Time For Me to Come Home for Christmas (2018 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries)

Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas

Stars: Megan Park and Josh Henderson

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Cara faces a bittersweet Christmas since her mother’s passing. Flying to Oklahoma, she meets country singer Heath, facing a tough holiday too since his father’s death. He doesn’t acknowledge his fame, so Cara feels duped when two attractive women rush him. As weather keeps thwarting their way, Cara and Heath share their losses, and as they head toward their separate Christmases, they grow close. But when Cara sees a tabloid linking Heath with a model, and he unwittingly offends her dad by offering financial help, it looks like it might take a Christmas miracle for this couple to find harmony.


We are in NYC. Cara owns a jam business, well inherited from her mother who dies, she wants to launch a new product (candy bars) and is looking for a loan. She gets turned down by a businessman, unless she adds more machines to work for her. While Cara is in town she visits her ballerina friend. They change gifts.

Heath is a country star who hasn’t has a hit in a while. She is going to be alone for Christmas. (His assistants are leaving him.) He has to start recording a new album the day after Christmas. His momma calls and tells him “It’s Time for you come come home for Christmas.” His dad died and he hasn’t been home since the funeral.

At the airport, Heath is trying to be all incognito with a baseball cap on. When Cara walks up to him with a magazine. He signs it and tells her happy holidays, but really she was just trying him to move out of her seat. Her flight gets canceled and she heads to the restaurant and sits with… Heath. They get to know one another, she is not a fan of country and is more of a Broadway gal. They are from the same state and may know each other from state chorus competition. Then they play cards with a kid who is alone (His dad didn’t get leave from the military and he is flying solo?)

They fly into Chicago and get stuck for the night. No flights to Tulsa. The kids grandma (Dolores Drake!!!) sets Heath up at a hotel. Cara also happens to be staying at the same hotel. They make plans to grab dinner together. Since they are strangers we get lots of scenes where the protagonist talk on the phone so we get exposition and character backstory.

During dinner some fans come over and insist on Heath singing, he plays “Deck the Halls” on the piano and everyone in the restaurant gathers around and takes pictures. Cara slips away because she thinks his singing is terrible. Heath continues to work on his song and is stuck in Chicago. They both decided (Separately) to take the bus to Tulsa. Cara is like this is weird, but fine you can sit next to me. On the bus Heath meets The Romo’s (An old country singing duo) they talk him and Cara into stopping and singing in a small town Christmas festival. They sing “Jingle Bells” and then get a rental car. (But before that they have to make Christmas crafts.)

The weather is terrible on their job and they stop in Joplin Missouri. Cara sees a tabloid and Heath might be getting married?!?! They stay at his friends cabin. More singing happens with some really pitchy sisters. Then they bake pies together. No flour fight because they use jam. Cara confronts Heath and he laughs at her, the magazine is wrong. The girls sing a song for their Mom for Christmas and she cries and cries, because they are so terrible. (They aren’t that bad, I know how people hate when I say singers are bad.)

Finally at Cara’s house she invites Heath in to meet her dad. She breaks the news to him about the loan and the strings that come attached. Machines will have to replace half their workers or her candy bars could be a huge success. Heath offers to invest in the candy bar company. Her dad is pissed!!!!!!!!!

Heath goes to visit his family who is thrilled her is home and they all miss his dad. His mom tells him to go back and get his girl.

Cara’s dad comes around and apologizes for being a jerk and tells her he would bet on her anyday. (Except… yesterday.) She also gets the investor interested and he is going to show the big bosses. Heath also shows up and they make up from a fight that I missed somehow. They kiss.

The families meet and have lip sync off to what I presume to be the Blake Shelton song…“Time for Me to Come Home.” Everyone applauds? The end.

Side Note

Minority Report: Flight attendant, Hotel clerk,

Sidney and Mac are not really stalker and prey, but they just seem like a total mismatch to me.

Download the Blake Shelton song “Time for Me to Come Home” featured at the end of the movie.

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)


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