Married to a Murder (2018 Lifetime)

Married to a Murder (2018 Lifetime)

Cast: Anna HutchisonAaron ArnoldAustin ArnoldCheyenne Jackson

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Having grown up an orphan and raised by her grandmother, Emma has worked for everything that she has, and takes pride in the simple life she’s created for herself. When she strikes up a romance with the wealthy Ted, a guy she grew up admiring from afar, and says yes to marrying him, she thinks she’s finally found her soul mate and is immediately brought into a much more luxurious world. That world also includes Ted’s seductive twin brother Frank, whose affections for her go beyond family admiration. Now, back in town and living in his family’s old home, Frank’s long-buried jealousy of everything his brother has, including Emma, comes to the surface. Suffering from blackouts and manic episodes related to a traumatizing accident, Frank quickly becomes a danger for anyone to be around. Soon, Emma realizes that coming between the twin brothers is more dangerous than she imagined. Anna Hutchison, Aaron Arnold, Austin Arnold, Cheyenne Jackson star. (2018)


The movie begins with a hunk on a motorcycle speeding around with no break. He crashes—poor hunk.

Cut to Emma, who is smart because she wears glasses! Emma is throwing her own engagement party. Her friends are thrilled Emma is marrying a “Taylor Twin” (The boy version of Olsen Twins?) named Ted. Her friends include a flamboyant gay named Chase, a girl with a baby, and model Becca. The party is chugging along until Ted’s evil twin brother shows up. Frank, the evil twin, immediately beats the crap out of a drunk party guest named Drew. Everyone is horrified. (Especially the friend with the baby!)

After the party, Emma strips down to her panties and pats her belly. (She is pregnant?) Ted gets ready for bed, too, and isn’t even shirtless. This movie definitely has the male gaze. (Typically in Lifetime movies, just have the female protagonist throw up in the morning to show she is pregnant.) The couple talk about Frank and his troubled past. He was the hunk on the motorcycle, and apparently, the twin’s mother is missing. 

Ted leaves town for a work thing, leaving Emma to plan the wedding and to be stalked by Frank. He lurks behind trees and watches Emma shower. Emma notices the bathroom door open and knows that someone is in the house. She hides under the bed. Frank pops up and asks if Ted is home. Emma talks about boundaries and suggests he maybe use the doorbell next time. Frank admits he wants to get to know his new sister and shows her their childhood home. (Which is creepy, of course.) He almost kisses Emma, and she rushed out. Frank has a freakout and sprays perfume on a pillow and smells it while crying in the fetal position. 

Emma tells Ted about everything when he gets home from his trip. Ted promises to handle it. (Later, he admits that Frank was in a mental institution. Then they have sex. ) Emma and Frank decided to start over with a clean slate. They garden together at the family home, and Emma decides it should be the wedding venue. Frank takes her shirt off to reveal a large scar on his back. (It is decidedly unsexy.)

Frank continues to be creepy and breaks into the house at night and lies shirtless in bed with his brother and Emma. Somehow, they don’t wake up. The next day Frank asks Emma about being on birth control and carrying on the family lineage. 

Chase and Becca some over to help with setting up for the wedding. Chase is struggling to garden and pathetically digging around the garden with a rake. He finds a bracelet buried and is quickly murdered by Frank. (It almost feels like a hate crime.) After a week of being missing, a pretty lady detective questions Emma about her friend’s whereabouts. Emma realizes the last time she saw Chase was at the twin’s family home. She breaks in and finds an unpaid toll fee to New York. Ted explains that Frank was just meeting a business partner, Cheyenne Jackson.

Emma calls Cheyenne Jackson, and he tells her that the twin’s mother is not missing; she would never leave behind the successful business. He is convinced that someone murdered Karen Talyor.

Emma blows off some steam with her friends at a bachelorette party and drunkenly comes home to “Ted.” They have sex, and it turns out to be Frank pretending to be his brother. After Emma passes out, Frank steals some documents from the safe. The next morning Ted realizes the missing papers and is very angry. (If he only knew Frank also slept with his wife.)

Becca, the model, is very interested in Frank for some reason. She invites herself over to his house for a date and rummages through his medicine cabinet. (We’ve all been there!) Becca also breaks into a locked drawer and finds a key to a harddrive. On the drive are videos of Frank disposing of a body. Becca records the video on her phone and tries to make a run for it. Frank kills her before she can text the video to Emma.

It is the day of the wedding, and Emma is worried about her friend Becca. It is not like her to not show up for the wedding of her best friend. Emma calls Becca’s cellphone and hears the phone buzzing under the vanity. Emma sees the video; only it isn’t Frank that killed their mother. It is Ted. (We all should have seen this coming… the title of the movie is Married to a Murderer.) Ted cut Frank’s breaks and tried to kill them too! 

Frank and Ted argue over the video, and Ted stabs his brother. Ted finds his bride and screams at her trying to explain why he murdered everyone. Ted insists on continuing on with the wedding. Emma runs away from him, and they fight on the stairs getting her wedding dress bloody. Ted strangles Emma while telling her that he loves her. (Where are the wedding guests?) Frank comes to and stabs Ted. The brothers struggle, and they both fall over the railing. (The same way their mother died.)

The police arrive on the scene and take away all the dead bodies as somber pop music plays. Emma is pregnant with Frank’s baby, and she doesn’t even know it. Wow. Okay!

Side Note

Minority Report: Chase 

Also Known as Splitting Image

Lifetime using real twins is unusual. I’m not sure it added anything here, but I’m happy other twin actors are out there!

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