Grounded for Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

Grounded for Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

Casr: Julianna GuillCorey SevierCheryl Ladd

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a winter storm hits Cleveland and grounds flights, the nearby hotels quickly fill up with stranded travelers. Nina (Guill), a pilot, reluctantly agrees to let her arrogant but charming fellow pilot, Brady (Sevier), stay at her nearby parents’ home. But when they discover her family is hosting a tree trimming party that night and that her ex will be there, Brady pretends to be her boyfriend to help her out. When the snowstorm continues, their ruse snowballs as Nina and Brady are stuck attending holiday events together. But as Christmas nears, these two opposites begin to realize the best gift they could ever receive, is perhaps, each other.


Winter storm Megan strikes again, ruining holiday travel across the nation. Instead of worrying about the storm, Nina takes a selfie with the news coverage. She is a pilot and has to report to work. At the airport, a handsome man accidentally takes her luggage, or so she thinks. The man makes a deal with her to take her out on a date; she says no. Nina’s airport friends Jay (who is gay.) and Tara tell her gossip about Nina’s new co-pilot named Brady. Brady is the guy who hit on Nina. Awkward! It gets even more awkward when all the flights get canceled. 

While everyone is trying to leave the airport, Nina and Brady share a cab. She makes fun of his Blackberry and calls him Fred Flinstone. He makes fun of her for taking selfies and posting them on social media. They argue about being in the moment. He gets out of the cab at his hotel and leaves his phone in the taxi. (Bitch trick, if I’ve ever seen one.) Nina goes back to the hotel and gives it to Brady, who is left without a room for the night when the hotel is 100% booked. Nina offers for him to sleep on his couch. 

The storm gets so bad that the cab driver has to drop them off at Nina’s parent’s house. Nina refuses to go into her home because her ex-boyfriend is there for some reason, I think they are having a party. Nina begs Brady to pretend to be her new boyfriend. He obliges, and the family is excited to meet him, even if they have never heard of him. Nina and Brady tell the story of how they met where they neg each other the whole time. Ivan, the ex-boyfriend, Nina is so upset over is quite a snooze compared to Brady. The family thinks so too and make him be in the family photo.

The storm keeps the airports closed for another day, and Brady is on his way to the hotel. Nina’s family insists that he stay since he is her boyfriend, and they love him. Brady asks Nina if he has to keep the charade up, and she says, “Yes!” They compete in a Santa dancing competition, and it is charming. Nina is starting to think Brady isn’t such a bad guy and she agrees to help him with some reputation rehab at work, 

The next morning Nina walks in on a shirtless and tries to ogle him. (Thank you, Lifetime for shirtless Corey Seiver.) Then they help Nina’s parent’s set up for a party. Ivan is also helping set up and gives Brady the 3rd degree. Brady asks Nina what the deal with Ivan is. The asshole gave her an ultimatum and told her that she had to pick her pilot job or him, and then he broke up with her!!!

At a Christmas party, Brady and Nina play White Elephant and almost kiss when they get forced under the mistletoe. After the party, the power goes out, and they sit by the fire and talk until the power cuts back on and ruins the mood!!!!!! So frustrating, can’t they get together!

The airport is still closed, and it looks like Brady and Nina are staying in town for the “snowball.” Cheryl Ladd is SUPER excited, and it is adorable. Brady starts to feel bad for lying to everyone and asks Nina to tell them the truth. She bribes him to keep the rouse going for one more night so they can go to the ball. 

At the 35th Annual Snowball, Nina is surprised to see her gossipy co-workers Tata and Jay. Brady and Nina are crowned king and queen of the ball. While they dance the first dance, they thank each other for a lovely Christmas. He tells her that he wants to take her on a real date and meet around the world. They kiss, and I am having all the feels. The mood is interrupted by a call on Brady’s Blackberry. The airports are open and, more importantly, Veronica… BRADY’S GIRLFRIEND!!! The girlfriend blows his cover and tells Nina and her family that Brady is a liar. Nina calls off the deal and cries. She comes clean to her family, and they are all disappointed in her. 

Outside, Brady asks Victoria what she was thinking. He broke up with her months ago, but she thought it would be better to create a scene and talk in person. He puts her in a cab and tells her they can be friends. (I would have thrown her in front of a taxi.)

Back at the airport, Nina thinks she has missed Brady and tells her gossipy friends that she is going to stay in town instead of flying all the planes after cancelations due to winter storm Megan. Her family is thrilled to have her back, even if they are disappointed she didn’t bring Brady. 

Nina realizes that she took the wrong suitcase and laughs at herself. She shakes her head and then lays down to go to bed. Loud Christmas music wakes her up, and Nina rushes downstairs she sees her father and asks him what his going on. Her father tells her to ask Brady. Brady explains everything to Nina’s satisfaction. He loves her, and she loves him! Hurray! She knows he is a great guy, and they make out. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Tara, Jay, airport patrons, cab driver, hotel clerk.

I loved the chemistry of these two actors. Very good. 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄(4 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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