Lethal Love Letter (2021 Lifetime)

Lethal Love Letter (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Clare GrantRick MalambriKrystal EllsworthMichael StegerAutumn Federici

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Workaholic Amelia is focused on running her small business despite harassing comments from an anonymous follower on her blog. As Amelia struggles to work through her professional problems, she receives a letter from the dying wife of her former boyfriend, Mark. In the letter, Mark’s wife asks Amelia to reconnect with him upon her passing. Intrigued, Amelia meets with Mark, and old flames reignite. As Amelia dives back into her intense relationship with Mark and leaves her eager assistant, Becca, to her own devices at work, suspicious activities, and online threats make Amelia question whether the people closest to her have her best interests at heart. Clare Grant, Rick Malambri, Krystal Ellsworth, Michael Steger star. (2021)


Professional organizer and content creator Amelia works tirelessly on her laptop with a cool cover. She is being trolled by someone online on her blog. (yikes, is this movie about me?) Her friend/assistant Becca stops her friend from spiraling and brings her some juice and the mail. 

A letter arrives from a terminally sick woman named Liv. She writes Amelia to tell her that she is dying and wants her to be with her husband, Mark, after she dies. But, unfortunately, Amelia dated him a long time ago, and their breakup didn’t go well. 

At the funeral, Mark eulogizes a photo of Shakira while weeping. Mark is pleasantly surprised to see Amelia at the funeral. After quickly offering her condolences, Amelia gives Mark her business card for her organizing business, Squirrel. (The girl can’t stop working.) Viv’s Sister Vicki isn’t a fan of Amelia but IS a fan of the money she thinks Liv will be leaving her in the will.

Becca oversteps while Amelia is away. She posts a copycat video on the blog in the same style that Amelia does. She also has a tracker on Amelia’s phone. Is she trying to take Amelia’s place? Amelia and Becca get into an argument over the unauthorized blog post. Then a dead squirrel shows up inside Amelia’s desk. 

For some reason, Mark is “the ONLY” person Amelia could call to handle the dead animal. He tells her to change the locks and be careful. 

Forrest Jacobs is a new client that Becca recommended. He is a strange dude. When Amelia shows up to organize with Becca by her side, Forrest asks Becca to leave. Inside his house, everything is tidy, and Amelia just talks to Forrest about books. 

At a work dinner, Becca and Amelia fight again. Amelia comes home and hears someone in the house. She calls 911, and the detective asks Amelia is a co-worker or someone in her life could be trying to get back at her. Amelia says no and promises to change the locks at home too. She calls Mark to come over and comfort her. He offers for her to stay at his place.

Mark and Amelia sit by the fire and eat white chocolate while drinking wine and reminiscing. Amelia shares that she didn’t leave because of him but because of her sick mother. He abruptly tells her that they should stick to being friends. (Ruining the romantic mood.)

 Amelia pawns a client appointment with Gwyneth off on Becca so she can spend more time with Mark. Amelia shows Mark the letter, and they have sex in Liv’s room. (That was a quick turnaround!) Amelia leaves after for a meeting, and Mark has a panic attack while she is gone. 

Forrest is back and still a weirdo. He walks the grounds with Amelia and tries to get to know her better. He also admits to being a fan of the blog. Forrest asks Amelia about dating him, but she tells him that she sees someone else and turns him down. 

After Mark offers to look into the online troll, he traces the IP address to Becca’s home. Amelia fires Becca and spends more time fireside cuddling with Mark. When Amelia goes to work on her blog, Mark watches her on his surveillance camera. 

Amelia’s days drift by working and having sex with Mark. The two don’t even leave his place; they are in a new lovebird bubble OR a creepy surveillance camera-filled bubble. Mark begins to get possessive and jealous of Amelia’s work and clients. (Specifically Forrest.) Mark asks Amelia to plant a Nanny cam in Forrest’s apartment to see if he is up to no good.

At Forrest’s place, Amelia places a camera in a basket of pinecones. Forrest catches her in the act and gets understandably upset. Amelia asks him to forget it and get back to work, but he kicks her out instead. 

Back at Mark’s home, Amelia helps him pack up Liv’s things. She finds some keys in a music box and unlocks a box with divorce papers. She sneaks out of the house after some more sexy time. 

Amelia calls Becca while driving to Vicki’s home. She asks her questions about Mark and Viv’s relationship. Amelia shows Vicki the letter, and they match the handwriting. Vicky suggests that Mark wrote the love letters. After Amelia leaves, Mark murders Vicki.

Mark takes Amelia to a secluded cabin and keeps her there against her will. The evil turn her is sudden. 

Becca freaks out after Amelia doesn’t show up for a meeting and asks Forrest if he has seen her. They use the tracking app to find Amelia.

Amelia escapes and runs into the woods. She grabs a log to protect herself.

At the cabin, Becca and Forrest show up with nunchucks?!?!!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Mark threatens them and Amelia sneaks up behind them with her log. Once she realizes Mark is going to stab them both. Amelia pretends to play along with Mark, giving them enough time to run outside.

Everyone fights with the nunchucks, but it is Amelia who strangles Mark to death with the weapon.

Amelia records a new video rejecting tidy and embracing meaning. She pitches her book and blows the camera a kiss. (I would hate her blog.) 

Amelia and Forrest are now dating, and Becca has been promoted to a business partner. They toast to “not cluttering”. The end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective, Forrest 

I hate the word “Tidy,” UGH. 

Nice Brittney Underwood cameo as Liv. What a Lifetime KWEEN. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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