My Father’s Other Family (2021 Lifetime)

My Father’s Other Family (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Kimberly-Sue MurrayHannah AndersonMorgan David JonesCory LeeDeborah Tennant

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Shelby is devastated after her father’s death. She always shared a close bond with him and feels lonely after his demise. Interested and curious about her family connections, Shelby decides to look up the DNA-based family tree. She is surprised to find out that her father had an alternate life and also had other kids. Suddenly finding out that she might not be alone and have a sibling somewhere who shares her DNA, Shelby is pleased and happy. She goes on a mission to find this sibling and meets Rose, her half-sister. But as the initial euphoria dies down and the question of who gets her father’s inheritance crops up, things begin to change. (2021)


A woman is on the phone with her boyfriend, talking about groceries or something. Little does she know that he is a hitman and killing someone at the same time.

A woman named Shelby just lost her father and is comforted by a repairman, Luke. They love one another and are dating. This movie has weird pacing. Shelby gets curious about her past and does one of those 23 and Me things. Her family tree shows that her father had another daughter. 

After talking to her BFF/co-worker Jen at their upscale restaurant, Shelby does some online research and finds her new sister. The woman’s name is Rose, and she works at a Breezy Corners Restaurant, a dive. Rose is not well off and immediately jealous of Jen’s life. Rose is also the woman who was talking to the hitman at the beginning of the movie. 

At home, Rose takes care of her mother, who is not doing well health-wise. When Rose’s boyfriend, Travis, finds out that Roses’s new sister is wealthy, and encourages a double dinner date. (Well, Rose goes out with Luke and Shelby. Travis breaks into their house and steals jewels, and finds the will.) Travis consults a lawyer! Which is the smartest thing I’ve seen a hunk do in a Lifetime movie… maybe ever.

Shelby plays cards and eats popcorn with Rose and her mother, Thora. When Rose steps away, Shelby offers her apologies for her father treating Thora like the “other woman.” Thora says that it is all water under the bridge but is it? Rose offers to walk Shelby to her car at the end of the night, but Shelby declines. Travis waits by her car with plans to kill her so Rose will be next in line for the inheritance. (His plan doesn’t go well, and Shelby gets away and goes to the police.)

Travis meets up with Rose after the hit. SHE IS IN ON IT!!! Rose is disappointed with Travis and his constant failure… so she shoots him dead. Multiple times. 

Shelby doesn’t know this, of course, and hires Rose as a new manager in training. Rose is overwhelmed with guilt for dupping her sister and gives her a pep talk in the mirror. After accepting the job, the girls toast with champagne.

Before Rose starts the new job, Jen makes sure that she is up to speed on Shelby’s allergies. (Sesame seeds.) Rose is quick to steal the EpiPen, grounds up some seeds, and obviously dumps them into a soup. Shelby goes into an extreme allergic reaction. When Jen goes for the EpiPen and realizes it is faulty, she takes the backup from Shelby’s purse and saves her. Rose is super disappointed that her plan was thwarted. 

Shelby calls Rose up after she is better and asks her to meet at their father’s grave. They talk about memories of their father, and the recollections are incredibly different. Rose shows off a gold bracelet of roses and says it was the only thing her father gave her. 

Luke finds the organic sesame seed bag in the trash and calls the detectives. Shelby is determined to get her money and calls in a fake attack to get the police guard to leave the station outside of Shelby’s house. Rose breaks in and shoots Luke. They wrestle on the floor as Shelby calls 911. Luke is rushed to the hospital, and Rose might be the worst hitman ever.

Rose attempts to lure Shelby to her by kidnapping Jen and sending photos of Jen tied up and held at gunpoint. One thing Rose didn’t notice is that her tacky bracelet was in the shot. 

Shelby rushes to stop Rose and brings Thora along with her to talk sense into Shelby. There is one problem… Thora is the mastermind and grabs the gun. She goes into her villain monologue, but it is cut short when Jen frees herself and knocks her out. Rose is shot in a struggle and dies asking about money. Shelby cradles her dead sister and cries. Detectives take Mom and Dead Rose away. 

Luke comes home and proposes to Shelby. She says yes, and they kiss. In the living room are all her friends and oh wait… she has no family. It is like the sister thing never happened—the end.

Side Note

Minority Report: Jen, Detective, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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