Deceitful Dating (2021 Lifetime)

Deceitful Dating (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Christine Chatelain, Derek Hamilton

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

John Logan, a widower, and father of two daughters is struggling to balance his job and parenting. Luckily, he has the help of Jillian, his wife’s best friend. When an attractive woman moves in across the street, John finds himself enjoying her company. Alice, the new neighbor, starts spending time at the Logan House, even helping John with the girls. This new woman in John’s life is a bit mysterious and she starts getting caught in some lies raising the suspicion of Jillian and John’s older daughter, Chelsea. When Alice’s ex-husband is found dead, everyone starts to wonder if Alice is as sweet as she seems. Christine Chatelain, Derek Hamilton. (2021)


John is raising two sassy daughters. (Chealse & Sofie) He is recently a widower and member of the HOA. John welcomes the beautiful new neighbor Alice on his way to work. They have an awkward first meeting. (Her pipes burst, and she comes over soaking wet…. not in a white T-Shirt.)

John’s deceased wife’s BFF, Gillian, helps raise the kids and gives him love advice. (Which is “date again, you loser.”) When Alice invites John over for a thank-you dinner, Gillian is the first to offer to babysit.

The not date goes well. Alice opens up about her ex-husband and gets John to open up about Sara. (Who passed away from a heart defect.) In the middle of the night, Alice hears someone walking through her house and calls the police. Then she calls John. Who rushed to be by her side. 

Alice starts spending more and more time with the family. Much to Chelsea’s disappointment. She feels it is too soon for her dad to be dating, let alone REPLACING her mother. On the other hand, Sofie is into Alice, and they make cookies and friendship bracelets together. 

Chelsea goes to dinner with Gillian and tells her that she has a bad feeling about Alice. She further explains that it has nothing to do with her dad dating; it is Alice. After dinner, Chealsea peeks into Alice’s window and almost gets caught.

Alice and Chelsea have a heart to heart after Chelsea’s boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend. It surprisingly goes well. Then Chelsea’s ex-BFF is attacked while walking home. She survives and claims that a woman attacked her. 

Chelsea devises a plan to sneak into Alice’s house while Gillian distracts Alice. Chelsea takes pictures of documents to prove Alice is a fraud. Gillian and Chelsea take John to dinner to tell him the truth. Alice lied about college and her employment history. John tells them that Alice lied about her past because of being stalked by her ex-boyfriend. 

Agreeing to give Alice another try, Chelsea goes fishing with John, Alice, and her sister Sofie. The family bonding doesn’t last long when the police show up with questions for Alice. Her ex-husband has turned up dead. John defends Alice and tells the cops to GTFO.

Alice swears that she is innocent and breaks up with John for not believing her. 

Chelsea goes over to Gillian’s house and finds incriminating evidence that links her to the murders. Alice also puts things together while reviewing a security camera photo and noticing the killer was wearing one of Sofia’s friendship bracelets.  

Gillian realizes that Chelsea is in her home after finding an ID on the floor of one of the people she murdered. Gillian goes into her villain monologue about loving Sara and John and wanting to replace Chelsea’s mother. Alice ruined her plan, and Gillian decided to incriminate Alice for the murder of her ex-husband to get her out of the picture. Chelsea grabs a pair of scissors and runs away to hide… upstairs. (Get out of the house.)

Alice drives to Gillian’s house and calls John on the way. Alice speeds down the street and runs over Gillian as she chases Chelsea. Gillian dies on the scene. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. What do the knives + glasses of wine required scores mean? I couldn’t find an explanation. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jim! Not necessarily a value judgment. Knives are how much I enjoyed the movie on a 1-5 rating. Wine is how many glasses it took me to get to that conclusion 😂

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