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Christmas in Love

Stars: Brooke D’Orsay, Daniel Lissing, & Mary-Margaret Humes

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Ellie Hartman, an aspiring crafter working in her small town’s bakery, shows Nick Carlingsonthe new, big-city CEOduring his visit to the bakery’s main floor, that it’s people and not machines that make the business a success. Struggling with chasing her own entrepreneurial dreams, Ellie begins to fall for Nickbut not before feeling betrayed when she inadvertently sees his laptop filled with automation plans. When Nick finally tells the employees his ideas for the company, Ellie must decide if she should trust him, but more importantly, whether to take a leap of faith in making her own dreams come true.


Ellie makes fake wreaths (that look FAKE) and has been single since things didn’t work with her ex-cop boyfriend, Carl. Her parents work for a bakery, and they know everyone in town. Seriously this woman has all the crafts and just plops them onto wreaths. It is ridiculous.

Nick, a future CEO, is sent by his father to the small town of White Deer. He decides to pull an Undercover Boss and pretend to be someone else. It is a good time to mention that both Nick and Ellie’s parents are ALIVE AND WELL.

Meet Cute happens when Nick slips on the ice because of his Italian shoes. To add insult to injury, Ellie smacks him in the head with her car door. Nick insists he is fine and goes on his way.

At the bakery, Ellie realizes that Nick is Carlington’s CEO. She tells him that nepotism is part of the job, but he has to get it together to keep it. Ellie gives Nick a tour of the bakey and it is pretty extensive. She takes Nick to the dough room, but not before trading in his fancy suit for an apron and bakers uniform. In the dough room, Nick suggests laying off people for machines and Ellie tells him it isn’t anything fancy like coding, but it is good, hard work. They are more than just a bakery—so much more!

Everyone keeps asking Ellie if she is happy, which is pretty rude. She is complacent in her life: living in her hometown after getting her degree in English Lit. She does like making Christmas wreaths and Nick encourages her to give it a shot! She goes to Carl (her ex who is running the town’s Christmas festival) and asks him for a booth to sell her wreaths.

Ellie and her parents invite Nick over to help decorate for Christmas. They vow to show Nick a classic White Deer Christmas. Nick starts to throw himself into roles at the bakery making Kringels, donating money, and helping make deliveries. Nick even helps Ellie make wreaths for her booth.

Hailey, Ellie’s friend, totally has a crush on Ellie’s ex-cop, Carl. She is a cop too and Ellie is totally for it—to get Carl out of her hair—but he keeps trying to talk to Ellie in private…

Nick is really pushing Ellie to be an independent business woman. Not only does he offer to help with the booth, but also to build her a website. He is totally in the White Deer spirit. Ellie’s parents and cop-friend Hailey (who brings wine) get in on the action. We get a very brief wreath-making montage. Nick feels like Ellie is lucky to have her family’s support. He envies her life in a small town, and she envies his life in San Francisco. The two have a moment and kiss each other goodbye (maybe it was on the cheek).

Carl sits Nick down and tells him to be straight with Ellie and to be careful with her heart. “It is his job to protect the town,” says the black waitress. Carl isn’t done making the rounds. He finally corners Ellie and tells her that he wants to date Hailey. Carl tells Ellie that making wreaths is what she was meant to do and then goes immediately to talk to Haileywasting no time.

At the hotel, Nick is about to delete his automation file from his laptop, when Ellie stops by. She tells him that her wreaths sold out and she is hoping that Nick will help her write a business plan. “Safe is boring,” Ellie coos as she plants a pretty decent kiss on Nick. They are on the same page and so in love! Hooray! Christmas in Love!

At an early dinner on Christmas Eve, Ellie, Nick, and her parents go around and say what they are thankful for… like Thanksgiving. Ellie tells her family the good news about her new business and new MAN. Okay, honey!

At the Christmas tree lighting, Nick’s Dad shows up to light the tree. Too bad Nick hasn’t told anyone that he is his Dad. Somehow it doesn’t come up.

When Ellie stops by Nick’s room at the lodge to drop off his San Francisco wreath, the door opens when she tries to attach the wreath. Ellie lets herself in, snoops on Nick’s computer to see her website design, and sees Nick’s automation proposal and that his name is NICK CARLINGSON. She storms off.

Ellie goes and tells her family; they are shocked but happy that she at least got that business plan. Nick shows up and Ellie’s dad tells him off, “Talk is Cheap,” and he sends Nick on his way.

Nick shows up at the wreath booth. He tries to explain but Ellie shuts him down.The town is worried that the bakey will get shut down like the tire factory. They will not be replaced with machines. (BOO!) Nick jumps on the mic in town square and he reassures them that he isn’t going to be shutting down the bakery he will be expanding it to ALL the holidays. The town cheers and Ellie puts in her resignation. She is a full time wreath maker now, and is on her way to San Francisco for a New Year’s date with Nick! They kiss a lot as the camera fades.

Side Note

Set in White Deer, Missouri

Written and directed by white men! Cool!


Quote of the movie: “I think the grass was so much greener on the San Francisco side of the fence.”

Mary-Margaret Humes is terribly under used. Can we get her into a leading role in a Hallmark movies??!?!

Overall rating

🎄🎄 (2 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷  (3 glasses of wine required)

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