Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses (2019 Hallmark) 

Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses (2019 Hallmark)

Cast: Jill WagnerMatthew Davis

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Single mom Abbey (Jill Wagner) takes a leap of faith to pursue her passion for interior design. When she gets hired to decorate the estate of local businessman Warner (Matthew Davis), Abbey must complete the job by Christmas Eve. With the holidays fast approaching, Abbey must figure out how to break down the wall between her and Warner, as this could be the opportunity that jump-starts her career.


Abby works in a retirement home called Shady Grove. She helps them decorate for Christmas and has a knack for interior design! One of the wealthy white board members convinces Abby to take a meeting. On her way to the Christmas tree lighting, Abby runs into a man who thinks Christmas tree lightings are stupid and doesn’t believe in magic. 

Abby spends the next few scenes talking about the interview. She talks to her dad, her son, the elderly people, a sexy doctor, and anyone who will listen. The interview day is finally here. Abby arrives and is surprised to see the man from the Christmas tree lighting. His name is Nick (but this reviewer will only refer to him as Warner.) The interview is interesting because Abby has been out of the game and has less than impressive credentials and outdated contacts. Realizing that she isn’t getting the job, Abby makes an impassioned speech, and Warner hires her because “he likes her spunk.” (Ewwww, No.)

Her first day on the job is not going very well. Abby has decorated an entire mansion by Christmas Eve with very little guidance or direction. Her female co-worker, Kate, is a total bitch for no reason. Kate tells Abby to step down because she is in over her head. Warner overhears Abby on the phone with her dad having a breakdown. The next day he agrees to go antiquing with her because she is so needy. They drink hot cocoa, and Warner makes fun of listening to Christmas music before Halloween. Things turn around, and they have a lovely day. When Warner gets back to work, Kate is angry that he has MIA. Warner tells her to chill out.

Abby hosts a gingerbread making party for her son and the neighborhood kids. The sexy doctor shows up, and so does Warner. (but for work.) Both men flirt with her, and Warner seems jealous. The next day he is cold at work. Then he is back to being flirty and kind the next day. Abby is confused and goes to her dad with advice. He tells Abby that her mom would have wanted her to be happy. 

Abby brings on her friend Desiree (With Florance Henderson’s hair) to help with the job. She is assisting by communicating with the contractors and having a positive attitude. Warner stays later and helps Abby. He gives her a ride to her sons’ dress rehearsal. 

Abby goes on a date with the sexy doctor. Warner hears about the date and orchestrates to be at the same restaurant. He takes Kate also go out and casually says hi to Abby. The sexy doctor invites them to join the dinner. Warner stands up for Abby’s work after Kate negs the job she is doing.

Warner and Abby hold auditions for a band for the Christmas Eve gala. Instead of listening to music, they slow dance. He also joins Abby and her son to see Santa. Warner is spending so much time working that he loses the big client. He has been too distracted and puts the breaks on his and Abby’s relationship. Warner has time to get take out Chinese and drink champagne with Kate. 

The interior design has been completed and Warner and Kate are impressed! It is the night of the gala. Abby brings the sexy doctor, and they both look amazing. Everyone at the gala wants Abby’s business card, and she is a huge success. Waren tells Abby that she looks fantastic and did a great job.     

 The merger goes off without a glitch. Who cares.

Kate is looking for Warner; she has a proposal she wants to make to him. Abby hears about the proposal and thinks she means marriage. Kate doesn’t want to marry Warner; she wants to be CFO. Warner agrees because it will give him more time to spend with Abby. 

Abby leaves the party to be home with her son on Christmas Eve. As they are waiting for Santa, they hear music coming from outside. Two violinists are playing “Away in a Manger” in a gazebo. Waren stands in his tuxedo and tells Abby that he wants to be with her for Christmas. They kiss, and it starts to snow. Abby got her Christmas wishes, but no mistletoe kisses. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Desiree and the owner of the company.

Warner from Legally Blonde!!!!

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

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