Marriage of Lies (2016 Lifetime)

Marriage of Lies (2016 Lifetime)

Stars:  April BowlbyCorin NemecVirginia Williams |

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Rachel’s husband disappears, the police have one suspect: her. While trying to prove her innocence, she uncovers many secrets about the man she married. 


Rachel cooks in her kitchen and drinks wine; I think she is me. She calls her husband Tye to let him know dinner is ready and then makes a list. When her husband doesn’t come home, Rachel tucks in her daughter and takes some pills before bed. As she dozes off, she looks at a picture of her husband and checks her phone one last time. No messages from Tye. 

The next morning, Rachel wakes up, and her husband is still not home and hasn’t called. She is surprisingly calm and unbothered. A nosey neighbor, Dee Dee, is more concerned about Tye than Rachel is. She asks how Tye is doing since his mother’s death and if they are selling the house. Rachel assures her that they are not, and claims Tye is out of town. 

Rachel stops by the school where Tye works, and he didn’t show up for work. She drives around town looking for him and eventually calls her friend, Jessica. Jessica tells Rachel that she needs to call the police, Tye has been missing for two days. Rachel thinks he needs some space and is hesitant to call the authorities. Jessica is persistent and, after a glass of Pinot Grigio, Rachel caves. 

Detective Gus Ferguson arrives the next day in an ill-fitting suit and half-assed tied tie. He questions Rachel about her relationship with Tye and says they need to know questions. He looks at pictures of the family and checks out the garage. (Or Tye’s “mancave.”) The detective tasks a young detective to look into Tye and Rachels’s background. Detective Gus visits Dee Dee and learns that Rachel isn’t very night and has been in the hospital for a long time after a miscarriage. 

Detectives come back to the mancave and look around more. Rachel asks them if she needs to get a lawyer, and they tell her that they can’t advise her on legal matters. She should totally get a lawyer.

Rachel has drinks at Jessica’s shady ass bar. She talks about being in the hospital and the rift it put between them. Tye threw himself into work and spent less time with Rachel and their daughter Ella.

Detectives get a search warrant and look through the house. They question Jessica, and Rachel is presumed guilty when she is filmed going into a life insurance office. Rachel is outraged and goes to the police station to tell the detective to do their jobs and stop looking into her.

A high school student named Kinna has a picture of Tye on her phone. The detectives question her, and her relationship with Tye is unusual. Kinna seems a bit too concerned for Tye’s whereabouts to be just his student. Maybe she is his girlfriend?

Rachel lawyers up with a hunky lawyer named Dylan. I think he might be her ex-boyfriend. (She should 100% date him.) Dylan joins Rachel for her next interrogation with the police. She admits to knowing that her husband was having an affair. Rachel has a restraining order against her from the other woman, and Tye’s bloody wallet was found. Rachel and Dylan go on the defensive by going to press to conduct a press conference. 

Detectives interview the woman with who Tye had an affair. They learn that she is pregnant with Tye’s baby. This would give Rachel a motive. The detectives talk some more, and I swear they are the most boring scenes I’ve ever seen on Lifetime.

Finally, detectives do something other that question people and arrest Rachel. She is booked and thrown in jail. (He mug shots are beautiful.) Rachel is released the next day. Don’t worry.

Jessica takes over caring for Ella and tells her that “mommy is here.” Tye walks into the room; he sees Jessica with his daughter and is touched. He was in hiding, and they did everything to get Rachel out of the picture. 

With Rachel back out of jail, detectives interview MORE PEOPLE! They question the neighbor again; they question Kinna again. Kinna and Jessica look very similar, so I guess I get it. 

Rachel is home and reviews the surveillance footage from her nanny cam. She sees Jessica tuck in Ella and talks to someone off-camera. Her best friend betrayed her. Rachel dumps out her pills and gets the clarity she needs to find the answers. Rachel talks to the other woman and congratulates her on her baby in a very bitchy way. Rachel then messes with Jessica and tells her Ella heard voices the night Jessica stayed over. Rachel accuses Tye of setting her up. Jessica tells Tye everything, which is what Rachel wants. 

Rachel drives up to the cabin to find Tye tied up and bloody. He is setting her up and tells her that she is predictable. He plans to frame her for kidnapping and has been forcing medication on Rachel. Then Jessica shows up with a gun; she has always loved Rachel. Rachel informs Jessica that Tye’s other other woman is pregnant with a baby boy. Tye shoots Jessica because he was never going to be with her anyway. Rachel grabs the gun and points it at Tye when the detectives burst into the cabin. They think Rachel did it and handcuff her. She manages to knee Tye in the balls anyway. 

Detectives make a quick turn around and realize that Tye is guilty. Detective Guy apologizes to Rachel, and she is basically like, “you suck.” Just like this movie. Terrible.

Everyone takes credit for solving the case and thinks Rachel is a good person now. Rachel gets the hell out of town and gives Dylan her number. She drives off to a new life. Hopefully in a town with better people, everyone there was deplorable.

Side Note

Minority Report: High School Student,

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺ (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2016 Lifetime

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