Last Vermont Christmas (2018 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

Last Vermont Christmas

Stars: Justin Bruening, Catherine Corcoran, Erin Cahill, Ashlyn Alessi.

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When Megan returns home for Christmas, she and her sisters are surprised to learn their parents are selling their childhood home, and that the buyer is her high school sweetheart, Nash. Though Megan, a widow, is hesitant to pursue a new relationship, she and Nash spend time together and begin to develop feelings for one another. Nash questions if he should buy the house, realizing how important it is to Megan. When Nash confesses his feelings toward Megan, she must decide if she’s ready to pursue this newfound happiness and if her trip home will continue after the holidays.


Three sisters are heading to Vermont to celebrate the Last Christmas in Vermont. (For their family.) Megan is a single mom (Her husband James, died in an accident.), Bethany is married with no kids, and Audrey moved home from Nashville, but hasn’t told anyone apparently… maybe not even her parents. Who seem to not really be with it.  

The sisters go to a coffee shop and run into Nash (The very handsome Justin Bruening) who is signing a deal of some kind and is Megan’s high school boyfriend. He negs her for her coffee order (Soy Latte with whipped cream.) and it works they catch up and Megan learns that Nash moved back into town. Nash has something to talk to Megan about, but she has to go because it is just like high school when she is with him.

Turns out Nash’s business deal is real estate and he and his partner, Lane are interested in buying the family’s house. The sisters are outraged and don’t want their parents to sell the house. Megan wants to make this Christmas a Christmas to remember but Audrey is not having it, she recruits her cute neighbor to help her. (They hatch a scheme to to make the house less appealing.)

Most of the movie is spent people walking around, remembering things, and missing things. It is ridiculous.

The family continues to invite Nash to do holiday things with them, despite the fact that Megan keeps saying she doesn’t want to rekindle a romance with him. Christmas caroling, Christmas tree shopping, snowball fights and fixing up the house before the sale. Lane is very not into Nash getting so close to the family before the sale, she is worried he will get second thoughts… and he does! Lane tells him he is leaving her high and dry and it would be better for him to own it than a stranger. He is going to think it over.

Audrey sings in this movie because she is a singer and misses her home that is for sale. She talks to her cute neighbor a lot and he seems like a great guy!

Christmas fireworks are a thing in this town……

On a carriage ride Nash tells Megan that he has feeling for her and she tells him (Like she has been the whole movie) she is not ready for this and just lost her husband. They’ve been having a good time but is it nostalgia? She tells him that she is sorry.

Bethany, who is a sister, is pregnant and the family is happy about that.

Nash is so upset that he tells Lane that he isn’t going through with the sale and will pay her back for the down payment they paid. Lane takes it well!

Megan talks to her mom, who talked her into loving Nash. (Even though she isn’t ready and doesn’t want to.) She goes and tells Nash that she loves him. She brings him over to the house, where the family is happy to see him. The two have a last min gift. They are buying the house together, and turn it into a restaurant! It won’t be the Last Christmas in Vermont, it WILL be the last time I talk about this movie… ever.

Side Note

Justin Bruening’s attractiveness couldn’t save this movie.

Minority Report: Lane (played by Chantal Maurice) feel like her character was done real dirty with this deal.

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

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