Cheerleader Abduction (2020 Lifetime)

Cheerleader Abduction (2020 Lifetime)


Kristen HarrisJerni Stewart

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Olivia has always been the golden girl with model good looks, a 4.0 GPA, and the captain spot on her high school cheerleading squad. When she finds out that she is pregnant, Olivia decides she has to hide her pregnancy at all costs to save her reputation and avoid ruining her mother, Trish’s gubernatorial campaign. An underground adoption ring seems to offer the help that she needs, but when Olivia goes missing, Trish must drop everything to find her daughter and grandchild before it’s too late. Kristen Harris, Jerni Stewart star. (2020)


The movie begins with a woman in labor. 

Cut to some cheerleaders doing some legit basket tosses. Olivia is a great cheerleader and is the captain of the squad. She is also pregnant. When she tells her boyfriend, Blake, he tells her that it is “not fun.” and demands she get an abortion and deal with the problem. She hides the pregnancy from her friends and family. (Specifically her Mayor mother, Trish, who is running for Governor of Michigan.) At a doctor’s appointment, Olivia meets a woman named Pam, who offers her support and secretly helps her with “adoption.”

Olivia misses a big cheerleading meet because she was talking to Pam for so long. Her teammates do not forgive her for going MIA. Olivia apologizes to her coach and quits the team to focus on her schoolwork. (She still helps the coach in practice, but refuses to demo tumbling because she is PREGNANT.) She wears bulky sweaters and holds her belly a lot. While she is vulnerable, she calls Pam. Pam is busy stealing another’s pregnant woman’s baby.

Ashley notices something is off with her friend and talks to her by her locker. Olivia comes clean and admits she is pregnant. Ashley is skeptical of Pam and wonders why she is so invested in Olivia’s pregnancy. She should be because Pam is trying to take Olivia’s baby. 

Trish finally stops focusing on her campaign (Because she is behind in the polls) and realizes that her daughter hasn’t been on the cheerleading squad. She screams at her daughter and demands to know, “WHAT IS GOING ON?” (That is what I am thinking. Where is the cheerleader Abduction?)

Pam interrupts dinner and pretends to be a mother from the school, organizing a weekend study trip. (Really a baby kidnapping trip.) She convinces Trish to let Olivia go on the trip instead of attending a photo op. Olivia’s kid brother shows Trish some prenatal vitamins and FINALLY puts her daughter before her career ambitions. 

Olivia is drugged and wakes up in a makeshift OR in a motel room. She is going into labor and is heavily sedated. She manages to get to the motel phone can call her mother for help. 

Trish goes to the cabin, where Pam said she was taking her daughter. Ashley comes clean and tells Trish that Pam was lying. Trish cries while driving and looks for the motel where her daughter is being held captive. Once she gets there she bangs on the door and screams, “Olivia?” over and over.She almost catches Pam, but they hide in the bathroom.

Pam and her doctor friend pack up their stuff and get the hell out of there. Trish returns and finds her daughter fully dilated in the bathroom. Pam comes back and Trish fends her off with a IV bag holder. (New weapon choice.) Pam over powers Trish and kidnaps Olivia again. (The movie is almost over, so can we just end this?) Trish wakes up and punches Pam in the parking lot. Then she delivers her daughters baby, oh no, she actually just hugs her.

7 months later. Trish is has won the election and gets great press for saving her daughter. Olivia is back on the squad. You forgot this was a cheerleader movie, right? Me too.

Side Note

Minority Report: Coach, Lucy, Ashley, Secretary, Motel Guest,

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Not enough cheerleading. Pretty boring Lifetime flick.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime


  1. Cheerleader Abduction Exaggeration: OMG, Olivia has “model good looks”?! I’m watching it right now and trying SO hard not to get distracted by her ears!! 👂 I mean, really, please don’t exaggerate when describing the character!! Also, her hair is pulled SO far back (in all the scenes so far), so it’s impossible not to be distracted by the ears. At least switch up her hair from scene to scene – try letting it down to cover the ears once in awhile.

    1. P.S. I just went to the actress’s Instagram and she looks great! Why they made her look the way they did for this movie (pasty, pale, hair severely pulled back) is beyond me. Highschoolers do wear makeup and do style their hair. Yes, we know she’s struggling with her situation, but no need to make her look completely mousy! Strange.

    2. Her ears are so distracting, I could not agree more! All I could see were those huge ears!!!

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