Just What the Doctor Ordered (2021 Lifetime)

Just What the Doctor Ordered (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Eric Roberts, Grace Patterson, Carrie Schroeder, Brandon Tyler Moore, Adrian Eppley

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Having escaped from the psychiatric prison, Dr. Albert Beck (Eric Roberts) hides out in an empty house–until its new owners unexpectedly arrive to move in! Forced into the attic to evade the recently widowed mother, Beck watches from above–undeniably attracted to her 18-year-old daughter. Grace Patterson, Carrie Schroeder, Brandon Tyler Moore, Adrian Eppley co-star. (2021)


The movie picks up where the last film left off. Dr. Beck has escaped from a mental institution and burned the place down. He takes refuge in the attic of an abandoned home. The house, however, isn’t empty for long because the new owners arrive—a beautiful widowed mother and heartsick daughter, with very little luggage. They unpack while Dr. Beck watches from an air vent. In typical psycho doctor form, Dr. Beck watches the women while they sleep, fixating on a young teenager… yet again.

In the middle of the night, Alex wakes up and is horrified to see Dr. Albert Beck lying in her bed. She calmly asks him what he is doing in her bed, and then she promises not to tell. It is a fake-out dream sequence that these doctor movies are so fond of. 

Alex has a hot boyfriend, Scott; she seems to be having trouble with her heart. She is constantly grabbing her chest and having shortness of breath. Alex has a heart attack and drops to the floor. Luckily, maybe, Dr. Beck is there to save her and call 911. 

At the hospital, Dr. Beck changes into scrubs and lirks around the hospital, looking for Alex. He overhears that Alex needs a heart transplant due to a hereditary heart condition. She is given a pacemaker and is put on bed rest until they can find an organ donor. Dr. Beck vows to take care of Alex and find her a new heart, whatever it takes. 

He tracks down an at-home nurse and breaks into her home. Dr. Beck attacks her with a syringe, but she grabs a candlestick. Since it is a Lifetime movie, she tumbles down the stairs and dies. No syringe needed. Dr. Beck is relieved that the nurse is dead until he mistakes a blonde CPR dummy for a person. Then he fixates on the dummy too.

Dr. Beck impersonates the at-home nurse named Chris and shows up at Alex’s home. Maggie isn’t sure she wants to have a male nurse taking care of her teen daughter but is easily persuaded. Alex shows Dr. Beck a heart-shaped music box that is sentimental because her father gave it to her. Then he offers her a cup of tea AND a tracking device app on her phone. Scott shows up and is a buzzkill. A sexy buzzkill. (Dr. Beck fantasizes about killing Scott while calling him a “Lie-y Liar Liar.” and slashing his throat.)

Meanwhile, Maggie introduces herself to a neighbor named Frank and asks him for his security camera footage. They review the footage to see who called 911. It is quite a mystery.

More dream sequences happen, this time with sexy nurses and flashbacks to the mental hospital. It is WAAAY over the top, complete with maniacal laughing.

Dr. Beck goes home and talks to the CPR Dummy while looking up potential dates online. He plans to seduce a woman and literally steal her heart. Then take Alex to a makeshift operating room and give her the gift of a new heart. Which is nice?

The creep factor is raised even higher when Dr. Beck watches Alex shower. Then he talks to Alex about her dad, and it is awkward because he could be her grandfather. 

At a bar, Dr. Beck goes on a date with a woman named Gail. It goes better than other dates I’ve seen Dr. Beck go on. (At least he doesn’t call this one a “Fat Ass.” They go back to his place, and Gail is into the CPR dummy, calling it “Kinky.” Then she puts on a record and dances around seductively while Dr. Beck picks out his weapon of choice. They strip down, and he notices her badge. She is a detective. A very horny detective. 

While Dr. Beck is on his date, Alex sneaks out of the house to go to a party with Scott, which is terrible because that could probably kill her. Scott is concerned, but they dance, which causes her heart rate to rise and alerts Dr. Beck’s app. He leaves the sex party and goes to the teen party. Then he calls Maggie and tells on Alex. Maggie shows up at the party and creates a scene that causes Alex’s heart rate to go too high. Alex tells her mother that she will not end up bed-bound like her father before he died. 

To make up for all the drama, Dr. Beck gifts Alex a heart-shaped music box. Then he sets up a meeting with a psychiatrist to steal his heart to give to Alex. The meeting doesn’t go well for the therapist, who is hit in the head and thrown into a car trunk. The therapist escapes and screams at Dr. Beck until a truck runs him over.

Grace “from 911” calls Maggie to tell her that a man with medical knowledge called from Alex’s cellphone and deleted the call. Then she finds a psychiatric uniform and researches the mental institution fire. She is starting to piece things together and questions Dr. Beck. (But doesn’t fire him.)

 Scott and Dr. Beck talk about girlfriends while drinking tea. Scott passes out because the tea is, of course, drugged. Alex freaks out once she realizes that Dr. Beck plans to take Scott’s heart and put it in Alex. The shock cause Alex’s heart to overwork. She smashes Dr. Beck in the face with a trophy and tries to run away, but it is too much for her body, and she faints. 

Maggie goes to the police, and surprise, surprise, the horny detective is on the case. They rush to an abandoned hospital and find Alex and Scott tied to the bed. Dr. Beck is prepping them for surgery. Alex screams for help, and Maggie rushes to save her daughter.

Alex gets herself untied and pulls out Scott’s IV. She tries to wake up her hunky shirtless boyfriend, but he is weak from the sedatives in his system. The strain of carrying all that muscley man is too much for Alex’s heart. Maggie takes Dr. Beck out with a lunch tray, but it is too late. Alex is in bad shape. The horny detective fires a warning show and then struggles with Dr. Beck over the gun, eventually shooting Gail. Backup arrives, and everyone is rushed to the hospital.

Gail’s heart goes to Alex, and the heart transplant is successful. It was performed by Dr. Beck, impersonating a surgeon. 

Dr. Beck talks to all his other personalities while picking up a ride with a kind trucker. He is planning to get away and start over yet again. 

Side Note

Minority Report: None

These movies are so extreme and very dumb; Eric Roberts manages to pull them off somehow. The Doctor movies are one of the most successful series on the network.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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