The Wrong Student (2017 Lifetime)

The Wrong Student (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Vivica A. FoxJessica MorrisEvanne FriedmannJason-Shane Scott

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Kelly Halligan has moved with her 17-year-old niece from New York to California to start her new business venture. When her niece tries out for the soccer team, the two meet the athletic and handsome new coach, Dominic. They also become acquainted with the attractive but somewhat unstable, student Maddie who is also on the girl’s high school soccer team. While Kelly and Dominic develop a romance, Dominic becomes the unwanted center of attention for Maddie. She becomes obsessed with her new coach and proceeds to sabotage his life and Kelly’s after he refuses her sexual advances.


A hunky high school soccer coach, Dominic, is moving into a new house while a woman takes pictures of him and puts them up on his wall. (They are all good photos, and this soccer coach IS photogenic, so I get it, stalker lady.) 

Kelly and her niece Amber also recently moved to the neighborhood. Amber’s parents recently died, but she isn’t too concerned, she is more interested in making it on the soccer team. Kelly works at an ambiguous firm with Ms. Vivica A Fox, who plays Gibson. They are business partners, and Ms. Vivica A Fox is FABULOUS.

Another high school student, who looks precisely like Amber, but talks in a lower vocal range. Her name is Maddie, and her parents recently died too. Maddie is clear to reiterate that she is 18, and she knows all about Coach Dominic. She fawns over the new coach and records him with her phone. 

To help her niece make the team, Kelly flirts with Coach Dom. It is a little too much, and the music that underscores this scene is very Hallmark vibes. Amber catches her aunt and coach flirting and is super embarrassed. They arrange for Amber to have some private lessons with the new coach.  

Late at night, Coach Dom is getting a late-night workout and shower in. Maddie sneaks into the locker room and films him showering. (Which is very illegal, don’t do that, ladies!) I did appreciate a shameless shirtless scene with Jason-Shane Scott

A cute cutie boy named Riley is the new team manager. Amber is totally in love with him, and Maddie is not. She tells Amber that she is into “men. not boys.” Then Maddie shares that she has the hots for Coach Dom. Later, Riley warns Amber to be careful, hanging out with Maddie. 

When Maddie notices Coach Dom fighting with the gym teacher, Coach Hendricks, she decides to take care of her. Maddie puts a vial of something on Coach Hendricks’s sandwich. While eating, the sandwich Coach Hendricks starts to choke. Maddie watches her through a window with an EpiPen in her hand. She says, “Losing something, Bitch.” (Which was perfect.) 

Kelly and Coach Dom go on a date. The date is cut short when Coach Dom gets a call about Coach Hendricks being a coma in the hospital. He will be taking over running practices and the gym. (Much to Maddie’s delight.) 

At practice, Maddie gets jealous when Coach Dom spends too much attention on Amber and fakes an injury to get some alone time. Coach Dom realizes that it is inappropriate to be in the girl’s locker room alone with a student. It gets REALLY awkward when Maddie jumps into the shower naked and makes sexual advances towards him. Coach Dom tells Maddie that he is seeing someone, and Maddie backs off. (For now.)

Coach Dom and Kelly go on a second date for Sushi and Coffee. (Sounds disgusting.) They make out under the stairs on the bleachers while Maddie watches angrily. Meanwhile, Riley breaks into Maddie’s apartment and finds her Coach Dom shrine. A motion sensor camera goes off and alerts Maddie that Riley is in her house. Maddie kills him with a knife after terrorizing him.

Detectives are on the case and try to make sense of the murder. They question Amber because she was the last person, Riley, texted. (It was Maddie impersonating Amber to set up the midnight meeting.) Amber denies involvement, but Kelly isn’t so sure what to believe. Kelly cries to Amber and apologizes for not being there for her niece. 

In the middle of the night, someone throws a rock trough Kelly and Amber’s window. It has “Leave Dominic Alone.” written on it. Detectives realize that Coach Dom is the key to solving the case. 

Coach Dom has to cancel his clinic and works out with his shirt off, showing off his hot bod. He gets a text from Maddie. She claims she is at a party and needs him to give her a ride. (She drank too much.) On the ride home, she tells him that they are two contesting adults. He shuts her down again, but she isn’t getting the message. Maddie screams that he is hers and then leaves the car finally. She goes inside her apartment and cries while watching Coach Dom and Kelly on her surveillance cameras.  

Kelly and Ms. Vivica A Fox’s business is vandalized, and the servers are wiped. Ms. Vivica A Fox can’t understand how a high school student could wipe out their multimillion-dollar business. (I was wondering the same thing!)

Alone at home, Amber goes downstairs and finds Maddie in a robe with a knife behind her back. Maddie tells Amber that she has been obsessed with Coach Dom since she was a little girl. Her plan got diverted by Kelly, and now Maddie says that she has nothing left to live for. Then she pulls the knife on Amber. 

Kelly calls the police and sends Coach Dom to check on Amber. At the house Coach Dom finds Amber duct-taped and Maddie standing over her with a knife. Coach Dom tries to convince Maddie that he can get her help. While they are arguing, Kelly sneaks in through the backdoor, grabs a frying pan, and hits Maddie in the back of the head. Amber is safe, and the police arrive. 

Flash to a soccer game where Amber scores a goal. Kelly and Coach Dom are a couple. So there is that. Cool, okay bye!

Side Note

Minority Report: Gibson, freshman, Cops,

The blurred filter on the edges of the screen was distracting. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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