My Husband’s Secret Twin (2019 Lifetime)

My Husband’s Secret Twin (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Charlotte GrahamRick Cosnett

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Melanie (Charlotte Graham) suspects that her husband Derrick (Rick Cosnett), the man she has known for years, is not who she married. At first, she dismisses it as an anomaly, but his behavior only grows stranger. Unable to shake her suspicions, Melanie embarks on a quest to find out what’s wrong, studying her husband’s odd behavior, following his every move, and probing into Derrick’s past.


Masked burglars are conducting a home invasion, and they kill and an old lady with keys.  

Somewhere else, it is Melanie’s 30th birthday, and the music in the sound mixing is so off, I’m not sure what happens. I think she is thrown a surprise party and her boyfriend proposes to her? OR maybe it is her husband and just giving her a ring because he is going on a trip. 

Before he leaves, he writes a post-it “No You” to her post-it “You.” In the car, Derrick is syringed and kidnapped. He is handcuffed to a bed by a British man named Alex… who is his TWIN. (We knew this from the title.) Alex plans to takeover Derrick’s life while he watches everything in captivity on tv monitors. After Alex spends all of Derrick’s money, he will kill him. (The dude is not messing around he kills a neighbor who comes back to see why the lights are on in the forclosed house he is keeping Derrick captive in.)

When Alex comes home, Melanie is none the wiser. She makes out with him and takes him up to the bedroom before he can even walk in the door. (Derrick watches on and cries.) Melanie is mindblown by Alex in bed and doesn’t notice anything is wrong. She goes about her life, helping set up her BFF/Co-worker Alisa with Raymond. She invites them over for dinner as a setup. At dinner, Raymond (who is British) recognized Derrick, but he recognizes Alex. Alex has to tell stories about Derrick’s past and has some trouble remembering the details. Melanie fills in for him and is starting to think something is off. 

Derrick attempts to escape but is caught by Alex because he is being monitored on camera too. He accuses of Alex of falling in love with his wife, Alex admits that she is excellent, but he will take her money next because she makes more than Derrick. 

Melanie starts to see the warning signs of an affair. He comes home late, leaves early, and has been overly romantic. She asks her friend Alisa to trail him and see what is going on. Alisa overhears Alex talking in a British accent and talking about a buried body and transferring money. She leaves Melanie a voicemail before getting held at gunpoint and taken to the same location that Derrick is being held.  

The voicemail goes through, and Melanie snoops around the house, finding a picture of Derrick and Alex when they were kids. She knows Alex is the twin and tries to play it cool. They eat steak and drink red wine while casually talking about Alisa’s voicemail. Alex tells Melanie that she needs to trust her husband while practically choking her. 

People notice that Alisa has gone missing, and Melanie calls the police. They don’t seem too concerned and tell her to come back after 24 hours. Who is concerned is Alex. He is wondering where Melanie has been and screams at her. He almost pulls a gun on her but goes into a room and gives himself a pep talk that he is Derrick while taking his shirt off. 

Still, with his shirt off, Alex goes to talk to Melanie, and his shoulder tattoo is visible. She knows he is not Derrick. Alex gets a call from Raymond, who is collaborating with Alex on this money-grabbing scheme. (While this movie makes no sense, I did appreciate a shirtless man.) 

The next morning, Melanie calls the police and tells them her husband is an imposter. Then she goes to the house with Raymond, who also goes from a British accent to American. The detective writes on a piece of paper and is not taking Melanie seriously. Alex shoots Raymond and puts Melanie in the basement with Derrick and Alisa. 

Melanie disarms Alex by telling him that she fell in love with him. She is just distracting him long enough to stab him with a knife. When the detective arrives, she ferociously makes out with Derrick. 

Flash to later, and Melanie is pregnant. She gets thrown a surprise baby show. Awww? 

Side Note

Minority Report: None. ZERO. 

The sound mixing in this movie made it unwatchable. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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