Killer Twin (2018 Lifetime)

Killer Twin (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Lindsay Hartley, Jason Cermak and Candice Hunter

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Kendra’s life couldn’t be more perfect – she has a loving husband, supportive best friend, and a blossoming career… and she was just awarded the title of “Educator of the Year.” But when Kendra stands up to deliver a speech at the awards banquet held in her honor, her life quickly starts to unravel. She soon discovers the cause of her troubles is completely unexpected: Amber, her long lost twin sister. Amber resents Kendra’s “entitled life” and is determined to even the playing field.


We start off with two child twin sisters in orphanage. Kendra is the good twin and Amber is the bad twin. Kendra gets adopted right away and Amber is little orphan Annie, without the cuteness or musical singing ability,

Flash forward to Kendra getting a teacher award. She give a speech that garners WAYYYY too much applause and laughter than it warrants. Kendra has a husband named Dane, they do this weird thing where they pretend to be strangers and meet up at bars. ALSO, Kendra is pregnant and very happy. (She also has a birthmark, that could come into play.)

Next we see Amber drinking a margarita and stealing peoples cars to sell for part. She also has terrible makeup and maybe a lesbian lover. When Amber sees her twin sister on the front page of the paper she hangs it up on her wall and hatches a plan… for revenge? She goes to the orphanage where she was raised and kills their Mrs Hannigan. Amber then steals the file on her sister and is on her way!

After stalking her sister for awhile, Amber can envision herself in Kendra’s life. Amber steals Kendra’s mail and gives herself a Kendra makeover. She tells her lesbian lover that she is going to take Kendra’s place. Amber then breaks into Kendra’s house steals information by taking pictures of her cards/IDs and then leaves the front door wide open.

Kendra is now suspicious that something is up, obviously. Her card gets declined at stores, she starts to have nightmares, and her safety deposit box key is missing.

After studying up, Amber puts her skills to the test at the nail salon and it goes off without a hitch. Then she goes to the bank and empties out the box. This goes significantly less well. Marvin, a bank employee is onto her though and he asks Amber a question that only Kendra would know. When Amber can’t answer the questions she bashes him into the face and runs out with the contents in the box.

Apparently, Kendra doesn’t remember having a twin and the detectives are treating the robbery as a case of identity theft.  To try and get information, Kendra also goes to the orphanage and learns that she has a sister. She doesn’t seem too shocked, and is more concerned with telling her mom that the family heirloom jewelry is gone.

While Amber is pretending to be Kendra she runs into her best friend, Monica. Monica won’t let Amber get away and takes her photo. Amber grabs a knife stabs and kills Monica in the parking lot in broad daylight. Amber then almost hits Kendra’s adopted mom while speeding away from the crime.

Making her movie to take Kendra out, Amber brings a fruit basket over to Kendra’s house. Amber laced the fruit basket with poppy seeds, because they are both allergic. Kendra goes into asphyxiation and is set to the hospital. While in the hospital, Kendra cancels on her speaking engagement and tells the detective that her twin tried to killer her.

Amber won’t let it go and does the speech anyway. She then goes to seduce Dean, who doesn’t realize that his wife is in the hospital… because he didn’t check his phone? SERiOUSLY? Dean is a dummy and doesn’t care about the fact that she isn’t wearing a wedding ring and she is drinking while “pregnant.” He even leaves his phone at the bar, which thankfully someone finds and calls to tell Kendra that Dane is in danger.

Kendra and her mother leave the hospital and go to save Dane. They are too late. When Dean realizes that Amber doesn’t have a birthmark he starts to freak out and Amber hit him in the head with the award that Kendra won at the beginning of the movie. Amber then ties him up and goes then knocks out Kendra’s mom.

The sisters finally meet and have a knock down drag out fight. Kendra’s weapon is a baseball bat and Amber’s is a knife. Kendra wins by knocking Amber over the stairs. The police come and take Amber away in handcuffs.

6 months later, we find a very pregnant Kendra with her hunk husband Dane. They joke about the sister that terrorized their family and friends, like it is all NBD.

Side Note

Lindsay Hartley pulling double duty here. As far as portraying twins goes. I think she did a great job. MUCH better than Candace Cameron Bure, but not as good as Lindsay Lohan.

Too many plot holes to be enjoyable!!!

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Overall rating

🔪🔪   (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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