You May Now Kill the Bride (2016 Lifetime)

 You May Now Kill the Bride (2016 Lifetime)

Stars:  Tammin SursokAshley NewbroughRocky Myers

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Nicole and Mark get engaged, but his stepsister believes she has a claim on him and is willing to do anything to be his bride.


A bloody bride is tied to a chair. She cries as another woman takes her wedding ring off her ringer and wears it while caressing weapons. Then she is beat with a hammer. 

A couple, Nicole and Mark, come home from a dinner date and argues about bread. Mark throws Nicole a surprise 30th birthday party. Everyone is there Nicole’s BFF Celine and Mark’s step-mother and stepsister (Catherine and Audrey.) Audrey, the stepsister, is inappropriate and ruins the surprise engagement. Mark proposes to Nicole, and she says yes. They decide to get married in three weeks to lockdown their dream wedding venue.

Audrey helps plan the wedding and stays with Nicole and Mark while she does. She inserts herself into their relationship. Like, I’m getting a throuple vibe. Audrey and Mark recall childhood memories where they took care of his ex-girlfriends and acted cattier together. Audrey overshares again and tells Nicole that this isn’t his first fiance. He was engaged to a woman named Rachel. Nicole is hurt, but Mark explains that she committed suicide on their wedding day. Nicole can’t stay mad at him after that. 

Wedding dress shopping happens, and Celine is disappointed that Catherine and Audrey join them. When Nicole picks the one that Celine likes over Audrey’s choice, Audrey gets jealous and slyly changes the sizes on the measurement forms. Something is off with Audrey. She throws back pills and goes through Nicole’s things as sad music plays. Aubrey finds a sex tape on Nicole’s laptop and is a little too interested. Then she does the wedding invitations and copies Nicoles handwriting. Nicole is thrilled and invites Audrey to be her bridesmaid. Celine is suspicious and not happy about the news.

Celine throws a bridal shower and does a presentation on a projector. The sex tape “accidentally” plays, and Nicole is mortified. She kicks Celine out of her house. Celine knows it was Audrey and slaps her across the face, telling her to stay away from Nicole. That doesn’t fly with Audrey, so she attacks Celine on the roof of a parking garage and throws her over the edge. Somehow Celine survives!!! (But she is in the hospital in a comal.)

Audrey acts manic and makes dinner for Nicole and Mark like it is another day. Nicole thinks it is weird and goes to her room. She wants some space and alone time from Audrey. This is especially true when Audrey convinces Mark that she should be the new maid of honor since Celine can’t do it. They bring it up to Nicole, and Nicole screams at them. She tells Mark he needs to be on her side and stop defending his stepsister all the time. 

Nicole attends her final dress fitting, and it is way too small. Nothing is going right, and Nicole thinks that maybe she is rushing into things. Audrey hears this and uses it to drive a wedge between Nicole and Mark. (Shady Stepsister!) Then she plays, “he loves me, he loves me not.” with her anti-psychotic medication, by throwing pills in the toilet.

Nicole visits Celine in the hospital, and she wakes up. She shares what she found out about Audrey and warns Nicole that Audrey is dangerous. Celine talked to Mark’s ex-girlfriends and found out that Audrey broke up all of his relationships. Then she tells Nicole that she was pushed off the ledge and thinks Audrey did it. Nicole tries to tell Mark, but he doesn’t hear it and defends Audrey.

Mark has a bachelor party, and a stripper shows up. It is Audrey in a blonde wig and a mask. She gyrates all over him and tears his shirt off while taking selfies to send to Nicole. Nicole is angry and screams at Mark. When Audrey chimes in, Nicole kicks her out. Mark leaves with his sister, disgusted with Nicole’s behavior. 

Home alone, Nicole finds evidence that incriminates Audrey and freaks out. Audrey is in the kitchen with a knife and tells Nicole that she can’t take Mark away from her. Mark comes home and finds his stepsister with the knife and tries to reason with her. Audrey refuses to go back to the mental institution and turns the knife on herself. Mark tells her that he loves her, and she drops the knife and cries in his arms. (It is so sad.)

Nicole decides to go through with the wedding, but have it be way scaled back. Audrey gets dressed in her second choice wedding dress, and Mark drops off some champagne for his bride. She is about to drink it alone in her bridal suite, but notices lipstick writing on the mirror that reads “He’s Mine.” Audrey hits Nicole in the head with the bottle and steals her wedding ring. Nicole is placed in the tub and staged to look like a suicide in the bathtub by Audrey. Audrey admits to killing Rachel too and then goes down to take Nicole’s place.

Like, Audrey wears a wedding dress, walks down the aisle to marry her stepbrother. Mark is perplexed and wonders where Nicole is. He realizes that Audrey was responsible for Rachel’s death. Mark rushes to save his bride, leaving Audrey at the alter, screaming his name in front of a very confused crowd of people.

Mark performs CPR on Nicole and tries to save his bride to be. He calls 911, but Audrey rips the phone away from him and locks the door. She tells him that she was the stripper and they are meant to be together. Mark pushes Audrey away, and she stabs him. Nicole wakes up and hits Aubrey in the back of the head with a bottle. The brides struggle and fall into the bathtub. Audrey drowns while trying to strangle Nicole. 

Aubrey survives and is admitted into a mental institution. She struggles with keeping a grip on reality. Nicole and Mark visit her and promise to be there for her during her recovery. It seems like it is going to be a long road back. Aubrey still thinks she should be with Mark and plays, “He loves me, he loves me not” with a wedding photo.

Side Note

Minority Report: Charlie, Bridal Shop Owner. 

I liked this cast. Good job, actors!

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime


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