A Christmas Surprise (2020 BET)

A Christmas Surprise (2020 BET)

Cast: Keesha SharpTerri J. VaughnWendy Raquel Robinson

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Synopsis (via BET)

A mother gets a Christmas surprise when her daughter announces she’s engaged. Now the holiday is thrown into chaos as she deals with her less-than-impressive and soon-to-be son-in-law, his overbearing mother, and an impending wedding.


Tanya is EXTRA and has an affinity for falling from high places while decorating. She is preparing for her daughter to come home for the holidays with her BFF, Jaylin. Tanya isn’t above briding an opportunist little girl for the last “B” stocking. (The kid asks for $50. Haha!) The kid’s mother punches Tanya in the face for crossing a line. Tanya is an icon.

Craig is Tanya’s ex-husband, who is dating a young lingerie model named Victoria. When Brittney arrives in a Lyft is confused about why her mother has a black eye and her father is dating a younger woman. Belinda also has news to share; she is dating a new guy named Amiri. Tanya is suspicious of him from the get-go and calls him a “Prince wannabe.” behind his back. Her doubts are confirmed when she learns Amiri is an artist and college drop out. Jayin sees how Amiri is being treated by Tanya and tells her to apologize. Tanya won’t back down and has a personal vendetta against Brittney’s boyfriend. 

Tanya thinks she is on a hidden camera show when Brittney and Amiri tell her that they are planning to be married in a week. They have been planning it behind her back for months. Tanya brings out her fan and says, “Not today Satan!” (LOL! This woman is who I want to be.) Tanya asks Brittney if she is on drugs and then learns that Craig has known and is paying for the whole thing. That causes Tanya to hit up the champagne. 

A rehearsal dinner happens, and Tanya is still seething. Things don’t get better when Amiri jumps in on a mother/daughter karaoke. Tanya invites one of Brittney’s ex-boyfriends named Walter. Her plan backfires because Walter is living his truth and is now an out and proud GAY MAN! Walter agrees to DJ the wedding.

Things are escalated when Amiri’s mother, Demetria (Keesha Sharp), arrives and stays with the family. She is extravagant and rich AF. (Tanya may have met her match!) The mothers pass not so subtle digs at one another. At the cake tasting, Tanya force-feeds Demetria a piece of cake to shut her up. (The only problem is Demetria is allergic to nuts and has a reaction. Like her face swells up. BAD!) 

Brittney and Amiri come up with an idea to bring their mothers together for a paint and sip class. What could go wrong! The bond over making fun of the dorky painting instructor. (Haha!) Things couldn’t be civil for long. The women get into a paint fight. (Jaylin get caught in the middle) Jaylin drives Tanya home and takes a shower to clean up. Giving us an opportunity for a steamy shirtless scene. Tanya has the hots for Jaylin on the DL. 

Demetria takes over the wedding planning and works to class up the event. Brittney asks Tanya to let this happen and not intervene. Tanya ponies up to the bar and downs some dirty martinis to drown her sorrows about being replaced. Amiri shows up at the bar and tells Tanya that he likes her. He opens up about his relationship with his parents and why he chose to be an artist. Tanya and Amiri come to an understanding. Then they get REALLY drunk and show up tanked at the rehearsal dinner. Brittney is pissed and a total buzzkill.

 In the middle of the night, Tanya and Demetria bake cookies together and make amends. They admit that they are intimidated by one another and talk about their children. They decide to work together to help Brittney and Amiri stop arguing. They want to give them the wedding that they deserve.

With everyone back on speaking terms, we get a “getting ready for a Christmas wedding montage.” Then it is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the big day!

Demetria tells her son that she is proud of him and wants him to build his legacy as an artist. She tells him that his father would be proud, too, if he were alive. 

Brittney looks beautiful in her long-sleeved wedding dress. The wedding happens, and the happy couple kisses. Mother and daughter hug while crying tears of joy.

At the reception, Tanya and Demetria make speeches, and it still feels kind of competitive. I guess they just can’t help themselves. The speeches deteriorate into Tanya quoting En Vouge. Haha. Amiri takes the mike and professes his love for Brittney. He loves her, “like a fat kid loves cake.” 

Jaylin and Tanya kiss under the mistletoe as everyone dances at the wedding. The end! 

Side Note

Wendy Raquel Robinson is a delight. I have loved her ever since she was Miss Califonia in Miss Congeniality. 

More of a wedding movie than a Christmas movie, but I still found it funny and entertaining. 

Minority Report: The entire cast is BIPOC. Walter is gay!

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄 (4 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 BET

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