Soccer Mom Madam (2021 Lifetime)

Soccer Mom Madam (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Jana Kramer, Leah Gibson, Matty Finochio

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After a bitter breakup leaves her and her young children without any support, Anna goes to work for her cousin at a massage parlor known for “happy endings.” As soon as she learns the ropes, Anna branches out on her own. (2021)


The movie begins in 2008 when Anna is walking the streets of New York looking fab. She is kidnapped in broad daylight.

Rewind to Anna, a divorced single mother of two who is dating a new workaholic named Kyle. He is cheating on Anna with a woman named “Sharren.” After Anna catches him in bed with his mistress, she moves out and in with her cousin, Letty. (Who is a sex worker.) 

Letty owns a “massage parlor” and gives Anna a job at the front desk. (Since she is underqualified everywhere else.) Anna excels at the job and takes care of the girls (Tina and others) who work at the establishment, making it a better place to work. Anna wants to expand the business, but Letty isn’t into it. 

Tina’s husband, Hector, shows up at the parlor with a gun after finding out what she has been doing for work. Anna tries to talk him down with some serious mom energy, but the gun goes off, and the cops are called. Letty fires Tina, and Anna leaves with her. 

Anna team up with Art and Tina to start her own business. She decides to pay the women who work for her their fair share to create an exclusive feel. Anna interviews the girls herself and has a set of rules. 

1) Makeovers from the top down

2) No Drugs or Boyfriends

3) Executive and high roller clients only. 

They go to parties and catch a millionaire named Edward. Anna sets him up with Victoria, who pretends to be a college girl. Edward is more than satisfied, and the business explodes. Anna moves her family into a beautiful mansion in the suburbs, and Letty comes crawling back for a job. 

Five years later, Anna is doing very well. She opens a nail salon as a front and continues to recruit new girls. She treats them all like family. (Showering them with gifts and money.) Anna convinces a waitress named Cassidy to join. Cassidy is hesitant and lies about having a boyfriend. Victoria is jealous of Cassidy and feels threatened with the freshmeat. Clients start canceling on Victoria, and she pockets all the money. Anna is pissed. 

A British madam named Simone wants to become partners with Anna and take the operation globally. Anna’s daughter overhears the conversation and figures out what her mother is really up to. Anna eventually comes clean to Mia, and Mia thinks that “it is kind of cool.” 

Anna decides to get revenge on Victoria for double-crossing her. She cuts her off and hires some hitmen to take Vicky to the woods and threaten her with guns. It is intense. 

The problems start when dropped calls start coming into Anna, Art, and Letty. The girls and clients start getting poached. Letty wants to shut down the business, but Anna is worried about her kid’s college tuition. Anna learns that Vicky is the one who is stealing her business.  

Anna handles Vicky and starts to look for a way out. She thinks about investing in real estate, but her plans go awry when Cassady is assaulted. Letty quits the business in disgust, and Anna sends out her hitmen again to handle the abuser. Anna decides to sell her business to Cassidy and start her everyday life. 

They break ground on a new home; Mia is in horse riding lessons, and Anna is a well-respected businesswoman/soccer mom. Then the stock market crash of 2008 happens, causing Anna to have to get back into the sexwork business. 

Anna has to break her own rules this time and hires girls who aren’t quite up to her standards. (Strippers and rowdy girls.) It doesn’t work out. Anna decides to start an online dating site catering and pitches to some shady investors Art arranged. Anne begins to feel something is off. This is when she is kidnapped or taken in by the FBI. Art and Melody turned on Anna.

The FBI searches Anna’s house, and she is held in prison for five months. The feds want bigger fish and release her once she doesn’t turn on anyone. Mia leaves her mother alone in the mansion and writes her off. Anna has a breakdown and works at a rescue pig farm?!?!?! She calls Mia and tells her that she misses her and is proud of her. Anna did everything for her kids and lost them in the end too.

Side Note

Minority Report: Tina, Hector, Big Lola, Melody, Investor, Cop, 

Soccer Mom Madam tells the true story of Anna Gristina.

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  1. I watched this movie even though I think it’s kinda weird and dumb , and it’s really sad when that person losses her kids at the end ! I’m proud when her daughter stood up to her criminal mom .

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