Christmas Harmony (2018 Lifetime)

Christmas Harmony

Stars: Kelley Jakle, Chandra Wilson, Adam Mayfield

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Soft-spoken Harmony (Kelley Jakle), is used to living in the shadow of her pop star boyfriend, but when he breaks up with her right before the holiday season, she returns to her quaint hometown to discover the heart and music that her big city life has been missing.


Devin, played by Peter Porte (of Hallmark’s A Gift to Remember)  is jamming out in the studio. He is maybe a country singer? Harmony has some notes for him but he sends her out of the studio and gets locked out. While waiting for him, she works on the piano and changes the arrangement. Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy over hears her and tells him like it is. She does too much for him and is the real talent.

Harmony and Devin are dating and they get into an argument. He always puts her second and wont let her hang Christmas cards on the fridge… you know a REAL monster. They are going on the road for a Christmas tour and Harmony is blowing off her family, who really miss her.

They might get a chance to see her now, because he broke up with her for getting him the wrong bagel. She decides to go home to Miracle to visit her parents. On the drive she gets a flat tire and finds a bunch of Devin merch in her trunk and freaks out. She is in the middle of the road jumping on his stuff and is almost hit by a car… driven by a handsome stranger named Luke.

Harmony got her musical talent from her mother. We get and extended… extended scene of young harmony playing with her mother and current Harmony singing. Her mom is dead, I’m assuming.

Sally Struthers shows up in the movie and gives all the exposition and then invites Harmony to help her with the Christmas Musical Festival, or something. Harmony stops in a music shop and sees Luke working on a song and they start singing together. Then Sally Struthers hears them and begs them to music direct the festival.

Harmony and Luke start working together. Luke’s nephew is around and apparently Luke is raising him. While looking for something in Luke’s closet she almost finds a mysterious box. Luke catches her and gets angry with her for snooping. Harmony goes back to apologize and then they go for a stroll around town. This walk and talk lasts a LOOOOOOONG time and has so many emotions.

Next we get a montage where Luke and Harmony are getting closer and bonding with his nephew, while getting ready for the Christmas festival. Luke takes the box (which was filled with picture of his ex-fiance.) and throws it in the trash.

When the band doesn’t show up at a Christmas event, Harmony and Luke have to go on stage and do a “great job” but really please God, make it stop. To celebrate Luke and Harmony kiss under mistletoe.

Of course, Devin shows up and proposes. Luke then shows and finds out they are engaged and is pissed off and runs away. The nephew shows up and tells Harmony to stop trying to figure things out and just go away. Harmony tries to see if Luke loves her but he tells her that it was just because the mistletoe. Harmony goes back with Devin.

Devin was just using Harmony for her songwriting. Harmony realizes that she wants to be in Miracle and is in love with LUKE! She tries to tell him, but he isn’t having it.  She then apologizes to her dad for being gone for so long.

We get our last singing song time. Harmony and Luke are back together in the studio with Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy and the nephew. Thee end and WTF.

Side Note

Minority Report: Miranda Bailey and the BFF.

This movie was pretty pointless

Kelley Jakle was in all three Pitch Perfect movies and I don’t remember her… at all!!!!

Overall rating

🎄(1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 🍷(4 glasses of wine required)

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  1. Hi Patrick,

    I came here to see your spin on Christmas Harmony. While it was pretty formulaic, the piano scene with dead Mom, Harmony, and young Harmony was probably the only scene in a Christmas film this year that gave me what the Deck The Hallmark guys call Christmas feels. I liked the camera work and that they actually hired actors who seem to really know how a piano is played. I was also impressed that the film was written, directed and with original songs by the same 32 year old filmmaker.

    If only the quality of that scene could have been continued for the entire film.

    BTW, Kelley Jakle was in two seasons of The Sing Off and is the great grand daughter of the guy who signed Jackie Robinson. Useless trivia, but what the heck.

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