Young, Stalked and Pregnancy (2020 Lifetime)

Young, Stalked and Pregnant (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Taylor BlackwellTanya ClarkeCody SulekLindsay Hartley

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

High school senior Audrey is accepted at a top university when she finds herself pregnant by her boyfriend Sam, who insists on marriage and a family. But when Audrey makes plans for the future without him, Sam and his mother Casey decide to take matters into their own hands.


Lindsay Hartley walks through the woods while on her cell phone, and then a masked assailant attacks her. This is not how to treat a Lifetime movie legend! 

Audrey celebrates her 18th birthday with her parents Mike and Jennifer. (Lindsay Hartley, who is alive now.) She ditches her parents to go out to a fancy dinner with her boyfriend, Sam. (Who looks like the is 30.) He gifts her a mix CD with songs that remind him of her. They are all songs that I’ve never heard of before. Sam is jealous when Audrey gets into the school of her dreams in another town. He cries to his grandmother because he is going to community college; she tells him it will all work out. Sam leaves Audrey a supportive love note on her car, and she thinks the problem is solved. 

That is until Sam’s mother, Casey, returns unexpectedly. She asks her mother to stay with them, and she declines. The mother even offers to pay Casey to leave Sam alone. Casey (a registered nurse.) gives her mother an overdose of insulin, killing her. Casey leaves the body for Sam to find, which is so messed up. 

Audrey is taking a pregnancy test when she finds out the news about Sam’s grandmother. While he is mourning, Audrey tells him that she is pregnant. Sam is relieved because he thinks Audrey is breaking up with him. He proposes and says he wants to start a family. Audrey is less than thrilled at the idea. 

Casey moves in with Sam and e tells her about his pregnant girlfriend. Casey knows Jennifer from high school and realizes that her family owns half the town. Casey sees $$$ from the potential grandchild and tries to get on Audrey’s good side. That isn’t going to happen because Jennifer finds instructions from the pregnancy test in the bathroom and knows what is up. 

The parents confront Audrey over a croissant dinner and shame her a little until Audrey lays out her plan. She will defer college until the spring semester to have the baby and put it up for adoption. Sam is not on board with this plan. His mother looks into Audrey and the family online. Casey confronts Jennifer about their high school past. They have a history. 

Jennifer is mugged by a “thug” but survives. She warns Audrey to be careful because someone is after their family. Casey follows Audrey to school and threatens her to keep the baby or else. Audrey’s parents beg her to take things more seriously and to BE CAREFUL! (They are the ones that need to be careful because Casey dumps gasoline outside of their house and almost burns it down.)

Sam crashes a girl’s night party and spooks Audrey. He screams at her about the baby in front of everyone; Audrey storms off and worries about what she will do about Sam. Marie gives a weird, BFF inspirational speech, which includes impressions. Then Sam breaks into the house, which causes Audrey’s family to call the police and place a restraining order against Sam. Casey provides an alibi for her son to get him off the hook with the cops.

Marie, the only person with sense in this movie, screams at Sam in school. She tells him that his stalking is out of control, and he needs to get a life. Sam doesn’t get the hint and continues to stalk Audrey. He follows her in the bathroom and at her home. Sam is arrested for violating his restraining order, and Sam acts like he had no idea about it. 

Meanwhile, Casey is out here running over Mike with her car. He breaks a few ribs and has to have emergency surgery. Jennifer knows that Casey is responsible for the assault with a vehicle. Her suspicions are concerned when Casey kidnaps them at gunpoint from the hospital parking lot. Casey’s demands are for Audrey and Sam to get married and for Audrey’s family to pay child support.

Sam refuses to go along with the plan. Elaborate wrestling over the gun happens, and Sam is injured. Casey doesn’t care. Jennifer and Casey fight to the death in an intense head slamming fight scene. Jennifer wins and might be a part of the mafia. That head slam was brutal.

Audrey visits Sam in the hospital. He fills her in on his mother’s laundry list of crimes. Sam feels betrayed by everyone who loves him. Audrey tells him to grow up, but she forgives him. They kiss, and she drops the charges.

One year later, Audrey returns home from college to her loving family. Her parents are rasing the baby while Audrey goes to school. Sam is out of the picture. The end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Jennifer, Marie, Diego, Tessa, Sam, Police, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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  1. The movie was kind of lame and predictable. Typical LMN movie. But I thought that at the end, it was pretty messed up of that girl and her family to keep the baby after all when the boyfriend wanted the same thing. She wouldn’t give it to him and his wishes but then all of a sudden she is keeping the baby. How messed up is that?

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