All My Husband’s Wives (2019 Lifetime)

All My Husband’s Wives (2019 Lifetime)

Cast:  Erin KarplukKelly RutherfordKate Corbet

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Alison Whitford thought she had it all. An accomplished career woman, she resisted getting married until she found “the One.” And Dominick was everything she had ever hoped for in a man. Still, in the honeymoon phase of her marriage, Alison’s world is turned upside down when Dominick dies suddenly in a car accident. When it’s revealed that he was murdered, even more, secrets about his life come to light. It soon becomes clear that Alison was not the only one mourning Dominick, and that his death was only the beginning of a larger plan. Perhaps her perfect husband wasn’t so perfect after all, and some of his secrets may be worth killing for.


Alison’s husband, Dominick, is leaving for a work trip. When he gets in the cab he doesn’t go to the airport he takes off his wedding ring, buys flowers, and then gets hit by a car and killed. Police detectives break the news to Alison and then bring her in for questioning. She is a suspect because the hit and run seem to the police to be intentional. The police also think that Dominick may be having an affair. She tells the police that she is a marriage counselor and can’t believe her husband would be cheating on her. 

Things start unraveling when Alison goes to his work to see if they would like to come to his funeral, the office has no record of anyone by the name of Dominick working for them. When she leaves the office, Alison’s tire is slashed. She gets home and gets attacked by an angry blonde woman; her husband is cheating on her. Her husband of five years is also Dominick. Alison tells the woman that Dominick is dead and was even married to her. The woman’s name is Marla, and she has a full-on meltdown. (This actress was WILD. It’s terrible acting, but I love it.) 

The wives make rum and cokes with Dominick’s expensive scotch. Alison is annoyed with herself for not seeing the signs. Marla is upset that she has been dupped for five years. They also compare notes about things Dominick bought them both, lies he told them, and wonder about what they will say to their families. They decide to keep his affair a secret. 

They find a set of keys and find a third wife?!?!? Her name is Cheryl. She has a gun and was married to Dominick for nine tears. Cheryl doesn’t want to be part of their widows’ club. Alison asks Cheryl to keep this whole situation quiet, but she is a total bitch. The wife Alison needs to worry about is Marla, because she calls a tip line and spills the beans. Then Marla blames Cheryl, then Alsion starts losing clients. Alison needs to know more about Dominick and beats a locked drawer with a bat. In the drawer is a safety deposit box. 

At the bank, Alison attempts to get the safety deposit box open. The banker lets her go in after some lame convincing. She finds all the wives’ passports, $30,000, credit cards, and a Swiss bank account with four million dollars. Realizing she is in over her head, Alison goes to her ex-finance for help. He is a lawyer.

Cheryl, Marla, and Alison fight over the money. Marla gets a leg up on the other wives when she learns she is pregnant with Dominick’s baby. Alison and Marla break into Cheryl’s house and find her canoodling with another man. Marla records them in the shower with her phone for blackmail. Cheryl shows up to negotiate, and Marla punches her in the face. (Haha!) It isn’t a laughing matter because Cheryl sends a krone to Alison’s house to “make her pay.” 

Marla gets super aggressive with Alison when she calls her physco. Marla has a history of mental health issues, and her former husband was murdered. The girl has been through it. 

The police detective brings Alison back in for questioning. She has a police record for domestic violence with her ex-fiance, Graham. To deflect, Alison sheds light on Marla and Cheryl’s crazy tendencies. The police still think it is Alison who killed Dominick. 

While running, someone tries to kill Alison in a drive-by shooting. They miss, and the police are starting to think maybe Cheryl is responsible. (She doesn’t have an alibi.) 

In the middle of the night, Alison goes downstairs with a knife. She sees Cheryl sitting in the living room being held at gunpoint by Marla. Marla almost kills them both, but the detective calls and says he know who did it. Marla turns the gun on herself because she is going to jail and doesn’t want to live in a world without Dominick. (She also lied about being pregnant.) The wives talk her down and get the gun away from Marla. The scene is tense and well acted all around. 

The detective shows the women some footage of someone withdrawing money from the Swiss bank account. They are off the hook, and none of the wives are suspects. Marla commits herself in a mental insatution. They go to his grave together and pour scotch on his grave. The headstone reads that he is a “cheater cheater pumpkin eater.” or something to that effect.

The detective asks Alison on a date, and she laughs in his face. Then she meets with Graham’s new fiance she hired to almost shoot, withdraw money from the Swiss bank account, and bring it to her. Alison killed her husband?!?! Twist!

Side Note

Erin Karpluk redeemed herself for me after her terrible stint in The Magical Christmas Shoes. She is MUCH more believable and likable in a non-Christmas movie. 

Minority Report: None.

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2019 Lifetime

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