A Very Country Christmas Homecoming (2020 UPtv)

Coming in on a sequel without seeing the first or second one is not advised!

A Very Country Christmas Homecoming (2020 UPtv)

Cast: Greyston HoltBea SantosDeana Carter

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Synopsis (via UPtv)

Zane and Jeannette return from their magical honeymoon to plan the perfect first Christmas as a family, but the arrival of Jeannette’s former father-in-law throws a wrench into all of their holiday planning.


So, this is a sequel, and I’ve never seen the first one or the second, so bear with me here! 

The movie starts in the snowy mountains. Zane and Janette are walking horses to a Bruse Springsteen knock off Christmas. All they want to do is stay home and have a quiet Christmas making traditions together. They are also adopting a little girl named Quinn and always tell each other how perfect one another is. 

Cut to a recording studio to Deana Carter is in this movie for some reason? She is recording back up vocals for a pop star named Cake. (What the hell!?! Deana Carter sings backup vocals for no one. She is an American treasure.) Zane works in the studio as a songwriter/producer. I’m sure everyone already knew that, but it is news to me! 

A man named John shows up, and it is VERY DRAMATIC. He is back to see his granddaughter Quinn. Jannette seems overwhelmed, but she invites him to stay as long as he would like since it is Christmas. John will… because John is the worst. The ladies watch Zane chop wood. 

Cake films her music video, and she is extra. How she is a famous pop star despite being unbearable beats me. (Although I’m kind of into Cake, does she have a Spotify?) Cake is shady to Deana Carter, and it is hilarious. (Especially because Deana Carter just rolls her eye.) The song goes to number one, much to Deana Carter’s horror. 

Zane and Quinn go to a Christmas tree farm and are pursued by paparazzi. (Zane is also a hit recording artist, but you all knew that.) Zane smacks the camera out of the paps hand, and it goes viral on BMZ. This causes even more reporters to seek him and his family out. Cake saves the day by posting footage provided by her fans that show the paparazzi harassing Zane and Quinn.

John gives unwanted parenting advice. Zane and Janette don’t need it because Quinn is practically raising herself. They have a falling out. 

Zane sings a country version of “Silent Night,” and it isn’t half bad! He later performers a concert. (Remember those!) We get flashbacks to the movies that I haven’t seen, but I’m digging it. The song is called “Christmas Heart.” (My questions is, does this man do his own singing? Is he the TV Movie version of Bradly Cooper that I’ve been sleeping on?)

John eventually makes up with Zane and is allowed to spend time with his granddaughter. They go to a Christmas concert put on by Deana Carter. (I love her voice on this track). Then Quinn sings a song with Zane, and she can sing too. What the hell? This kid is good! I’m so impressed with the music in this movie. 

Zane shows Quinn the adoption papers, and she is thrilled. I’m wondering why Jannette was there too? 

Christmas morning. They give John the keeps to Homestead so he can live close to them, but not in their house. Quinn receives her gift, which is a riding helmet. Hmmm, pretty lame, Santa! Everyone exchanges gifts. Finally, it Jeannette’s turn, she gives Zane a pregnancy test. It is positive. They are going to have a baby! Can’t wait for A Very Country Christmas BABY! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Music Video Director, BMZ workers, podcaster, Paparrazi, Sargent, and Tiffany

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄(3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 UPtv

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