Christmas in the Air (2017 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)


Christmas in the Air 

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Stars: Catherine BellEric Close

Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Lydia, a successful professional organizer, is constantly trying to grow her business, but even her ambition takes a back seat to love when she meets Robert, a frazzled widower with two young children. A toy inventor, Robert is asked to present his new Christmas toy line to a superstore. His challenge is he only has 12 days to get his life and his business in order. Talk about a Christmas rush! Lydia shows Robert that this task goes way deeper than messy junk drawers and encompasses every aspect of his life. While she’s intent on helping him straighten out details he had long ignored, Robert teaches the buttoned-up Lydia that messiness can be a delightful part of life.


Robert and George Trent are brothers and toy inventors! They have invented revolutionary toys, such as: A drone shaped as Santa’s sleigh and a ballerina hologram trapped in a shadowbox!

Mr. Hennessy, of the Hennessys superstore, has to move up their pitch meeting to December 22nd (or 23rd? Both dates are mentioned), and George offers up Robert’s house for the meeting AND a Christmas dinner. (In a momentary lapse of memory, Robert forgot that George’s wife died last year and his house is chaos now.)

Lydia is a professional organizer. (Hallmark is all about creating new jobs this year! I’d much prefer a lady attorney or doctor.) She has created an app with a calendar and a reminder feature, you know… like all phones already have. Despite having her schedule together and an impeccable wardrobe, Lydia can’t seem to organize her love life.

A chance meeting at Hennessys brings Lydia and Robert together. Lydia gives her his card after he Beautiful Mind’s all over her white board. After being tasked with a vegetarian meal for the dinner/meeting, forgetting cookies for his son’s class, and leaving his daughter at play rehearsal, he calls Lydia for help.

Lydia comes over with her iPad, whiteboard, and plastic bins marked Trash, Recycle, Donate. Her motto is: contain, concentrate, control. Lydia crosses a line when she moves a bunch of snow globes. They were his wife’s and organized in the order she received them. Lydia apologizes and then takes him vegetarian cookbook shopping.

Later in Lydia’s poinsettia greenhouses (could this be why she is single), Lydia looks at the stars and thinks of her mom (because you can’t be a protagonist in these movie with two parents who are alive).

George and Lydia start spending time together while not organizing. They bake cookies with his kids, go ice skating, and then have a dinner test-run that seems more like a date.

When Mr. Hennessy arrives for the toy presentation, he is unimpressed with the toys they present. Except the girl in a box, he loves that one. Robert the brother who doesn’t think before he talks, tells Mr. Henessy not to worry because George has another toy to show him at the dinner. George throws himself into work again and doesn’t have time for Lydia, she’s been down this road before and can’t get involved with a man who puts work before everything.

At the dinner, things go very smoothly thanks to Lydia’s organization and app! George pitches his final invention… a board game that has all the favorite games in one! Checkers, chinese checkers, chess. It’s a hit and Mr. Henessy takes on the the brothers company. Meanwhile, Lydia is home alone and letting pots boiling over while sipping tea. She’s changed, too! Lydia REALLY is letting her hair down.    

The two are reunited at Robert’s daughter’s (Amelia) play, where he flashes a snow globe to help her remember her lines. The romance of a kids Christmas play brings them together and they kiss at the play. Bravo?

Side Note

Hallmark now has texting in it’s moves, but unlike Freeform, the font on the phone is set to LARGE. So one text takes up the whole screen.

unnamed (1).jpg

Catherine Bell is stupid and can’t say POINSETTIA [poin-set-ee-uh OR –setuh] correctly.

They Skype in this movie?!?! Enough.

Eric Close and his dadbod, I like it?

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷(3 glasses of wine required)

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