A Storybook Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

A Storybook Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Ali LiebertJake EpsteinHabree Larratt

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Event Planner Celeste is surprised when a nanny agency sends a man to take care of her niece during Christmas. However, she soon realizes she may have found the perfect nanny for her niece and the perfect Christmas love for herself.


Celeste walks around town with a cool dude Santa. It is for her event pitch “Tropical Christmas,” and it doesn’t go well. The client hates it and wants to do “A Storybook Christmas” instead. Celeste is so distracted and scrambling that she gives her keys to a handsome stranger who is not the valet. Celeste is engaged to a hot lawyer named Brandon, and she takes care of her niece, Finley. (Who is a ballerina and recently lost her parents) Celeste is barely keeping it together and decides to hire a nanny for Christmas.

The man’s name is Taylor, and he is a writer, maybe? (I think he is suffering from writer’s block.) He seems kind of gay to me. He works with his sister for a nanny company and is assigned to help Celeste for the holidays. The man moves into their house without even an interview. Taylor and Celeste recognize one another and agree to make it work. Celeste shows him her scheduling book, rule guide, and meal prep. It is intense and Taylor as her for some flexibility. 

Taylor’s first day on the job consists of convincing Finley not to do her homework, making a fort in the house, food fights, and burning dinner. Celeste calls the nanny company to try to get someone else, but the woman tells Celeste that Taylor is her brother, and they lost their parents when they were young. Celeste gives him a second chance. They sit down, and Celeste admits that she keeps everything so Ridgid because that is how her dead sister ran the household. 

Celeste neglects to let her fiance know that she has a manny. Brandon doesn’t see the red flags because he is so hot that it is inconceivable anyone would break up with him. The couple goes on a date to get a Christmas tree, and it is awkward. More awkward is Taylor waits up for Celeste, and they have a chit chat about boys and decorating. Then they make ornaments? (We sure this guy isn’t gay, right?)   

This movie has a peculiar vibe. I feel like it was filmed while Alie Liebert was working on her Hallmark movie, as well. 

Celeste and Taylor go to a book store, and then they plan an event together for Brandon’s office? Brandon isn’t even thankful and is jealous of Taylor. It doesn’t stop Celeste and Taylor from spending time together, making gingerbread houses, and falling in love. Taylor gets inspired by love (or whatever) and gets over his writer’s block writing all night. Then he goes M.I.A. (Or he oversleeps and neglects to pick up Finley from school.) Celeste fires Taylor because of his mistake; she lost her big client. (Who was a total bitch anyway.)

Brandon and Celeste break up. Like their engagement meant nothing!?!? Taylor is no longer the manny, but he is still giving Finley a pep talk before she takes the stage at The Nuctcracker. Her niece’s bravery so inspires celeste that she throws out the rule book. 

At the event with the bitchy lady. Taylor tells Celeste that he is a writer and is famous (ish.) and has been suffering from writer’s block. They slow dance and talk about God knows what. Instead of making a plan, they kiss as fake snowfalls, and the movie is over. 

This movie is really, really bad. 

Side Note

Minority Report: None?

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (1 glass of wine required)

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