Sinister Seduction (2019 Lifetime)

Sinister Seduction (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Kristina Klebe, Tanner Buchanan, Sebastian Cabanas, Tommi Rose

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Recently widowed Sharon is concerned when her son Anthony has trouble fitting in at school. However, her worries end when Dylan, an athlete and one of the most popular boys at school, suddenly befriends Anthony. But the more time Dylan spends at the house, the more Sharon suspects that his interests lie with her as opposed to her son. And as Dylan’s obsession with her turns dangerous, she discovers that Dylan’s advances have a more sinister motive than she could have ever guessed–revenge for something in Sharon’s past that she thought had long-since been buried.


More Shocktober garbage! It is also a Marvista production, and ya’ll know I love those.

The movie starts with a man running in the dark. (Quite the twist on the women in peril trope, not really.) The man is stabbed and killed after saying, “Who the HELL are you?”

The credits roll as a little boy plays football on the beach in sepia tones. Cut to non-sepia tones and a blonde mother (with a face full of fillers.), named Sharon, wakes up her son Anthony. He is grody and grumpy. I may be bullying, but so are the kids in his high school. He wears sweatpants to school and gets thrown up against lockers. When a jock, Brent, takes things too far, a greaser kid, named Dylan, stands up for Anthony and takes him under his wing. (They try out for football together and then talk in the locker room about their dead dads. Dylan’s dad killed himself.)

Sharon is concerned about her son and also recently widowed. (She is working with an attractive police detective to see if any foul play was involved in her husband’s death. The detectives send her emails with words circled in RED! So, something shady is going on. 

Dylan finds out that Anthony has a pool at his house and invites himself and his friends over for a party. (Chaperoned by Anthony’s mom.) Dylan runs his hands through his grease ball hair and comes out of the pool “sexily” and looks at Sharon. (Who might be turned on by this twink Johnathan Taylor Thomas knock-off.) He “goes to find the bathroom” but searches through Sharon’s things and gets caught by her. She has a heart to heart with him. Later he shows up at Sharon’s work. (she is a real estate agent.) I think Sharon has a stalker.

Sharon gets an envelope with the email with red letters. Is it blackmail? I’m not sure. She was cheating on her husband, and her assistant is somehow involved. This whole plotline is contrived and overly complicated. 

Anthony goes on a date with a nice girl from school named Megan. They borrow Dylan’s car and leave him to “study” with Sharon. He tries to get to give him wine, and she says no. (I guess she is not a cool mom!) They talk more about Anthony and his father, Mark. They go upstairs and rip up Mark’s books? Then, this lady takes a shower, and Dylan decides to join her, and they have sex. Dylan goes to his house, and we see HE sent the email with the red circles.

Sharon wakes up the next morning, full of regret. She starts losing business because people in town are getting printouts of the emails that prove Sharon was having an affair. They are extremely judgy. She decides that she is going to meet up with the man that she had a relationship with.

Dylan and Anthony set Brent up to look like he stabbed Dylan with a knife. They say he has been bullying them, and because of that, he should be removed from the team. Brent is going to be expelled, and he had information on Dylan that he was going to tell Megan. 

Sharon and Anthony get into an argument because he also knows his mother had an affair. He is going to be REALLY mad when he learns that his mom and BFF have been hooking up. Dylan and Sharon meet at one of the houses she is selling and make out on the porch while someone drives by and films them unknowingly. The next morning her assistant shows up and almost catches them in bed together, but Dylan gets out just in time.

Megan shows Anthony the footage of him making out with his mother. She tells him that she looked at his student file. He graduated three years ago and is 21. Dylan isn’t even his real name. Anthony is MAD AT MEGAN?!?! Dylan confronts Megan and sends himself the footage and posts it online.

Sharon is devastated that everyone knows what she did. She is also upset that the detective is angry with her, and he has taken himself off her case. 

Anthony gets a text from Megan, and she asks him to come over and talk to Dylan, who can explain everything. He rides his bike over to Dylan’s dilapidated house and gets knocked out and held captive. 

Sharon is worried that Anthony is mad at her and goes to the house she is selling again. In the house, the video is playing with her son on the beach. Dylan is the kid on the beach, not her son. The man that Sharon had an affair with was Dylan’s father. He blames Sharon for his dad and mom’s death. He tells Sharon that she needs to kill herself or me will make it look like she did. (He also killed her husband.) He gives her the knife, and she, of course, stabs him with it. As she does, she screams, “I’m so tired of men telling me what to do!!!”

As she runs out, Sharon bumps into the detective. They search for her son, running through the woods. The detective stops to take a puff of his inhaler and gets stabbed by Dylan. Dylan takes the gun and follows Sharon. Anthony and Megan are tied to a tree together? (LOL) They become untied and come to Sharon’s rescue. Megan and Anothony both attack Dylan, and Sharon gets the gun. She pistol whips Dylan, leaving him unconscious. She is about to pull the trigger, but Anthony talks her out of it. They walk away.

Sharon and the detective end up together. Who cares, though. Later, when her son comes home, she asks how practice was. He says, “ok.” She responds with “Okay is good” Wish I could say the same about this movie. 

Side Note

This is the first time an actor had his shirt off in a Lifetime movie, and I wasn’t into it.

Minority Report: None. Not one.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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