Fatal Getaway (2019 Lifetime)

Fatal Getaway (2019 Lifetime)

Stars: Christie Burson, Tilky Jones, Shein Mompremier, Karlee Eldridge

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Eliza and her best friends arrive at a stunning home-share rental for their much-needed girls’ trip, the property’s charming and gorgeous host, James, quickly makes them feel welcome. But their stay takes a dark turn when Eliza starts to suspect that James may be connected to recent disappearances near the small coastal town.


The movie starts off with a woman screaming “get me out of here!” she is tied up in a locked room and then screams as we get the title card.

Eliza is getting out of an abusive relationship with Steve. 

“It can be really hard, so no men this weekend” Her friend, Bridgette, squeals as they pull up to an Air BnB. It is the same house we saw two seconds ago. Eliza and her friends meet James, a Canadian hunk with his shirt open inexplicably. He helps them check into the Air BnB and bring in their bags. They are impressed with the fancy tech house AND the hunky man.

Eliza gets the master bedroom, not because the is the victim of domestic abuse struggling through a breakup, but because of luck of the draw. In the room she finds someones jewelry and pockets it. She also notices a strange bald man by her car outside and then gets locked in her room by the tech house. She freaks but her OTHER blonde friend, Vicky, calms her down. It is probably a glitch. NBD!

The girls drink wine on the patio while the creepy guy from the car records them and takes notes on a notepad. Monica, the only POC so far, has gotten promoted! This will be their last weekend together before she moves away. They aren’t concerned that James is staying in the Air Bnb while they are there too, which would be a HUGE red flag to me. 

At brunch the girls are drinking from pineapples and spot James heatedly talking to the creepy guy that has been spying on them. His name is Hector and he is James’ neighbor who also rents out his house. They all decide to do a pool day at the house, but before that they see a girl posting a missing person flyer. The girls warns them to be careful because a lot of girls have gone missing recently. Who needs detectives when we’ve go Eliza! She recognizes the necklace in the photo as the one she found in her room. When she asks James about it he says he doesn’t remember her, but then remembers that she did stay for a night after feeling uncomfortable staying at Hectors. James offers to take the necklace but Eliza says she will bring it to the jobs, just incase!

Before going to the police, Eliza takes a shower. Since it is a fancy shower it locks her in turns the steam on and somehow the steam almost kills her. The girls realize that Eliza has been missing for the past hour and go check on her. Monica pulls her out of the steam while calling for help. Instead of taking her to the ER, James makes her soup. She still thinks her is a killer 

While on a run, Monica and Eliza are almost ran over by Hector. He tells them that they are in danger and James has patterns with his house guests. They don’t believe him because he is creepy and James is such a hunk. 

Of course, the necklace goes missing, but Eliza goes to the police. The police don’t care and tell her to relax. They have already looked into it and basically say James and Hector are both innocent. Too bad, James isn’t. He is working with a man named Leo and is trying to sell these women into human trafficking… this movie REALLY took a turn. Leo tells James to figure it out and do what he has to do.

James does what he has to go, and then some. He attacks Hugo and ties him up in Hectors garage. He sets it up to look like a suicide, but isn’t so sneaky. Eliza sees him coming out of the garage while searching for the necklace.  Eliza asks the girls if they can leave early and they think she wants to leave to talk to her abusive ex-boyfriend. 

Staying one more night, Eliza does more research and finds the girl who was hanging missing person posters was one of James possible victims. She calls the indifferent police and leaves them a voicemail and then tells everyone (including, James) her theory at the dinner table. James evades Eliza’s questions with questions. Bridgette calls Eliza crazy, while her other friends stay quite. 

They should have gotten out while they could because James admits to kidnapping 5 girls before they got there. He tells them he wants their assets (not asses) oh wait, no, he wants them. He put roofies in the ice and they all get woozy and pass out. 

When the girls come to, they are tied up in the same room as the woman in the beginning of the movie. Since they are all together they help each other get untied. Pretty easily. James catches them and tells them that it is their fault he had to do this. He can either give them to his employer or kill them. He tells them to give him their password to the Air BnB website so we can write a five star review posing as them. 

The girls knock James out and make their escape. They can’t get out of the house because it is a tech house. Leo shows up and Eliza shoots him. James wakes up and chases after them. The girls split up and somehow Eliza ends up with a knife while the other girls hide behind a bush. James grabs Bridgett and threatens to hit her with a crowbar. Monica comes out of nowhere and hits James with a vase. Him and Bridgett fall into the pool and he tries to drown her. Eliza come through with the knife and stabs him in the pool. His body floats in a pool of CGI blood as the camera pans up into the sky.

The police FINALLY show up and they must be from another county or something because the ones Eliza went to probably still don’t believe her. Surprisingly, her friends have come around they believe that James IS a bad guy. Everything is going to be okay now and they hug. They are totally going to stay at a hotel next time. (Have they never seen The Shining) This movie was soooooo stupid and terrible. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Monica and one of the cops. 

I say Air BnB, but it is a knock off. Crazy things do happen on Air BnB’s tho

This movie takes domestic abuse WAY too superficially. For support with domestic violence, please visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline

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Overall rating

🔪   (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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