I Am Watching You (2016 Lifetime)

 I Am Watching You (2016 Lifetime)

Stars:  Madeline ZimaBrian AmesLilan Bowden

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Writer, Nora Nichols finds inspiration by watching her neighbor Lucas’ escapades from her bedroom window. But things take an interesting turn when she realizes he’s been watching too.


The youngest daughter from The Nanny is all grown up! Here is play a writer/shut-in named Nora. Her BFF is named Karen, who is a lesbian detective. (Who is working on a missing person case.) They talk on the phone, and Nora is distracted by a hunky shirtless neighbor. Suddenly Nora is inspired to write a horny romance novel. (Nora fantasizes while watching the man in the window, which would be a better title.) 

The neighbor gets locked out of his house, and Nora invites him in to call a locksmith (This movie is before cellphones?) She pours him some wine and finds out he is a photographer named Lucas. They drink the whole bottle and get flirty. He spills wine on Nora when the locksmith knocks at her door. Lucas requests a copy of Nora’s apartment key instead of his own. (Okay, so he is a bad guy. Good to know!)

Nora goes out to a bar for Scottie’s birthday and does shots while thinking about Lucas. After the party, Nora goes to Lucas’s apartment and admits she has been watching him through his window. He acknowledged that he didn’t lock himself out. Then they check out his darkroom and then hookup. Afterward, Nora writes about the encounter due to the flash of inspiration. 

The next morning, Scottie and Karen come over for brunch and talk about boys. They tell Nora not to get too close to Lucas, which she does. Nora and Lucas so a striptease in the window for one another. Then a montage of sex happens interspersed with Nora writing frantically and Lucas taking photos of his new muse. When Lucas is in the shower, Nora finds a box of pictures of his other inspirations, they look alarmingly like her.  

Nora lands a book deal with a big publishing company and needs to hunker down and write. She breaks things off with Lucas so she can focus on writing full time. He is understanding and even leaves her a gift of sexy photo of them. Nora isn’t amused and starts ignoring his calls and closing her blinds. 

He waits for her in is apartment angrily. In a moment of frustration, Nora visits him for some sexual release. He ties her up in a bondage way, not in a Lifetime way. Lucas thinks the relationship is back on, and Nora has to set him straight again. She recaps everything to her friends, who ask her if she knows him. (Lucas stalks Nora and is jealous.) Nora blows off a gallery opening that Lucas invites her to, and he starts to act violently. Lucas tells her that he is always waiting around for her and giving up work opportunities for her. Nora tells him she is just having fun and doesn’t have time for a real relationship. 

The interaction scares Nora, and she calls Scottie to come over. Scottie tells her that she is giving him mixed signals and pretty much says, “I told you so.” Then he sleeps on the couch. Lucas watches from his window and thinks Nora is dating someone new. The next morning Lucas beats Scottie with photo equipment in the middle of the street. Scottie is placed in the hospital in a coma. 

When Nora comes home, she is disturbed to find Lucas there with gifts. He was photos of her taken with a telephoto lens and an old typewriter. He begs her to forgive him, and she tells him it is over.(She also wonders how he got into her apartment.)  

Nora spends the night with Karen, and they watch the news. The missing person case is reported on the news and Nora. Recognizes the woman’s photograph, but can’t place it. The next morning Nora gets a call from Lucas breaking it off. (Really he is in her apartment going through all her things and lying in her bed. ) Lucas moves on quickly and brings women home to have sex in front of the window. Within clear view from Nora’s window. Then Lucas informs Nora he is leaving for New York for a job.

While Lucas is gone, Nora sneaks into his apartment and searches for the missing woman’s photo. She finds it an steals the photo but is caught by Lucas. Nora calls the police who take him in for questioning and reprimand Nora for breaking into Lucas’s apartment. The missing woman turns up, and Karen calls off the search. Nora promises it is the last time she plays Nancy Drew.

Karen comes over with pizza but has trouble getting into the building. Nora is inside writing when Lucas sneaks up behind her. Nora struggles to get away from him, but Lucas overpowers her. Nora realizes that Lucas hurt Scottie and sees him as dangerous. Nora apologizes for hurting him and makes out with him while reaching for a knife to stab him. Lucas strangles Nora, but she stabs him again, this time fatally. Karen finds Nora covered in blood and isn’t the least bit concerned. 

Nora’s book is released, and it is a huge hit. At her book signing a new guy asks her out and is obsessed with her.

Side Note

Minority Report: Scottie, Karen, Cop

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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