The Christmas Listing (2020 Lifetime)

The Christmas Listing (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Lexi GiovagnoliTravis BurnsGreg Evigan 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Two realtors compete for the same listing and have to spend time together at an Inn during Christmas.


Julia is a real estate agent working the grind. A house she attempts to sell is sold out from under her by handsome Chad. He is the biggest competition for the self-owned female realtor. She sulks with her sister/assistant and eats potato chips on ice cream. The girls take care of their father, who is recovering from a bout with cancer. They are also mourning the loss of their mother while doing a complicated table puzzle. Julia finds past due bills and learns that her father’s home is in foreclosure. She tells her sister, Jena, but keeps it a secret from their father. 

A listing for a beautiful barn BnB goes on sale. The owners invite over twelve realtors and invite them to spend a week at the inn while they decide who is the best person to sell their home. WHAT? Most of the realtors leave because the request is psychotic. Chad, Doug, and Julia stay for the week. (Julia doesn’t even have clothing and borrows some for the week. Chad watches her change in the window… wait, what? Is this a Christmas Lifetime or a Killer Lifetime?) This whole movie could be a Lifetime murder movie with some small tweaks and a new soundtrack. 

Julia and Chad have a love/hate relationship that is leaning more towards love because Chad is so dead sexy. Also, Julia is not stupid. Get with the hot successful business owner and save your family home. Doug returns and laughs at Julia and Chad for staying the night and swearing Christmas sweaters. The realtors are taken into the woods and killed… or they chop down a Christmas tree. Julia cuts down the tree herself. Doug doesn’t last long after that because his daughter ends up in the hospital and has to leave suddenly. 

Chad reveals more about his past as he helps trim the tree. He was engaged once and raised his sisters/he is great with children. All while he is having an Australian accent. Some Christmas things happen in a montage. Snowman building, gingerbread house making, the usual stuff. Julia seems to be lightening up a bit and enjoying her time at the inn.

Chad and Julia really settle in and practically live in the inn now. I’m not sure how this works for selling the place, but whatever. The two work on puzzles together, and it is too much sexual tension. The two almost kiss in a gazebo, but Julia shuts it down. 

Since Julia has been stuck in an inn all week, Jena runs the business and actually sells a home. She is making the situation less dire. 

Julia overhears half of a conversation that Chad has with his sister in Australia. She thinks Chad is manipulating her, but he wants to split the property’s sale commission. Chad lands the listing and Julia is pissed. She packs her things, which are Donna’s things, and storms off.

Chad chases after her and tells Julia that he accidentally sold the inn to someone heartless and terrible. He asks Julia to review the contract and undo what he was done. Can these two kiss and end the movie already? Julia finds a error on the contact and the sale is null and void. A montage happens… a movie ending with a montage is just lazy story telling. Chad proposes to Julia with a pen and asks her to be his realtor because he is buying the inn. Chad asks to start over and then they kiss. The End!

Side Note

Minority Report: Home Buyers, Doug, Realtor, Tim, 

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Overall rating

πŸŽ„(1 Christmas Tree)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2020 Lifetime

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