobs in her room while hugging a stuffed animal. Taylar is concerned about her sisters affair and mental state. Paige is repeating old patterns.

While babysitting, Paige pretends to all asleep on the couch, so Dr. Luke will let her sleep over. In the middle of the night she jumps into bed with Dr. Luke and tells him that she loves him. He is freaked and kicks her out. Paige drowns her sorrows at a bar. Then, the next morning she stalks him at his work to apologize. Dr. Luke fires her and tells her that he has never loved her and never will.

Paige files a report on Dr. Luke for sexual harassment. The Counselor (or maybe he is a police officer?) meets with Dr. Luke about the claim. Dr. Luke lawyers up quick. Police show up with a warrant to search his house and find sexy pictures of Paige on his computer. Dr. Luke works with the detective and they learn that Paige might be responsible for Gabby’s death and has a criminal background.

Taylar is questioned by the police and she realizes what the police this Paige is has done. She calls the police but is hit in the head and killed by Paige before she can say anything. While Paige is getting rid of the body she gets a call from Dr. Luke wanting to meet up

Dr. Luke pretends to be in love with Paige to get her to confess. The plan works and she falls into his trap. Once she realizes that the police are listening to their conversation she grabs a knife and stabs herself. As she bleeds out she tells Lucas that she loves him. Paige is in the hospital in a coma.

Dr. Luke and his daughter Amy ride bikes odd into the distance as the movie ends.

Side Note

Minority Report: Counselor,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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