Let’s Meet Again On Christmas Eve (2020 Lifetime)

Let’s Meet Again On Christmas Eve (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Kyla PrattBrooks DarnellNancy Sorel

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A couple who miss their shot at romance only finds that they’re reunited a couple of years later while they’re thrust into joint event planning for a Christmas wedding.


A comforting narrator tells the story of Corrine and Rob’s origin love story. It was a whirlwind college romance. On Christmas Eve of their junior year, they meet by the campus hot cocoa truck to exchange gifts. The two have great chemistry, and I truly buy into their relationship. Rob gets into a two-year photography workshop in Italy and turns it down to be with Corrine. She encourages him to take a fantastic opportunity. They take an ornament from the tree and writes a contract to meet again on Christmas Eve at midnight by the Christmas tree. Then they don’t see one another for two years?!!? (I mean, there are things called airplanes.)

Seven years later, Corrine is over Christmas and is an event planner. Rob never showed up, and she has moved on with her life. Corrine asks her gay boss (yay!) Victor for a promotion. He will consider it if she helps big-time clients with their wedding vow renewals. (Which is over the top.) Nancy and Sam fly Corrine back to Connecticut with them and invite her to stay at the lodge. Their wedding photographer/documentary filmmaker is Rob. Corrine and Rob are surprised to see one another, and the reunion is AWKWARD! 

Corrine shops for decorations for the wedding in a psychotic bright green coat. (That Kyla Pratt somehow pulls off.) Then she searches for Christmas trees with Rob while talking about what they have been up to since they last saw each other. They bicker like an old married couple and playfully make digs at one another. When Corrine asks about Italy, Rob is evasive and unforthcoming. 

Tracy (Sam and Nancy’s daughter) shows up, and she is a lot. Tracy and Rob live in the same neighborhood in New York. Corrine thinks they are dating because Tracy is obsessed with Rob. 

Nancy tries on wedding dresses but doesn’t have time to make the alterations, because she plans a wedding in two weeks. Corinne bargains with the seamstress and essentially cons her into working over the holidays for some good press. 

Family charades happen, and it is ridiculous, but I love it. Seeing Tracy and Sam getting along so well triggers Corrine. There is an unspoken drama between her and her father. Rob notices something is off and checks in with Corrine. She admits that her father has early-onset Alzheimer’s. It has changed their relationship because he can’t remember her or their memories together. For Corrine, Christmas magic is a thing of the past. Rob talks her for a walk outside to help calm her down. He dispels any thoughts Corrine has about him and Tracy dating. His kind of woman is beautiful inside and out. Like Corrine!

Rob rents out a skating rink and decorates it for Corrine. They skate around in one spot and talk about missing out on their chance at being in the Olympics. Rob comes clean about his time in Italy. He admits to looking her up online. Then they kiss on the ice. Corrine gets caught up in the moment and forgets to pick up the wedding dress. Corrine breaks the news to Nancy, who is thankfully already drinking a glass of wine. Nancy and Sam talk about postponing the wedding. Victor calls and tells Corrine to get rid of the distractions and focus. Rob overhears the conversation and thinks Victor and Corrine are dating. (Eye roll. Victor is a married gay man, do your homework, Rob! It would take one google.)

Corrine finds Nancy a new dress, and it is MUCH better than the other wedding dress. It is the night of the wedding, and Tracy talks to Corrine about second chances. She encourages Corrine to give Rob another one. Maybe Tracy isn’t so bad after all. The wedding is pretty baller. Corrine did a nice job! It is pretty extravagant for a vow renewal, but I guess that is Nancy and Sam’s vibe. The vows speak to Corrine and Rob.

In the middle of the wedding, Corrine leaves abruptly. Rob chases after her and knows exactly where to find her, thanks to some Christmas magic from Bernie not Sanders. (Long story, but Christmas magic! Yay!) They meet by a Christmas tree, apologize, make new promises to one another, and share a lame kiss as the snow begins to fall. Their romance is rekindled.

Side Note

Minority Report: Corrine, Rob, Elizabeth, Seamstress,

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 (5 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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