A Recipe for Seduction (2020 Lifetime)

A Recipe for Seduction (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Tessa MunroMario LopezChad Doreck 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Colonel Harland Sanders has a steamy (and savory?) love affair with a young heiress who must choose between her young chef with a dream of fried chicken glory and a wealthy, duplicitous suitor handpicked by her mother.


The movie begins in a mansion with a family gathered around the table enjoying a fancy KFC dinner. Billy proposes to his girlfriend Jessica, but she needs time to think about it. Her mother, Bunny, wants her to marry Billy because he is from a well off family. 

Enter Colonel Harlan Sanders, the new resident chef with a secret recipe. Jessica and Harlan Sanders start vibing instantly, and Billy is jealous! He confronts Colonel Harlan Sanders and calls him a “crouton.” 

Billy and Bunny meet at the country club. They have been sleeping together. Jessica’s friend Lee sees them together and tries to warn his friend. Bunny intercepts him and knocks him out, locking him in a shed. Then Billy and Bunny kidnap Colonel Harlan Sanders and tells Jessica he has left.

Jessica finds Colonel Harlan Sanders tied up in the shed and realizes her mother and Billy are working together. Billy is about to stab Jessica with a large knife when Lee comes back and takes him out. Billy and Bunny are caught, and their plan is foiled. 

Flash to one year later. Colonel Harlan Sanders and Jessica are getting married by Lee while Bunny and Billy are in a mental institution eating KFC fried chicken. The End! 

Side Note

So many Lifetime tropes packed into a short time!

Minority Report: Colonel Harlan Sanders, Jessica, Bunny, Lee, Nurse, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷 (1 glasses of wine required, if you can finish it in time haha.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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