Northern Lights of Christmas (2018 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries)

Northern Lights of Christmas

Stars: Ashley Williams and Corey Sevier.

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When pilot Zoey Hathaway inherits her uncle’s ranch in Alaska, plans to sell the place and buy her own plane go out the window after she meets the handsome ranch hand, Alec Wynn, along with the place’s resident reindeer, Holly and Palmer.


Hallmark has finally gotten the memo (Much like Mattel in the 90’s) women can piots! Zoey inherits a ranch in Alaska. Everyone in town is super nice and is surprised Zoey hasn’t aged since she left town after high school.

Zoey is only in town for a week before Christmas, then it is back to Florida to be with her parents. Alec is her ranch hand and is a motorcycle riding, leather clad, dark haired man. He is not happy that she is selling the place. Her resigns has ranch hand and packs up to leave. He tells Zoey that she is selling a house that meant a lot to him and Gus (the owner). She makes a deal and offers him to help with the sale AND will give him 10% of the sale.

The first potential buyers show up. Zoey and Alec decorate to make it more Christmasy. The buyers are all HGTV couple and are very rich and materialistic. They think it would make a great vacation house. Alec is not impressed because they will just tear down the whole house with renovations. Needless to say this sale is not going to happen with these buyers.

To attract better buyers, Zoey convinces Alec to revive the Christmas festiva and a barn dancel. Her parents are worried that she won’t make it home for Christmas. Zoey promises to make it to Florida for Christmas. Zoey and Alec grow closer as they prepare for the festival. Turns out Alec never decorated or had a Christmas tree before. Zoey gives him one. They are falling for one another.

Zoey gets a call to fill in for town pilot, delivering Christmas packages.  Alex comes along to take pictures but he is afraid of flying, which is cute. Zoey shares why she loves flying and the sky is where she belongs. The deliver package and we get some crazy flying shots over mountains. THIS is my kind of montage, okay?!?

Buyer number 2 will be creating a resort? For some reason they are considering it but usually these are the bad guys in these Hallmark movies. Alec is actually on board with this plan as long as they preserve what they can.

Zoey’s parents show up, along with the whole town for the Christmas festival which include Santa, dancing, and Alec’s photos displayed. They dance and go for a stroll in Christmas trees they almost kiss but are interrupted, looks like the sale will go through but Zoey isn’t happy. She tells her mom that she knew where her life was settled and she loves the town, the ranch, the reindeer, and of course she loves Alec. (Duh!) She decides not to sell and will become the town pilot. Oh, and the ranch will now be a bed and breakfast? Okay, Hallmark.

Zoey tells Alec that she is staying and she can barely get the words out and he kisses her with so much passion! Then they finally see THE NORTHERN LIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS.

Side Note

Minority Report: The real estate agent, Cashier, a young pregnant couple.   

Real Reindeer are kind of goofy looking, who knew!

Can’t decide if Ashley Williams is cute or annoying. Let me know what you think!

Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷(4 glasses of wine required)

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